The Ultimate Morocco Travel Guide

The Ultimate Morocco Travel Guide

The Ultimate Morocco Travel Guide

Marrakesh is the perfect place to start your journey through to Morocco, and this travel guide will quickly show you why. Traveling to the airport of Marrakesh is very convenient, as the airport is very well-connected to the major airports of the world. Additionally, the location of Marrakesh could not be more ideal. This is because the city also happens to be the most wonderful gateway to guide you to the wonders of the Atlas Mountains and the Saharan Desert.

“Morocco is a garden, and before us, as we go toward Marrakech, we see the garden wall. It is some 12,000 feet high. The Atlas Mountains shoot up abruptly from the plain to snowy heights. Behind it is the Sahara. Before it, like a small stage against a stupendous backdrop, is the city of Marrakech.”

Williard Price

Insider tips for Marrakesh

The city of Marrakesh is not far from the airport. We recommend taking a Manera airport taxi to get to the city center. The prices for the taxis are very affordable (should be around €7 to the old town), but make sure you discuss the total price before you hop in your ride. You’ll quickly learn that negotiation skills come in handy in Morocco.

The Jamaa el-Fna square in Marrakech at sunset is a highlight on our Morocco travel guide

It is nearly impossible to get the best out of Marrakesh in one day, so we recommend at least two days soaking it all in. Here are some must-do’s to tick off your Morocco travel guide in Marrakesh:

  • Practice your bargaining skills in the souks (hint: if you find something you like and the price the seller offers is high, just walk away- we’ll bet that you’ll very quickly be offered a discount!)
  • Experience a hammam (a steam bath with possibilities for a scrub or massages for an extra fee)
  • Wander the medina (there are endless secrets hidden in the old town of Marrakesh!)
  • Visit the Ben Youssef Madrasa (a small fee to enter)
  • Go to a rooftop terrace for some Moroccan mint tea to admire the Plaza Jemaa el-Fnaa, or the central square

Where should you stay in Marrakesh? Definitely in a riad. If you look up pictures of riads, it might seem like the price tag on staying at one is quite big. However, Marrakesh is a very affordable city, as are the riads. You can even find some budget riads for the price of €50/night for two people. Like we said, very affordable and totally worth it.

Day 3. Let your Morocco travels guide you to the wonderful Ouzoud Falls

Another reason as to why Marrakesh serves as the perfect base location for your trip is the availability of day tours from the city. This is especially ideal if you’re not planning on renting a car and still want to experience the best of the country. There are tours available for travelers of all sorts. Cooking classes, ATV tours, camel rides… you name it! Ouzoud Falls are definitely a must-see and only a 2.5 hour drive away from Marrakech. Most day tours to Ouzoud and other locations leave from the central square in the early morning. So, rise and shine, we got places to go and people to meet!

The magnificent Ouzoud waterfalls in Morocco on a sunny day

Our trusty trip leaders at JoinMyTrip also have some pretty spectacular Morocco travel itineraries already planned for you. Check it out!

Day 4. Take it easy in Marrakesh

After traveling out on a day trip of your choice, come back to relax in Marrakesh before the winds of Morocco guide you to your next destination. This would be a perfect day to enjoy a hammam and a massage, don’t you think? If you’ve chosen to rent a car, you can also stay in the area of the Ouzoud Falls before continuing on!

Staying in a beautiful riad in Morocco is a must on our travel guide

Day 5-7. Let the winds of Morocco guide you to the magic of the Saharan Desert

An overnight tour to the Saharan desert is a MUST. It is truly like something out of a fairytale. There are options for more low-key tours, where you will stay a night on the way to the Saharan desert in a pretty average hotel, ride camels into the sunset, and spend another night camping in the middle of the Sahara before returning to Marrakesh. The tours leave from the beautiful town of Merzouga. There are also luxury “glamping” tours, where the conditions will be a little more high-end. When I did this, I opted for the budget option and adored the tour. I had never experienced anything like it before. It is a true experience of local culture, playing drums in the desert by the fire with the Milky Way twinkling above. I promise, it’s an adventure you will not regret going on.

The spots you will see along the way are also incredible. For example, the UNESCO heritage site of Ait Benhaddou, where parts of many famous movies such as the Gladiator and Prince of Persia have been filmed. There are tours available online for all budgets and schedules, so don’t worry if you perhaps want to spend an extra night in the desert… I mean, who wouldn’t?

the Ait Ben Haddou is a spectacle to see Riding into the sunset of the Sahara on camelback

Day 8 & 9. Head back to Marrakesh before hitting up the beaches in Essaouira

In this travel guide to Morocco, Marrakesh is our home base. Of course, a road trip around the country will look different, although we still recommend you to visit the same locations our travel guide mentions! We get that driving in another country may not be everyone’s cup of (mint) tea, so this guide really works for anyone.

Plus, having a ‘home base’ in a foreign country is kind of awesome. It feels like each time you go back to Marrakesh, you go home. It is such a convenient spot to experience Morocco from. So, after you return from Sahara with a million new memories, it’s time to go reflect on it all back ‘home’. Take a day to savor the new memories, perhaps with your amazing travel mates.

After hanging out in Marrakesh, it’s time to see Essaouira. There are many full-day tours to this beautiful town. By now you’ll be a pro at day (and overnight) tours, anyways! This beautiful coastal town is the perfect finish to your Morocco adventure. Head down to the fishing port with its famous blue wooden boats and admire the sunset and enjoy local seafood… What a trip it’s been!

Boats in the harbor of Essaouira in Morocco

Day 10. Time to leave your Moroccan home to go home… or perhaps the journey continues?

Now that Marrakesh has started to feel like home, it’s time to leave. This beautiful city will always welcome you back with open arms, though. That is the beauty of it! The friendly people and energetic vibe of the city will leave you wanting to come back, that is certain.

Did your travel bug just wake up from its winter slumber? Well, let’s get planning your adventure with other like-minded travelers! Or, perhaps your travel bug is calling you to lead a trip like this… well, we aren’t going to lie, there are many reasons to become a trip leader 😉