How Starborough Wines Is Helping To Build Artificial Coral Reef In This State

How Starborough Wines Is Helping To Build Artificial Coral Reef In This State

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Starborough Wines is doing its part to protect our oceans by placing artificial reefs off the coast of Florida. In honor of World Coral Reef Awareness Day, the winemaker announced its partnership with Reefmaker, the largest reef builder in the U.S., to deploy the limestone reefs.

“This is just the latest partnership in our ongoing commitment to protect and restore our oceans,” said Courtney O’Brien, senior marketing director at E. & J. Gallo Winery. “Coral reefs are an incredibly important part of our ecosystem and we are honored to be partnering with Reefmaker to make a real impact.”

The Starborough Wine Reef

The limestone reef is 2 miles off the coast of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. It weighs 18 tons, stands 15 feet tall, and is 19 feet wide. The structure will be able to withstand storms with up to hurricane-5 force winds and waves, providing a safe habitat for all forms of marine life. The reef will help maintain and rebuild ocean habitats. With a combined 25 reefs, the complex is large enough to be a certified reef complex in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Starborough Wine Reef will promote ocean health and biodiversity. It is now available for scuba divers, fishermen, and snorkelers to explore.

About Reefmaker

As the largest reef builder in the country, Reefmaker deployed its first artificial reef in 1986 and has now placed more than 50,000. The reef features a patented design of Florida Limestone. It’s made of ancient clamshells that perfectly match a natural reef in PH and substrate. There are four divisions of reefs: fishing reefs, snorkeling reefs, wave attenuators, and ships.

Starborough Supporting Ocean Conservation

Starborough has long been passionate about protecting and restoring oceans. As part of its ongoing commitment, in honor of National Ocean’s Month, it’s asking for your help in deploying a second coral reef. If Starborough reaches 100,000 likes, comments, shares, and new followers, it will deploy a second limestone reef.

Since 2020, Starborough has been a proud partner of Oceana, the world’s largest international ocean conservation organization. During the month of August, Starborough reached its $50,000 goal to continue that support. It donated $1 of each wine bottle sold up to that amount to continue Oceana’s efforts in protecting ocean habitats.

About Starborough

Starborough is certified as a sustainable wine of New Zealand, maintaining best-in-class sustainable practices throughout its vineyard and facility. The starfish on the bottle serves as the emblem of Starborough and is symbolic of the renewal and rejuvenation that nature provides.