Saving Money When Traveling Solo

Saving Money When Traveling Solo

While solo traveling is fun and exciting, it can become a little costly at times. With no one else to split rooms, dinner, or adventures with, the burden Falls all on the Solo Traveler. It can be nice to travel alone, however there are a few things that become a little more difficult, such as saving money. However with a few tips and tricks you can travel like a pro and save money while doing so. Here are a few of our favorite tips for traveling solo and how to save money when doing so.

Be Flexible

One of the great things about traveling alone is that you have no one to tell you where to go, when to be there or what to do. This means that you don’t have to decide on just one destination. In fact, being flexible with your destination gives you the opportunity to pick places that fit within your budget. Leaving you less stressed than if you are to go to a pre chosen destination by someone else. Though you may want to visit Hawaii, Bali might be more in your budget. Most destinations have very similar features that you may be interested in. Being flexible and where you’re going to stay, as well as destination, and what you are going to do could be the difference between a $1,000 vacation and a couple hundred dollar vacation.


If you are flying in America, it is no shock that the flights will cost several hundreds of dollars. This means even if you book a cheap hotel you are still going to be crushed with the cost of a flight. This is where a different means of transportation comes in. You may be able to see more of the world though it might take a little bit longer if you decide on opting for a train ride. They are much more affordable and you actually get to see several different destinations. If you choose to drive this could cut down your cost, or you can opt for an electric car. Keeping your means of transportation fairly cheap can help you save money while traveling. So pick a destination that you can walk to attractions.


While many may be afraid of sleeping in a hostel, if you are a Solo Traveler this is one of the greatest experiences you will ever have. You can meet so many fun new people and be invited to things that you would never typically go to by staying in a hostel. Not only is this a nice way to get to know the locals around you and other Travelers, but it is also a way for you to save a ton of money. Opting for the less expensive option, more money for attractions, souvenirs, and indulging in delicious food.

Meal Plan

If you do decide to stay in a hotel, ensure that the hotel has a continental breakfast. This will provide you with at least one full meal a day, and then you can stock up with some snacks and maybe even get you through lunch and possibly dinner. This is a nice way to save money on food and spend more time on tractions and visiting museums. Bring items that you can easily cook in a hotel and make quickly this way you don’t have to spend money going out.

traveling solo is one of the most invigorating experiences you will ever have. Sopac light, bring a lot of snacks and enjoy the world around you. Saving money isn’t impossible when traveling, it’s all about planning and being resourceful. We hope to see you traveling soon.