Mexico in March: Weather, Things To Do And Travel Tips

Mexico in March: Weather, Things To Do And Travel Tips

As the winter season comes to an end in Mexico in March, a large number of tourists go to the country’s most popular party locations to celebrate the beginning of spring break.

You might run into many college students from the United States during the month who are on their way to the beaches there.

Nevertheless, in addition to celebrations on the beach, the country hosts a large number of carnivals, music festivals, and Mayan dance performances throughout this time of the year.

As winter draws to a close, there are more opportunities to engage in a variety of activities, such as ziplining, canal cruises, hiking expeditions, and excursions to internationally renowned ancient sites. When you travel to Mexico in March, there is a lot that you can fit into your schedule to see and do.

Mexico in March: Weather, Things To Do And Travel Tips

Mexico in March

Weather in Mexico in March

In some parts of Mexico, the climate starts to improve in March, making the month a good time to visit. The cities in the middle and northern regions begin to warm up, while the southern region also begins to warm up slightly.

Temperature in Mexico in March

The usual temperature is roughly 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Rain in Mexico in March

March is a dry month in Mexico with an average rainfall of 9mm (0.4in).

Wind in Mexico in March

In March, the wind in Mexico averages 9.7 mph (15.6 kph).

Things To Do in Mexico in March

If you are traveling to Mexico during March and plan on going to one of the country’s major beach destinations, you should be aware that spring break is in full force.

In terms of the climate, March is often a dry month in Mexico, particularly in comparison to the wetter summer months. The weather ranges from warm to hot depending on whatever part of the island you travel to.

Are you planning on visiting Mexico before spring arrives? The following is a list of the best places to go and things to do in Mexico in March.

1. Go Museum Hopping in Mexico City

National Museum of Anthropology Mexico City

More than 150 museums may be found in Mexico City. This makes the big metropolis a must-visit for anybody interested in Mexico’s past, present, or future, as well as for those who appreciate art, culture, and history.

The National Museum of Anthropology is one of the best museums in a lengthy list of excellent sites. Two enormous levels of outstanding displays mean you’ll want to spend most of a day here.

Meanwhile, another of the best places to visit in Mexico City is the Museo Soumaya. There are around 66,000 works of art in the private collection here, from antiquity to the present.

An interactive memorial and learning center, the Museum of Memory and Tolerance is devoted to illuminating the global effects of bigotry and apathy. Despite its weight, the impact of this halt is strong and informative.

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2. Spend a day in Cóyoacan

Frida Kahlo Museum

It seems like every part of Mexico City has something to offer, but the historic and contemporary attractiveness of Coyoacan stands out. Cóyoacan is a fascinating day excursion for art enthusiasts and history aficionados.

Most visitors here come to see Casa Azul, Frida Khalo’s house, now a museum. The Frida Khalo Museum is worth a visit since it provides an in-depth examination of one of the art world’s most intriguing figures.

The neighboring Museo Casa Leon Trotsky, the Diego Rivera Museum at Anahuacalli, and the Museum of Popular Cultures are also worth seeing.

Apart from the museums, spend time exploring Cóyoacan as well. Gardens and courtyards, charming squares, colorful colonial residences, and delicious cuisine are more than enough to make the trip worthwhile.

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3. Relax in the thermal pools of Grutas Tolantongo

Apart from the beaches,Mexico also has thermal pools such as the ones in this hot springs resort that are hidden among the greenery and blue water. Grutas Tolantango is one of the most photogenic in Mexico due to its abundance of caverns.

It is located 107 kilometers to the north of Mexico City, and accessible by car or private tour.

The region is so far from any major city that it attracts very few foreign tourists. That’s why it’s so special to find this gem in the Mexican mountains if you are visiting in March. The multiple thermal pools and the hot water cave provide for a fun day of hiking and sightseeing.

Even better, there is a huge pool complete with a waterslide and multiple diving boards.

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4. Enjoy a weekend in Morelia

Plaza de Armas Morelia

A beautiful city dating back to the colonial era, staying in Morelia for any length of time will be a pleasure. Although it was founded in 1541, little change has been done to the layout of this historic city. The entire downtown core has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the preservation of more than 200 buildings.

The beautiful Plaza de Armas is a must-see on any trip. This enormous public square, originally constructed around 500 years ago, is ideal for individuals who prefer to explore on foot.

One of the most beautiful cityscapes in all of Mexico, this area is home to a wide variety of tourist attractions, from cafes and restaurants to gardens and fountains honoring revolutionary heroes.

5. Party at the Inception Music Festival

If you’re looking for a place to spend Spring Break, go no farther than Cancun. This city boasts some of the world’s best beaches, most luxurious hotels, and a wide variety of exciting activities, both during the day and at night. The Inception Music Festival has been held here annually since 2013.

The world’s largest spring break party takes place in Cancun every March. A month-long celebration, the Inception Music Festival kicks up in March. Mandala Beach and The Palazzo are two of the best places to be both during the day and at night for the festival.

6. Walk the cobbled streets of Puebla

Puebla Mexico

Although it is the fourth largest city in Mexico, Puebla has managed to preserve a friendly, small-town atmosphere. Puebla is one of the world’s oldest cities, making it a fantastic trip for those interested in history, museums, and colonial architecture.

It was in this city that the Cinco de Mayo holiday was first celebrated after the Mexican army unexpectedly defeated French occupiers at the Battle of Puebla.

Visit the Museo Amparo, one of the most prominent historical museums in Mexico, in Puebla City’s old district. Tacos árabes, a local Arab-Mexican creation dating back to the 1930s, is a must-try. This taco has meat prepared in the style of shawarma and is served on pita-style tortillas.

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7. Indulge in Mexican Street Food

Tamales mexican traditional food

The choices for eating on the street are nearly limitless in Mexico, and you can find them in the centers of most cities and towns. Just look for tianguis, or a small street market, which may be identified by its use of outside tents and a variety of sellers, and you’ll be in foodie heaven.

The torta, which is a Mexican sandwich that is served on a big, airy bun, is considered to be one of the best delicacies that can be purchased on the street in Mexico.

Huaraches, on the other hand, are rectangular boats made of masa that are shaped like sandals and are filled with refried beans and cheese before being baked on a Mexican griddle.

Another dish that you have to taste is the robust tamales. These are typically steamed in corn husks or banana leaves and stuffed with meat, salsa, or fruit.

Don’t forget to wash them down with fresh juices and licuados, all of which are produced from ingredients that are acquired locally and are prepared to order.

Travel Tips For Mexico In March

● Always be sure to bring cash in the local currency (peso). Mexico has a lot of automated teller machines, so you should always make sure you have enough. Cash is required for any purchases made on the street, including those made at restaurants and shops. On the other hand, many establishments also take cards.

● Be sure you are familiar with the appropriate way to greet men in Mexico. Greetings come with a Handshake or a first bump. When meeting new people in Mexico, the word “mucho gusto” is an essential expression to learn.

● Bring your swimsuit, a brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunblock with you if you plan on spending your vacation near the coast of Mexico in March.

To beat the heat during the day when you are not on the beach, you will need gear that is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. In particular, for the evenings in Baja California, you should bring a cardigan or wrap with you.

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