How Safe Is Springdale for Travel?

How Safe Is Springdale for Travel?

Springdale, United States

Arkansas : Safety by City

Founded in the 1830s as Shiloh, Springdale was renamed when applying for a post office in the 1870s.

Springdale is located in Arkansas’ most northwestern section – with boundaries that cross into both Benton & Washington Counties.

To give some perspective, Benton County is home to the global headquarters of Walmart.

Springdale is a diverse city that is located in the Ozark Mountain region.

The city is home to the minor league baseball team known as – the Naturals.

Springdale is recognized as the state of Arkansas’ fourth-largest city, with a 2021 population that exceeds 81,500.

Springdale is also included in the larger Northwest Arkansas metro area (covering four counties) for statistical purposes – with a current population of approximately 460,000 residents.

In 2013, Springdale was officially recognized by legislative action as the Poultry Capital of the World, its homage to the city’s Tyson Foods headquarters – the largest meat-producing company across the globe.

Recent development and growth in Springdale and surrounding communities have been brisk.

Both the University of Arkansas (with a branch campus) and JB Hunt began operating from this area of Arkansas.

Springdale, Arkansas, is the current or former home of many notable people, including politicians, governors, athletes, musicians, army generals, and judges, to name a few.

Warnings & Dangers in Springdale


Springdale has some rough areas for a moderately sized city with a relatively high rate of crimes per square mile. Most categories of crimes (violent & property) exceed national averages of cities of similar size. Visitors should have a good idea of the neighborhoods they intend to visit and carry a mobile phone and travel in groups. Certain neighborhoods should be avoided at night, and always stay alert to your surroundings.


Springdale is serviced by Ozark Regional Transit, a bus system throughout Benton and Washington’s counties run by the State’s Highway & Transportation Dept. Choose well-lit transportation stops for nighttime travel and avoid sitting near an exit where someone can grab a purse and run — considering use Uber or another type of car service to get around Springdale at night or when traveling alone.


Pickpockets look for distracted people, those individuals who are meandering throughout Springdale without paying attention to potential dangers. Visitors to Springdale are advised to walk with purpose and make eye contact quickly with those near you. It is best to walk at a consistent pace and face oncoming traffic and near the curb. Stay mindful of local government guidance and comply with their warnings as you deem appropriate.


While there is negligible risk in Springdale about earthquakes (and, of course, volcanoes), the city has an above-average risk for tornadic activity. Hurricanes have occurred (the last one was Hurricane Bill in 2015) but are relatively rare, with only 14 hurricanes in Springdale since 1930.


Prevention, as a safety technique, is undoubtedly better than a cure. So for specific areas in Springdale, it is best to travel in groups, during the day and only when necessary – to avoid being mugged. Muggers tend to be opportunistic, looking for the most least-suspecting victim.


Terrorism from extremists, both domestic and international, threatens the safety of people in Springdale, Arkansas, and across the globe. The Arkansas State Homeland Security Program (ASHSP) is the agency that is tasked with the management of suspicious activities in and around Springdale and other Arkansas locations.


With the advent of online merchandising, scams are constantly bombarding consumers in Springdale and all other locations across the country. Scams are perpetrated on travelers in person as well. The Springdale Police has issued SCAM warnings to address these concerns.


Women should travel in Springdale with caution, avoiding nighttime travel alone, especially when traveling to new or unknown locations. Women are advised to stay alert and to proactively to the local government’s guidance warnings when appropriate. To increase your safety, it is a good idea to travel in a group of two or more – especially at night.


Springdale’s water is recognized to be safe to drink and is delivered by the Springdale Water Utilities. The 2020 water quality report for Springdale, Arkansas, is available online.

Safest Places to Visit in Springdale

Springdale is home to several interesting attractions for those new to the city as well as residents.

In the summer season, Arvest Ballpark is the home park for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals – with more than 70 baseballs games each summer.

Arvest Ballpark also hosts charitable events, fairs, and local festivals.

To get a taste of local Springdale and Northwest Arkansas history, head over to the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History.

With six buildings of fascinating history, this regional museum has more than ½ million photographs representing the many iterations of Ozark life since the 1800s.

Another way for Springfield visitors and travelers to step back in time is at the Arkansas & Missouri (A&M) Railroad.

These trips offer spectacular views of the Ozark Mountain Range and the Arkansas River.

There are three excursions, including a vintage, passenger, heavyweight car, a lightweight, and a parlor car from the 1950s.

For a more cultured event, check out ACO – the Arts Center of the Ozarks in Springdale.

Founded in the late-1960s, ACO is recognized to be one of Arkansas’s finest performing arts centers.

ACO offers education, fashion shows, and traveling exhibits.

Rodeo lovers should visit Parsons Stadium, Home of Ozark Rodeo, and the Ozark Demolition Derby.

The rodeo has been thrilling for residents and visitors since 1944.

Wine lovers should head out to Springdale’s Tontitown Winery, which has been operating for nearly a century.

Wine tastings from Arkansas-grown grapes are available outdoors in the summer months.

Places to Avoid in Springdale

Many locations in the north and west of Arkansas have seen increases in crime – both property and violent.

Fortunately, the Springdale Police have an active and visible presence, but crime persists.

Overall, crime appears to be spread evenly through the greater Springdale area and is, at best, concerning to residents and visitors. rates Springdale’s crime rate a solid ‘C.’ notes that in 2018, Springdale was 1.2 times higher than the US average.

More specifically, Springdale’s crime statistics exceed national averages in assaults, theft, and motor vehicle theft.

Conversely, though, Springdale’s crime rates relative to burglary, murder, and robbery fall below national averages.

The following map offers a recent data trend of Springdale’s crime statistics, compared visually to the national and Arkansas average.

An analysis by of crime per thousand shows that the worst overall crime occurred in central Springdale – just north and south of W Sunset Avenue and areas straddling N Thompson Street.

As one moves further outward from the center of Springdale, crime rates improve, often dramatically.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Springdale

  1. When walking, don’t overburden yourself with heavy packages. This will make it challenging to react when confronted with danger.
  2. Trust your instincts. If you feel suspicious and believe you might be being followed while walking – head for a populated, well-lit area. If a car follows, try to capture the license plate number.
  3. Book your Springdale stay in a relatively well-known hotel or resort. This helps to ensure your deposit and stay are experienced as expected.
  4. When using a public elevator, look in before entering. Also, stand close to the elevator controls so you can exit if someone suspicious gets on.
  5. The Springdale Police department offers a variety of online crime prevention suggestions. The SPD offers tips about basic safety, walking, driving, public transportation, and other situations.
  6. Avoid wearing or flaunting expensive jewelry or electronics.
  7. If traveling to Springdale by car, be sure to have the vehicle checked for potential problems. Always keep the tank ½ full and choose parking spaces in well-lit parking lots.
  8. Avoid wearing earbuds or headphones while walking. This helps to ensure you remain alert to the sights and sounds of your surroundings.
  9. On public transportation, sit near the driver but away from exits. This is because this place on the bus or train allows someone to easily grab a necklace or purse as they exit.
  10. Make a copy of important documents to take with you and to give to a family member or friend for safekeeping. Include your itinerary, so loved ones know your location at any time.

So. How Safe Is Springdale Really?

Springdale is an exciting mix of diverse cultures, with a strong job market with the headquarters of the largest meat-producing company across the globe.

The city offers a dense suburban feel, with about half the residents renting and the other owning.

Overall, Springdale is about 12% safer than other cities in the nation and has a higher than average crime rate when compared to communities of all sizes.

As you move further from the Springdale center, neighborhoods slowly become safer, especially in terms of property & violent crimes.