Tijuana Travel Guide: Getting To Zona Norte Nightlife District

Tijuana Travel Guide: Getting To Zona Norte Nightlife District

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Thousands of guys head across the border every weekend to visit one of the best party destinations on the planet. This Tijuana travel guide will focus on getting to the Zona Norte nightlife district.

If you were looking to read about where to find girls for sex in the Tijuana nightlife then check out that post. This one focuses on getting to Zona Norte, not having fun when you are there.

We are going to first break down how to get there, then give some travel tips that will make your stay a little better.

How To Cross The Border To Tijuana

If you want to take a trip to Tijuana then you need to get to San Diego and then head South on I-5. We highly suggest that you do not drive across the border, that will be a lot more trouble than it is worth.

You can exit at the ‘Last US Exit Parking’ sign where there are some paid parking lots or free places to park on sketchy streets. Definitely don’t leave any valuables in plain sight or expect busted windows when you return.

A better option would probably be to take an Uber to the border, the Jack N The Box nearby is a good landmark for a drop off. Or you can take the trolley from downtown San Diego to San Ysidro to help you get to Tijuana.

The border crossing into the country will be a piece of cake most times. Coming back in can take a bit more time, but as long as you aren’t driving it shouldn’t be too bad.

Getting To Zona Norte Nightlife District In Tijuana

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Once you are on Mexican soil there will be lots of taxis trying to give you a ride. You should look for an Orange Libre taxi and ask him to take you to Zona Norte.

Do not say a specific strip club. He may not know it, or more likely he will know it but try to talk you into another place that gives him a commission.

The price for a taxi will be $5 maximum. You can ask for the meter, but most will just take you there for $5. If you have pesos you can probably give him 60-80 pesos and that will be enough.

Instead just ask for Zona Norte, the area is small enough you can easily walk to the bar you are looking for when you arrive. It isn’t a long walk if you want to try it, and it is pretty safe since there are so many people out on the street.

If you do walk you will probably notice many places to buy prescription drugs, sex toys, and other adult products along the way. If you hop in a cab don’t be surprised if the driver offers to take you to a brothel or massage parlor that will give him a cut for bringing in a customer.

If you want to walk just head towards the big arch that you can’t miss, then head west on Revolucion.

Pro Tips For Traveling To Tijuana & Zona Norte

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Remember that right now you will get 20 pesos for every USD, but that might change before your trip so check the exchange rate. When you are talking to people in Zona Norte don’t make it obvious that you are a noob or they will smell blood.

Try to act like you have been there before and know the deal. If you negotiate in pesos that will make it seem like you have been there before and they are less likely to try and overcharge you.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of changing money, even if it is quick and easy, bring a bunch of $1’s and $5’s with you. A dollar goes a long way here.

Don’t show up with only big bills or else it will be hard to get change and you have a higher chance of getting ripped off. Have plenty of small bills and pay for everything as you go.

If you are going to stay overnight in Tijuana some budget hotels near the Zona Norte nightlife district are Cascadas, Santa Cecilia, and Rizo de Oro. Probably doesn’t need to be mentioned but only drink bottled water here. Also look for taco stands that are doing good business, if the local people eat at them then they are probably going to be safe.

It will be pretty hard not to have fun here. If you are the type of guy that doesn’t like nightlife then try meeting hot ladies on Adult Friend Finder. While a trip to Mexico City might be better for dating, using Adult Friend Finder to find hook ups here or in American cities is always a good way to get laid quick.

Hopefully this Tijuana travel guide for how to get to the Zona Rosa nightlife district will make your trip a little easier.