Hot Springs of Saturnia, Italy: Tips and Hotels

Hot Springs of Saturnia, Italy: Tips and Hotels

In search of a place to unwind, the hot springs of Saturnia, Italy offers a delightful relaxation you don’t want to miss out on when spending a vacation in Italy.

Waterfalls rush into translucent stone pools filled with natural hot water, terraced landscapes in the background, Saturnia Hot Springs is an enticing paradise perfect to be experienced on your next trip. And the best part? The enchanting hot springs in Tuscany are free to be accessed by anyone.

Whether you have heard about the hot springs and want to know more about them or have already planned your travel and now browsing to find more information about the place, you are in the right place.

Below, you will find all the tips you need to know about Saturnia Hot Springs including the nearby hotels you can stay in if you plan to extend your visit and also other additional things to do in Saturnia, Italy.

About Saturnia, Italy, and the Hot Springs

About Saturnia, Italy, and the Hot Springs

Saturnia is a small town located in the south of Tuscany. It is famous for its free, hot springs also known as The Waterfalls of Saturnia or Cascate del Mulino in Italian. Legend has it that the hot springs were brought forth by a war between the gods Saturn and Jupiter in ancient times.

Saturnia hot springs, a Thermally Active Area (TAA) have 37°C/98.6°F mineral-rich water that comes out from the volcanic source underground of Monte Amiata, an ancient volcano. The thermal waters of Saturnia are famous for their therapeutic properties and have been known since ancient Roman times. The mineral deposits in the thermal springs are said to improve circulation, help with joint pain, and have other healing properties. The grey mud at the edges of the hot springs serves as natural exfoliating and moisturizing on the skin.

How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs

How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs

The easiest way would be to rent a car and search Cascate del Mulino in your GPS. You can also use the following exact coordinates in your GPS – Latitude: 42.648; Longitude: 11.513.

It’s a 3-hour drive from Florence, a 5-hour drive from Vicenza, and a 2-hour drive from Rome.

Going to Saturnia Hot Spring through a mode of public transport is highly discouraged because the bus travel is infrequent, takes more time, and can be cumbersome. But, if you still decide to take a bus, better be prepared and travel as early as 9 AM.

Albinia is the closest train station, followed by Orbetello. From Albinia to Orbetello, you can catch 41/P bus to Manciano. From Manciano, take the E01, E02, and 17/P bus that will take you to Saturnia. You can also take the train to Grosseto and from the train station, the 8/G bus will take you to Saturnia. Please take note that there are no buses schedules during Sundays and Public holidays.

The trip time seemed daunting but the experience will be irreplaceable.

Tips For Visiting the Saturnia Hot Springs

siting the Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy

To have the best experience in thermal baths, it is important to come prepared. See below tips for visiting Saturnia Hot Springs:

What to Bring

  • Water shoes are highly recommended to bring. Water shoes will protect your feet from gravel and sand surrounding the area and the rough bottoms of the pool.
  • Bathing Suit
  • Drinking-Water to stay hydrated and cool down your body temperature especially in summer while you relax in thermal water, better bring a reusable water bottle to limit plastic waste
  • Sun Screen and Sun Hat to enjoy more time without much worry about the UV Rays of the sun
  • Towel
  • Flashlight if you prefer to soak in the natural pools at night
  • Warming clothes if you decide to visit in winter
  • Safe and waterproof pouch to store your jewelry. Saturnia thermal waters are rich in sulfur can severely damage your jewelry.

Time to Visit

Because Saturnia Hot Springs offer free scenic thermal baths, it could get crowded. It’s open 24/7 and the recommended time to visit is during weekdays with spring, autumn, and winter as the most pleasant seasons.

If you still want to go during the hot season, better come before 9 in the morning or when everyone is at dinner after 8 in the evening. It could get incredibly hot in the summer too.


You don’t have to worry when it comes to parking when you visit Saturnia hot springs. After following the road right to the entrance, turn right and there is a large car park.

Next to the Saturnia thermal baths is a small snack bar with indoor and outdoor tables. There’s also a vending machine but just don’t expect much since the food came from a machine.

You can also bring your food when visiting Saturnia thermal baths since the snack back isn’t always open but please be responsible for waste disposal. If you have more time, you can take a 40-minute walk to good restaurants in town.

Safety and Valuables

Free hot springs mean they’re open to anyone without an attending authority which means there is no lifeguard or security around. You can bring a lock for your bag or lock your valuables hidden in a safe place inside your car.


Saturnia hot springs have no shower room but there is a small building near the parking lot that has two unisex restrooms. Also, you can change in your car.


There are a lot of pools to share but you can find an empty pool if there is, just use common courtesy when passing by other pools and don’t forget your water shoes.

Additional Things to Know About Saturnia Hot Springs

Because Saturnia thermal springs, like any other hot water springs, are sulfur-rich, you could expect a rotten egg-like smell. You need not worry as it doesn’t smell that bad and the smell can be washed away by a hot shower.

The thermal warm water springs also have red worms but they are harmless.

Other Things to Do in Saturnia, Italy

Things to Do in Saturnia, Italy

Aside from the satisfying relaxation from a hot spring, there are other enjoyable things that you can do in Saturnia, Italy as follows:

Vineyards Tour and Wine and Olive Oil Tasting

You can visit the vineyards and olive groves offered by the hills of Maremma. The natural wine and olive oil production here is a great attraction for visitors.

Rent a Car to Explore the Villages

You can visit the nearby historic town with impressive Roman Ruins including Porta Romana and bask in the calming atmosphere of the Etruscan countryside.

Best Hotels in the Saturnia Area

Best Hotels in Saturnia, Italy

1. Terme De Saturnia Natural Spa and Golf Resort – The Leading Hotels of the World

Indulge in your vacation by staying in this five-star hotel that offers luxurious accommodation, a thermal spa, a golf course, and restaurants.

2. Albergo Poggio Bertino

This 2-star hotel has a restaurant and is just a 21-minute walk from Cascate del Mulino.

3. Agriturismo Sant’Antonio Di Saturnia

From this 4-star hotel, Saturnia Hot Springs is 5.9 kilometers away. This hotel is great for families and offers free breakfast.

4. Il Melograno Country House

Also great for families and a pet-friendly hotel, Il Melograno Country House is 3.9 kilometers away from Saturnia thermal springs.

5. Il Poggio di Teo

This farm stay has an outdoor pool and restaurant. It is 12.9 Km away from Saturnia Hot Springs, just a little bit farther than the other hotels but if you have a car travel time won’t be that much.

Saturnia Hot springs are one of Italy’s best hot springs. Be it a day trip or an extended stay in the hot springs, the picturesque construction of nature, the pretty pools, the healing translucent water, and the delightful temperature offer an out-of-the-world experience that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

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