Top travelling tips for the summer

Top travelling tips for the summer

Planning your summer travels can be long and complex, but it’s worth spending the time to plan the perfect trip.

Summer is nearly here and you know what that means—it’s time to get travelling!

If you’ve always wanted to take a long summer vacation somewhere exciting, you’re probably filled with anticipation this year. After the last few years of being unable to travel anywhere, you can finally start properly planning your next trip.

When the cold, wintery days disappear and the hot summer weather comes along, your travel opportunities expand. There are so many incredible places to see across the world and you can enjoy feeling the hot sun on your skin as you explore.

Whether you want to travel through your home country in the best SUV for towing or you want to jump on a plane and visit a completely new country, there are so many options.

Planning your summer travels can be long and complex, but it’s worth spending the time to plan the perfect trip. Long summer vacations are often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you need to make the most of and let your hair down.

Proper preparation also ensures your safety as you travel to places that you’ve never been to before. You never know what people’s true intentions are and it’s easy to get lost in new places.

Here are some of our top summer travel tips to help you get the most out of your time away while staying safe and secure.

Travelling tips for the summer

Stay hydrated

As simple as it sounds, staying hydrated is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re travelling. This is especially important if you’re travelling around somewhere hot and you plan to walk around every day.

If you’re flying to another country for your summer travels, you won’t be able to carry any liquid with you on the flight. However, you’ll need to make sure that you buy a water bottle when you land.

To save money buying new water bottles every day, take an empty metal or plastic water bottle with you on the plane and fill it with tap water when you arrive at your accommodation. Make sure the tap water supply is drinkable, of course!

Keep a filled water bottle with you every time you head out in the mornings and take sips throughout the day. Staying hydrated will prevent dehydration, keeping you healthy and safe as you’re exploring.

Stock up on snacks

Food is just as important as water when it comes to travelling. If you’re heading out all day, make sure you stock your backpack up on snacks.

When you’re walking around all day and expending lots of energy, you will need to re-energise regularly. Even if you’re sitting down to eat at cafes and restaurants for your main meals, it’s always good to keep some quick and easy snacks to hand.

Pack some granola bars, chocolate bars, chips, and crackers for a quick carb fix. For those of you looking for healthy snacks, pack some fresh fruit and vegetable sticks to eat as you explore.

If you’ve got a kitchen in your accommodation, you might be able to prepare something more filling, such as sandwiches and salads.

Get comfortable on your journey

Usually, the hardest part of travelling is getting to your destination. If you are flying on a long-haul journey, make sure you get as comfortable as possible on a plane.

Flying can often feel very uncomfortable but there are a few things that you can do to make the journey more enjoyable. Make sure you pack your earbuds and a sleeping mask in case you get tired, and consider bringing a fluffy blanket with you on the plane.

The same applies if you are driving a long distance to get to your accommodation. Get the best car audio system upgrade so that you can play your favourite music along the way. Pack lots of snacks so you won’t get hungry, and wear comfortable and breathable clothing for the drive.

Avoid joining public Wi-Fi networks

It’s convenient as joining public Wi-Fi is, it doesn’t come without risk. When you join a public Wi-Fi network, it’s much easier for hackers to access your phone and all the personal details and passwords that are stored on it.

It’s much better to use the mobile data on your phone or to avoid using the Internet or together while you are out and about. Be wary of the roaming charges if you do choose to use your mobile data in another country.

An alternative to using mobile data is setting up a virtual private network (VPN) that will protect your phone from hackers if you do choose to use public Wi-Fi services.

Stay in touch with family and friends

If you are travelling alone or with a very small group of people, it’s vital that you stay in touch with your loved ones back at home. Not only will they love hearing about your adventures but they can also check that you are safe and secure.

Before you leave your accommodation in the morning, send a quick note to a friend or family member to let them know where you plan on heading. If anything should happen to you while you are out, they will know which areas to search first.

If you ever feel that you are in danger while you are out exploring, ring a trusted friend or family member and stay on the phone with them until you find somewhere safe to stay.

Be aware of your surroundings

One of the most important things to keep in mind, no matter where you are travelling to, is your safety. You should always be aware of your surroundings and who is nearby. Keep your belongings close at all times and don’t let your bag out of your site, even if you are relaxing in a cafe or restaurant. When you leave your hotel room, make sure to lock it securely and keep your key card somewhere safe so that it can’t get lost or stolen.