Tips and Tricks When it Comes to Caravanning

Tips and Tricks When it Comes to Caravanning

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Whether you own a motorhome already or you’re looking at buying on our helpful tips below will make sure you’re organised, relaxed and ready for anything. From experienced travellers comes this handy hint for your next motorhome adventure.

Making Space:

Living in a motorhome of caravan can sometimes feel a little cramped, especially if you like some home cooking while you’re holidaying. Buying a sink cover is a quick and easy way to gain more bench space when you don’t need the taps. You can even buy them as a chopping board so it becomes multi-purpose and you have a stable spot to chop the veges for that once a week winter roast.

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Limit your Clean up:

Using a caravan parks BBQs is a great way to keep your space clean, but while they are easy to use and usually in a great location, cleaning them can be a pain and also the lack of cleanliness can also be a turn off. The easy solution is to ensure you have some baking paper with you. Did you know that you can lay baking paper on a BBQ plate and simply cook on it? Yep, that’s right, you can line the plate with baking paper, cook your steak and simply lift it off and throw it away. No more mess, no more wondering what’s been cooking there before. A quick and easy way to get your dinner done and not spend the rest of your holiday cleaning a BBQ.

Smart Storage:

An ensuite is a great addition to any motorhome, but they are usually pretty small with limited storage space. There are some great ways to maximise your ensuite space by using some great hacks with plastic shoe storage. You can buy plastic hanging shoe storage from most variety stores. These make great multi space hanging storage that you can keep shampoo, conditioner, soap and shaving cream in. Keeping them off the ground and still in easy reach when you’re in the shower.


Anything can happen when you’re out and about and being prepared will mean the difference between comfort and panic. Make sure you add a fire extinguisher and fire blanket to your van. Also make up a compact and useable first aid kit so you can deal with situations as they arise instead of being caught out.


It may sound simple but packing the wrong way can lead to unbalanced loads and many hours spent trying to find things you need when you stop for breaks. Make sure your heavy items are at the bottom and evenly distributed throughout your van. Light stuff goes to the top. Also ensure that if you’re travelling long distances and you’re likely to want to out over at a rest stop for a cup of tea, that your chairs, cups, kettle etc are within easy reach without having to dig through your clothes to find them.

With our handy hints you’ll not only be ready to get on the open road, you’re journey will be trouble free and relaxing as well. If you don’t yet have your ultimate motorhome, search motorhomes for sale in Sydney or brand new caravans for sale on our site and we’ll help you find the perfect travel companion.