Singapore Airlines first class guide: everything you need to know

Singapore Airlines first class guide: everything you need to know

Luxurious and indulgent; Singapore Airlines’ first class is an experience to be savoured.

Singapore Airlines first class guide: everything you need to know

Boasting a reputation for excellent service and comfort regardless of your seat number, it’s no surprise that Singapore Airlines’ first class and flagship Suites Class are held in high regard.

Flying from Singapore’s Changi Airport to destinations across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, here’s what you need to know about flying first class with Singapore Airlines.

What is Singapore Airlines’ first class and suites?

First class and Suites Class are Singapore Airlines’ ultra-premium luxury cabins, found on many high-demand routes to and from the Lion City.

However, while ‘First’ and ‘Suites’ tickets are virtually identical in service and price, they do represent two different types of seats.

First class guests enjoy expedited passage through the airport and into their lounge of choice.

‘Suites Class’ is exclusively the domain of the double-decker Airbus A380s, featuring six enclosed private suites, as the name implies.

‘First Class’ is found on Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777-300 aircraft, offering four large and better-than-business-class berths.

Five reasons we love Singapore Airlines first class and suites

Space to stretch out, and more

If you thought business class was spacious (and it’s certainly no slouch), then first class and Suites will blow your expectations.

Everything is upsized, from the lavatories to the fully-flat bed. Singapore Airlines’ newest Airbus A380 first class suites even have separate full-length beds from your seat.

In the Boeing 777s, the extra-wide seat converts into a bed. Even so, you’ll appreciate having plenty of space around your legs and not needing to tuck your feet into a cubby hole, which would hopefully lead to a better night’s sleep.

Fine dining and wines

The inflight dining service is undoubtedly the highlight of Singapore Airlines’ first class and Suites onboard experience.

Your multi-course feast might kick off with signature satay sticks accompanied by caviar. Moving into the main, enjoy a whole Boston lobster or roast rack of lamb before finishing with a beautifully plated dessert, pralines, fruits and a digestif. .

Flights of more than 1.5 hours offer Singapore Airlines’ ‘Book the Cook’ fine dining service, with unique options for first class and Suites.

The beverage list features top-shelf Champagnes such as Taittinger, Krug, Gustave Lorentz Riesling and 20-year-aged tawny port, plus many other liqueurs, soft drinks, TWG teas, coffees, and an excellent selection of wines proof-tasted by some of the world’s leading wine experts.

The impeccable service

From the moment you check-in to when you step off the plane, it’s a first-class experience every step of the way. The crew are trained to be attentive, but not intrusive. Drinks are quickly topped up and all reasonable requests can be accommodated.

First class, Star Alliance lounges and The Private Room

Of course, holding a first class or Suites ticket opens the doors to the best Star Alliance and Singapore Airlines lounges at your departure airport.

Sydney and Melbourne both have first class sections in the SilverKris lounges, while the home port of Singapore has the exclusive ‘The Private Room’ in Terminal 3, recently refined further to an all-new level of elegance.

Quality onboard amenities

While Singapore Airlines is more conservative in handing out goodies in business class, it’s a totally different story further forward.

For longer-range or overnight flights, expect Lalique-branded pyjamas and a quality leather amenity kit – some complete with a take-home scented candle.

Four tips for flying in first class and suites with Singapore Airlines

Use The Private Room on arrival

An unpublished benefit of flying Singapore Airlines Suites and first class is access to The Private Room immediately on arrival, even if you don’t have an onward flight or are otherwise not eligible for first class lounge entry (such as if your next Singapore Airlines flight doesn’t feature first class).

Singapore is one of few airports where arriving and departing passengers are not separated in the terminals, which makes this possible.

On-arrival access isn’t guaranteed of course, but if you’re in Terminal 3 and aren’t in a hurry, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Book the Cook or browse the inflight menu online

To ensure you dine on your favourite dishes onboard, it helps to browse and lock-in your choice online at least 48 hours before departure.

