Sifu Bosses: How To Beat Each Boss In Sifu

Sifu Bosses: How To Beat Each Boss In Sifu

The five Sifu bosses are the ultimate test of your kung-fu skills in this addictive beat-em-up.

Sifu won’t hold your hand and expects you to bring every skill you can think of to take down these varying bosses. But with each Sifu boss requiring differing countering tactics, and throwing a myriad of attacks your way, it can be hard to spot those windows to strike or any weaknesses. That’s why we’ve broken down a comprehensive guide on how to beat each of the Sifu bosses, including each of their stages, and the skill you should be employing.

Sifu Bosses: Fajar “The Botanist”

Fajar “The Botanist” is the first of the Sifu bosses to roundhouse kick off your quest for revenge. He is located at the end of The Squats, and like all of the bosses in Sifu, has two stages you must fight through.

The first area you’ll fight in is quite claustrophobic, as you are surrounded by rows of plant pots. Fajar has a deadly downward kick, where he will spring towards you, so be sure to dodge this one, as it can severely deplete your health, especially partnered with the following attacks. However, besides this, once you’ve learned the Sifu parry timing, Fajar is relatively easy to take care of at this stage. Just take your time, dodge those heavier attacks, and move in for some hits when Fajar walks towards you.

The second stage is similarly simple, however, the consequences of mistiming a dodge can be far more serious. The main attack you must avoid is when Fajar pounces from the bamboo with his machete – hold off until he actually emerges from the bamboo. You are going to have to be far lighter on your feet as Fajar can perform flying kicks from sprouting bamboo shoots. However, you can also find some bamboo to use as a weapon yourself. Keep an eye out for it on the outskirts of this area.

Sifu Bosses: Sean “The Fighter”

Here at GGRecon, we hate Sean. Sean is the biggest pain in this game besides the final boss, as his second stage takes a while to formulate counters for. That being said, let’s get into how to defeat the second of the Sifu bosses.

Sean’s first stage is actually pretty easy. You will first fight him in a room full of staves, which you can use as a weapon. However, these are actually most useful when flung at Sean. You want to be quick and ensure you don’t get too close, as Sean’s staff attacks are far-reaching and deadly. Wait until Sean is advancing quickly towards you before throwing your staff, to briefly stun him. This is when you can move in for a few hits, but we’d recommend using the slide kick attack, so you can knock him over and get a few extra hits in. There are a fair few weapons dotted around this area, but make sure you make them all count, as it becomes far more difficult to land those shots if you don’t have weapons to stun him.

The second stage is far harder. It consists of the same attacks, but there are no weapons to throw. Instead, you are going to have to try and keep in tight with Sean, landing small hits and dodging through his strikes. Sean will quite commonly sweep you off your feet, but instead of jumping back up, use the floor parry skill, which allows you to knock him on his back. This is one of the longer fights, as you just have to keep an eye on those swings. You can also counter Sean’s shoulder barge rather easily with a duck strike. Also keep an eye on your focus bars for both stages, as they act as great ways to do avoid hits and do some damage.

Sifu Bosses: Kuroki “The Artist”

Kuroki might seem incredibly difficult upon your first encounter with her, but she is actually one of the easiest Sifu bosses outside of Fajar. With her bladed sansetsukon, the key is learning her attack pattern so you can effectively dodge each of her sweeping blows. While at times she does mix this up a little, you want to use the upwards and downwards dodges, which allow you to get in close, ready to deal out damage once her attack combo is complete. She’ll come at you with a seemingly endless chasing spin attack, and for this, you want to dodge left and right while blocking.

The second stage is the easier of the two, and it’s all about finding the right timing for catches and dodges. At times Kuroki will send out kunai, but for the most part, she has a really telling animation queue. Time your catch with L1 on PlayStation or spacebar on PC just before the kunai hits, and you can send it flying back to Kuroki. And when she charges up her lunge attack, wait for the coloured glimmer across her body, before you dodge and land some more hits. And finally, when she tries her flurry of forward attacks, keep dodging until she is about to deal out a two-footed fly-kick, which you can easily dodge to the left, leaving Kuroki vulnerable.

Sifu Bosses: Jinfeng “The CEO”

Jinfeng is the next of our Sifu bosses and is certainly a glass cannon type. It doesn’t take much to deplete her health here, but the sweeping and striking block on a rope can be brutal. For this, you are going to want to try and memorise that attack pattern, which can often come in the form of two forward attacks and a low sweeping attack, so you can pull off dodges while advancing on Jinfeng. If you see a window of opportunity, even performing the running sweep will stun Jinfeng momentarily, allowing you to get in a few more strikes.

Once you have made it to the second phase, the combat isn’t mixed up all too much. Instead, Jinfeng will be more aggressive, meaning her attacks come more quickly. She also will begin a latching whip attack, which draws you in for a strike, so keep your block up when you see that coming. Try and keep close in this stage, meaning you should also amp up the dodges, so you are constantly on the move. Jinfeng will try and push you away and when she does, try and stun her again with your running sweep. As long as you are careful not to get too greedy, you will survive this fight.

Sifu Bosses: Yang “The Leader”

Yang is the ultimate challenge and marks the last of the Sifu bosses. For this Sifu boss, it is all about parrying and dodging, making him by far the most difficult. Yang doesn’t have a lot of telling weak spots, his attacks are fiercer and faster than you can imagine, and you can’t use focus attacks on him. However, there are some techniques to this impossibly difficult boss that make him all the more manageable.

The first note is that you cannot attack Yang unless he has performed a flurry of attacks. He will dodge 99% of the time and you’ll end up with a swift hit from him as a result. Instead, you want to get in close and wait for his attacks, holding the guard/parry button, and spanning the direction keys, while also filling up his resilience metre. This way you will dodge his flurry of attacks, and he will be open for an attack. However, you should always watch for his low sweeping kicks. Keep this game of cat and mouse up until you hit the second phase.

The second phase takes the emphasis towards keeping your distance from Yang. Now you want to try and avoid his attack entirely and move in for your strike once the combo is completed. This can be a little difficult since Yang is so fast. However, if you move in for the smaller hits without getting too greedy you will steadily chip away at Yang’s health bar. And remember to keep an eye out still for that sweeping attack.

That’s all you need to know to beat each of the Sifu bosses. Once you’ve beaten them all, why not check out our guide to the Sifu Detective Board, so you can 100% the game.