Best Time For Riding In Vietnam – Useful Tips For You

Best Time For Riding In Vietnam – Useful Tips For You

Best Time For Riding In Vietnam

Summer is in full swing, which some people think is the best time for riding in Vietnam . However, you will be surprised that summer is not the only great season for a road trip in this beautiful region!

Vietnam has almost every beautiful scenery the world can offer: forests, rivers, dunes, and great mountains. Each region of Vietnam has its beauty in a way like no other, in addition to the colorful cultural marks of the native people.

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Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam is the center of the economy and culture of Vietnam. The country’s capital city , Hanoi, is also located in this area.

With a long history of cultural unification of the surrounding provinces, the capital is considered the heart of Vietnam, with wondrous landmarks and monuments, plus relatively cool and cold weather most of the time.

Large mountains and large rainforests surround the central area of Northern Vietnam. This makes it somewhat of a huge valley in the heart of the region, which means the weather is mostly controlled by the wind direction and moisture from the forests.

Check out the following specific weather identification for this region’s part of the year.

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November – April

There is nothing like the dry winter of Northern Vietnam. Most of the time, the temperature can drop to 16 – 18 degrees Celsius; however, due to the effect of the northeast wind, it gets much colder than in other regions.

It’s nothing like the cold in the temperate area either, since the wind can easily penetrate your clothes, giving chills to your bones!

In the northwest highlands, you may experience snow in some provinces, which is the perfect time for extreme snow trekking in the wild.

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May – October

Summer in Northern Vietnam is humid with a lot of rain and sun. The highest temperature may reach up to higher than 30 degrees Celsius, and it does not get much cooler at night. Remember to bring sun lotion and proper anti-UV traveling gears for long bike trips!

The rainfall reaches its peak from June to August. Worry not, since it’s only heavy rains without cyclones or heavy storms. These days, the weather is much cooler at around 25 – 28 Celsius degrees, bringing a pleasant atmosphere to monuments and landmarks.

Overall, in the north, the best time for riding in Vietnam is around March – April and October – November, when the heat has not fully taken over, and the cold is in its early days.

May - October

Central Vietnam

Moving down south is a long and narrow stretch of road across Central Vietnam. On the west, the large Truong Son mountain range blocks the paths to Laos, while on the east is a very long coastline with beautiful beaches all the way to the south. The weather can be more difficult to predict, with almost year-round rain.

Due to the mountains circling around the area, winds from Laos are either blocked or moved through different patterns. They collide with the air flows from the East Sea (South China Sea), resulting in heavy typhoons and other natural disasters in the area.

The best destinations for your trips are Da Nang and Hue, where the region’s beauties unite. They also have the best weather conditions in the long stretch of Central Vietnam.

Detailed weather conditions are listed below.

Central Vietnam

July – December

This is the rainiest time of the year. Moist and water are gathered around the mountains, which form typhoons that flood many regions. Some highlands and inland often experience landslides , which can be dangerous for drivers.

January – June

There is relatively less rain during these times, which is why beach tourism will be in full swing. The weather in the mountainous areas will be much easier to drive or ride, so the best Vietnam weather for a motorbike adventure will be around this period.

Particularly, early April will be the driest month to ride, so remember to pack enough water before leaving!

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Southern Vietnam

The last part of Vietnam, the south, has considerably hotter weather than other regions due to being the closest to the Equator. Unlike other areas, there are only two seasons in Southern Vietnam: Dry and Rainy seasons.

Equivalent to Hanoi in Northern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is the center of culture and economic development. The thrill of life blooms all day and night in this city, thanks to the gift of nature: river systems and warm weather.

The temperature is high all year-round, so you should notice other weather elements while traveling:

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December – February

This is when the dry season takes place, also one of the most favorable periods for riding. The temperature soars at about 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. With less rain, the road is easier to navigate. You should pack enough water and fluids before riding, though.


From March to May, the extreme heat reaches its peak for months. There are a lot of sunny days, while the maximum temperature can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the air gets more humid as time progresses, to the end of May, which is the beginning of the rainy season.

May – November

The rainy season takes place; as the name mentions, there will be rain for months. The water level in the rivers will rise very high, which can be dangerous for travelers. In some regions, the water is so high that the native people will travel on boats to floating markets, which is a very interesting sight to see.

Overall, the best months to travel are from December to February. Rainy seasons are also very interesting to visit; just make sure to avoid June.


As you can see, the best time for riding in Vietnam varies all year round. Each province has its own beauty at a time of the year that you cannot miss if you want to enjoy the great scenery fully. Plan your trips carefully or consult a traveling agency for the best experience in Vietnam!

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