How to Reach Mount Abu by Car, Bus, and Train: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

How to Reach Mount Abu by Car, Bus, and Train: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

How to Reach Mount Abu by Car, Bus, and Train: A Comprehensive Travel Guide.

Dreaming of a Rajasthan trip that will not drain you of your energy with heat waves? Mount Abu in Rajasthan is the perfect place for you. Also called the ‘oasis of the desert, it is a hill station that will satisfy your spiritual and relaxation needs. A paradise for nature and history lovers, Mount Abu, has excellent connectivity with neighbouring states and can be reached by various modes of transport.

Being the only hill station in the deserted plains of Rajasthan, Mount Abu attracts the most tourists from all across the globe. According to Indian Express, the hill station has witnessed a huge rise in domestic tourists after COVID-19 relaxations. It is an oasis amidst the scorching heat of Rajasthan; Mount Abu is perched at nearly 1220 meters, dotted with green forested hills, a wildlife Sanctuary, and lots of tourist attractions.

Reaching Mt. Abu is a retreat: pleasant skies, lush greens, ambient weather, and beautiful roads. With these by your side, you can enjoy every moment of by-passing it all, and November to March is the best time to visit Mount Abu. A flight is the fastest way but also probably the costliest, followed by train or cost-efficient bus travel. Hiring a car is another way to reach Mount Abu, a more fun and comfortable way. You can stop by and look at the greenery and other places en route to Mt. Abu. Selecting a suitable way of travel to enjoy your tour to the fullest is the first right step you will take towards making this journey of yours successful. Please take a look through our guide to gain insights on various ways to reach Mt. Abu.

Reaching Mt. Abu by Car (From Major Cities)

Mount Abu is blessed with good road networks and connectivity, making your drive a joy ride. The road trip will take you through some of the most exotic and picturesque locations in India, allowing you to explore Rajasthan lands at your leisure.

National Highway is the nearest highway near Mount Abu, located only 24km from the cold paradise. All these roads and highways leading to Mount Abu are well-maintained and will take you through winding tunnels and craggy mountains. This driving experience will feel like a vivid painting filled with different colors with golden sands enhancing their beauty.

Delhi to Mt. Abu 11:43hrs. 763kms.
Udaipur to Mt. Abu 02:45hrs. 163kms.
Jaipur to Mt. Abu 07:14hrs. 494kms.
Ahmedabad to Mt. Abu 04:21hrs. 235kms.
Mumbai to Mt. Abu 12:20hrs. 758kms.
Gurgaon to Mt. Abu 10:49hrs. 724kms.

How to book a car

Numerous online car rental services provide you with various tourist vehicle options, most of the time even adjusted according to your personal preferences. At times, it is advised to book with a local service provider, which you may find at a nearby bus stand or a railway station. You can enjoy your time by halting at some beautiful places with a rented vehicle. You have to decide your pick-up date and time before your booking, and the service renderers will receive you at your arrival place.

Car fare depends on what kind of car model you opt for. The fare will depend on the size of the model, its features, whether it is an air-conditioned car or not, how latest the model is, and how many days you will rent it out for. For an estimate, their range is 10rs. to 16rs./km.

Famed for being the only hill station in the state, Mount Abu has good connectivity of well-maintained roads to several major cities like Delhi, Bundi, Udaipur, and Ajmer. The nearest national highway is NH 14 (24 km. away).

How to reach Mount Abu by bus

A bus is the most economical way to reach Mount Abu, although it is not advisable if you have kids or elderly people. The tourism department of Rajasthan and Gujarat schedule many government-run buses to Mt. Abu, which are cheaper than private buses. They are scheduled from cities like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Baroda, and Delhi. But again, the comfort is not the same. Many private bus services offer you their deal as well. Thankfully due to technological advancements, we no longer have to go to the bus stand to book bus tickets. Travel booking apps have embedded bus booking facilities, saving you the effort and time of waiting in long queues.

Top Bus Routes to Mount Abu

TravelDurationDistanceCost (min. In rupees)
Ahmedabad to Mt.Abu 06:22 hrs. 175kms. 183
Udaipur to Mt.Abu 04:07 hrs. 167kms. 260
Surat to Mt.Abu 11:15 hrs. 380kms. 400
Anand to Mt.Abu 07:45 hrs. 226kms. 500
Baroda to Mt. Abu 07:40 hrs. 258kms. 500
Jaipur to Mt. Abu 10:34 hrs. 401kms. 550
Ambaji to Mt. Abu 01:38 hrs. 32kms. 69
Khedbrahma to Mt. Abu 03:10 hrs. 70kms. 116
Gandhinagar to Mt. Abu 06:40 hrs. 212kms. 189
Abu Road to Mt. Abu 00:52 hrs. 15kms. 36
Delhi to Mt. Abu 14:27 hrs. 735kms. 1,300

How to reach Mount Abu by train

Mt. Abu does not have a railway station of its own due to its higher altitude. Abu Road railway station (28 km) is the nearest railway station. This station falls on the leading railway network between the two big metro cities, New Delhi and Mumbai. Trains to a number of major stations such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Dehradun, and Trivandrum operate from here.

Some prominent trains serving Abu Road Railway Station are Ahmedabad Mail, Ala Hazrat Express, Porbandar Express, and Ajmer Express. After getting down at Abu Road railway station, travellers can opt for a state transport service or take a private taxi to reach Mt.Abu and eventually to their place of stay. From this place, one can opt for a state transport service, usually running at a frequency of an hour. You can also book a taxi from Abu Road to Mount Abu on a private and sharing basis.

Ahmedabad to Abu Road by train

TravelCost (in rupees)DurationDistance
Ahmedabad to Abu Rd. 70 to 460 03:38hrs. 163kms.
Jaipur to Abu Rd. 130 to 830 06:40hrs. 405kms.
Delhi to Abu Rd. 400 to 2,465 12:00hrs. 747kms.

How to Reach Mount Abu by flight

The nearest domestic airport to Mount Abu is Dabok Airport in Udaipur,210km away from Mt. Abu. In contrast, the nearest international airport is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad, 233kms away. The domestic airport is connected to major Indian cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Kolkata. A private taxi from Dabok Airport will be your best to get out of the airport premise and reach your destination. Taxi booking services are available at the airport; book a taxi from inside the airport to avoid any misbehaviour or over-charging of taxi rates. Whereas for Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, one can quickly get a bus, train, or cab out of Ahmedabad to Mt. Abu.

TravelDurationCost (in rupees)
Delhi to Udaipur 01:35 hrs. 2,767
Jaipur to Udaipur 01:05 hrs. 3,877
Mumbai to Udaipur 17:00 hrs. 4,262


Mt. Abu is best enjoyed when you have the need-to-know and pre-planning of this trip. Doing so makes sure you reach everywhere safely and on time and see all the places that interest you without wasting much time on planning things during the mount Abu trip. This article is roughly precise and will help you weigh your options wisely. All necessary details are mentioned above to make your Mt. Abu trip hassle-free. I hope our article does you good. Have a safe journey and happy planning!