Kazakhstan Visa Guide

Kazakhstan Visa Guide

kazakhstan visa guide

There are different ways of getting a Kazakhstan visa and different requirements for each method of visa application.

It will soon be possible to apply for a visa online, rather than at an Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in your native country or requesting a visa on arrival.

Read our Kazakhstan visa guide to understand more about applying for a Kazakhstan visa and the new online visa system which will be implemented by the end of 2018.

There will soon be three visa application methods for requesting a Kazakhstan visa:

  • Applying at an Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan located in your native country
  • Requesting a visa on arrival at the border (this requires an invitation letter and visa payment)
  • Applying for the Kazakhstan visa online

Once the Kazakhstan eVisa is in place, visa applicants will be able to apply for a visa without having to complete complicated paperwork or queue at an embassy.

There are many other visa systems that are updating to an online electronic process in order to facilitate visa requests.

Steps Guide to Apply for the Kazakhstan Visa

Filling out your details and sending off the Kazakhstan visa application form for your Kazakhstan visa is simple compared to requesting a visa at an embassy.

There is zero paperwork involved and instead, applicants are able to complete the whole process online via a simple application form.

Applicants will be required to fill out their personal details, passport details, and travel information.

It is important to be precise, as incorrect information can cause the rejection of your visa or cause it to become invalid.

In order to receive an approved visa, applicants should also ensure that they are able to comply with the visa Kazakhstan requirements.

Registration Process Kazakhstan Visa

The process of requesting a Kazakhstan eVisa is straightforward when following these simple steps:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Pay the online visa fee with a valid method of card payment
  • Receive your Kazakhstan eVisa by email

Applicants should check that their passport is valid for application and for the planned travel dates, as well.

Kazakhstan Tourist Visa

Visa applicants will soon be able to request a Kazakhstan tourist visa without having to visit an embassy.

Although applicants will still be able to visit their nearest Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to obtain a Kazakhstan tourist visa.

Certain nationalities will be eligible for visa application online by the end of 2018.

Kazakhstan Visa on Arrival

Travelers requesting a visa on arrival in Kazakhstan will require a formal invitation letter and have to pay a visa fee at the border.

You can request a visa on arrival at the following airports:

  • Aqtu Airport
  • Almaty Airport
  • Astana Airport
  • Atyrau Airport
  • Oral Airport

The office hours of the immigration desks for the Kazakhstan visa on arrival is online open from Monday to Saturday during standard working hours.

Therefore it is advised that applicants book flights that land during these hours if they wish to request a visa on arrival.