RV Stocking & Packing Tips

RV Stocking & Packing Tips

, RV Stocking & Packing Tips

You’ve finally decided on your favorite fifth-wheel or maybe your top travel trailer, and, now, your family is itching to get that ride on the road. But, RVs usually don’t come fresh off of the lot stocked with the things you need, or the things you want. Before you hit the campground, you’re going to need STUFF (and lots of it.)

Although you should obviously pack the items that you/your family uses most often, we’ve put together a quick list of things that should think about stocking your new home on wheels with. One rule that we often live by is pack what you ‘need’ first. Then, you can sprinkle in what you ‘want’ depending on how much space you have left.

RV Kitchen

As floorplans change, mobile kitchens are being designed differently, offering more space to cook. However, it’s safe to say that RV kitchens are going to be a bit smaller than the space that you’re used to using at home so you’re not going to be able to bring every little thing that you cook with at your crib. Not to mention, you’re going camping anyway. Some if not most of your cooking is probably going to hit the flames at the campfire ring. Keeping that in mind, here are some things you should contemplate stocking.

  • Cookin’ – frying pan, sauce pan, crock pot, microwave-safe tupperware, can opener, cutting board, cutting board, BBQ set for the grill, cooking knives and utensils
  • Serving – eating utensils, paper plates, silverware, pot-holders and other replenishables
  • Drinkin’ – coffee maker and filters, coffee cups, plastic cups, assorted drink-ware
  • Cleaning – trash bags, dishwashing liquid, cleaning rags/wipes

RV Bedroom

The majority of RVs come with some sort of storage in the bedroom, whether they be full closets you can open similar to home, side-bed drawers, under-bed storage or a different storage solution all together. At the very least, you’ll need one or two sets of bed linens, including sheets, pillow cases and different comforters/blankets – depending on how warm you keep your ride and your preferred sleeping temperature. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that RV bed sizes aren’t standard across all manufacturers. A ‘king’ sized bed in one RV may not be the same size as another model’s ‘king’ so you’ll need to refer to your owner’s manual (or an old-fashioned tape measure.) Good Life RV has a great selection of bedding for you to stock the slumber room with before you hit the hay.

RV Bathroom

The bigger the RV, the bigger the storage space is going to be, especially in the bathroom. To most new RVers, stocking your new bathroom can be a little frustrating as, in most (if not all) cases, the RV john is quite a bit smaller than your home ‘library.’ We recommend surveying your new RV bathroom to see what space you do have so you can make a decision from there. One thing you’ll need for sure is bathroom toilet paper specifically designed for use in RV toilets. This is incredibly important as the plumbing in RVs will not tolerate normal ply toilet paper.