Book the Cook offers dishes that you wouldn’t usually be able to get onboard, such as the classic lobster thermidor or the Angus beef burger.

Alternatively, browse the inflight menu for your flight and pre-order your choice so you don’t miss out.

Be quick to snag a double suite with your partner

If you’re travelling with that special someone on the Airbus A380 Suites, try to take advantage of the superjumbo’s unique ability to convert the two first class suites on each side of the plane into a ‘double suite’.

The 1-1 layout of first class on the A380 can bring these window suites together to create a double bed.

To do this, couples travelling together need to allocate 1A + 2A, or 1F + 2F. It isn’t possible with the third row due to it having a slightly smaller footprint than the other two.

Solo travellers can take advantage of this if the adjacent suite is empty for a supersized ‘king room’, but keep in mind you may be moved for an actual travelling couple.

Speed through Changi Airport with a private check-in area

Departing from Terminal 3 at Changi?

Asked to be dropped off at the first class check-in area where you’ll be greeted by a staff member, promptly processed, and have access to a private immigration lane which drops you just outside The Private Room and SilverKris first class lounges.

Getting a first class upgrade on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is notoriously strict on upgrades to premium cabins, especially first class and Suites. The best way to secure that golden ticket is to pay for it, or use KrisFlyer Miles.

However, if using miles, it is only possible to upgrade to first class from a paid business class ticket.

Use your KrisFlyer miles

Upgrades from business to first class and Suites start at 15,500 KrisFlyer miles for the shortest of flights, such as Asian routes. There are now two types of Singapore Airlines upgrade awards:

  • Saver – the best value upgrade, but with the lowest availability
  • Advantage – needs more miles, but handy if you’d still like an upgrade when Savers aren’t available

Singapore Airlines’ full upgrade chart is available for download here . Sample routes are listed below, showing figures in KrisFlyer miles:

Saver upgrade

Advantage upgrade

Australia to Singapore

Singapore to Europe

Singapore to USA West Coast

Singapore Airlines also offers passengers the ability to place cash bids for upgrades via MySQUpgrade , however this is only available for upgrades to premium economy, business class and first class or suites.

Best first class seats and suites on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines new Airbus A380 Suites

The pride of Singapore Airlines’ fleet are its new Airbus A380 suites. Just six of these spacious rooms line the upper deck of the superjumbo, with 1A and 1F being the prime pick due to being ever-so-slightly larger than the other four.

The main seat is a large, swivelling armchair that can rotate to face the windows or sliding door.

Six first class suites are positioned at the front of the upper deck on Singapore Airlines’ A380 superjumbos.

Each first class suite is fitted with a 32’ touch screen TV, plenty of storage spaces, a fully-flat bed that can be stowed into a dividing wall and futuristic touches such as electronically controlled windows.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER first class

First class on the Boeing 777-300ERs comprises just one row of four oversized seats. It features a wide 35-inch seat that converts into a very comfortable 208cm fully-flat bed.

With only four seats available, your choices are limited. Couples might want to opt for 1C + 1D to lower the dividing privacy panel, although it’s not possible to combine these seats to form a double bed. Solo travellers will definitely feel most at home at the window seats, 1A or 1F.

Singapore Airlines first class and suites FAQs

Does Singapore Airlines have free inflight internet?

Yes, Suites and first class passengers on WiFi-equipped aircraft receive unlimited free internet on each flight.

Do Singapore Airlines first class passengers receive pyjamas?

Yes, Singapore Airlines provides pyjamas on most first class routes, especially on long-range and overnight flights. Only shorter intra-Asia routes such as Singapore-Hong Kong might not offer pyjamas.

Can Singapore Airlines first class be booked with points?

Singapore Airlines’ first class and Suites can be booked with KrisFlyer miles, but currently cannot be booked using Virgin Australia Velocity Points unless they are first converted into KrisFlyer miles.

Singapore Airlines usually doesn’t make first class seats available for booking through Star Alliance partner programs such as United MileagePlus. Availability is extremely limited in any case, given the small number of seats in each cabin.