Travel Guide & Itinerary for One Day in Dubrovnik Croatia

Travel Guide & Itinerary for One Day in Dubrovnik Croatia

When I took a three-week Europe trip with my boyfriend a few years back, Dubrovnik Croatia was definitely the biggest surprise and the destination I most want to return to. From the sparkling blue waters to the orange roofed buildings and large walls, this city is gorgeous from every angle. On our trip, we could only spend one day in Dubrovnik since we visited on a cruise. This guide will help you do the same; keep reading for a one-day itinerary, the best things to do, and general travel tips for Croatia.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dubrovnik Croatia

Before we get into what to do in Dubrovnik in one day, here’s a glance at some frequently asked questions about the island.

When is the best time to visit Croatia?

Croatia is a great summer destination, and I recommend visiting between May and September. Temperatures will be around 80 degrees, perfect for water activities in the beautiful Aegean sea.

What is the language in Croatia?

Croatian is spoked in Croatia, but English is widely spoken in Dubrovnik.

What is the currency in Croatia?

The current currency in Croatia is the Croatian Kuna, but the Euro will be introduced in 2023.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik Near Old Town

I visited Dubrovnik, on a cruise and only stayed for one day, so I didn’t get the chance to stay in the city. If you are staying for a few days or stopping on a road trip for a night, these are my top two picks for where to stay in Dubrovnik.

Hotel Excelsior– This hotel is stunning. I can’t stop scrolling through the pictures imagining a stay here. The hotel has a modern, tranquil style with incredible views of the water. There is a large beachfront area, and indoor pool, three restaurants, and a spa. The Hotel Excelsior is also only a 10-minute walk to the heart of Dubrovnik.

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik– This is another great option of where to stay near Dubrovnik Old Town. It has private access to a rocky beachfront with loungers, and indoor pool, and decks with water views all along the front of the hotel. This hotel is even closet to Old Town, making it super convenient for your vacation.

Itinerary for One Day in Dubrovnik

If you, like me, only have one day in Dubrovnik, this itinerary is for you. With longer time, I recommend doing one of the below options each day of your trip.

Morning Activity: Old Town Wall

When you first arrive in Dubrovnik, plan to get an early start to beat some of the crowds. For the first half of your day, roam the old town, checking out the shops and landmarks. Be sure to also walk the city wall. There is a small entrance fee, but it is well worth it for the views. The city wall gets super crowded, so the earlier you can do this activity the better.

Once you finish walking the wall and exploring old town, stop for lunch to fuel up for your afternoon excursion. There are many great restaurants in Dubrovnik old town, and there are many overpriced, touristy restaurants as well. Try to find a location that is tucked away from the major walkways, and avoid any restaurant with pictures on the menu.

Afternoon Activity: Organized Excursion

In the afternoon, the city will be much busier, so I recommend using this time to take an organized tour. Below are my top two recommendations for excursions in Dubrovnik, depending on your interests.

Dubrovnik saw a huge surge in tourism over the past few years, partially due to the partial show, Game of Thrones. The major city of King’s Landing in the show was primarily filmed in Dubrovnik. Now, tourists visit to see the tv sites in real life. This Game of Thrones tour will show you all the popular spots from the show. Even if you aren’t a huge GOT fan, this tour is a great way to see more of the city and learn about it from a local.

If Game of Thrones isn’t your style, or if you want to explore beyond the Old Town, this tour is a great option. This boat tour departs from the Dubrovnik port then visits nearby islands, caves, and a beach. You will have the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear Adriatic from the beach and in the caves. There are also snacks and drinks included in the tour.

Summary of One Day in Dubrovnik

This is a short guide for a short trip to Dubrovnik. I’m sure after spending one day in Dubrovnik Croatia, you will be wishing you had more time to stay (I sure did). However, this guide will help you make the most of your day in the city, to see the most popular sites and experience the most popular activities.