Travel Tips Tuesday: 3 Ways to Stimulate Your Mind While Flying

Travel Tips Tuesday: 3 Ways to Stimulate Your Mind While Flying

This week, we’re wondering how to make the most of your flight time? Other than hopping on your laptop or tablet to get some work done (which let’s be honest, doesn’t sound too appealing) what can you do to be productive while enjoying your luxury flight?

Let’s look at some activities that will make that flight time feel shorter and provide inspiration.

Fill Your Ears with The Latest Knowledge

What better way to spend the time than a riveting conversation among business’ brightest minds? Podcasts are a great way to glean powerful insights while relaxing and passing time. Here are two of our favorites:

Two women recording a podcast on their laptop in an office setting.

John Lee Dumas: Entrepreneurs on Fire

This award-winning podcast, hosted by podcasting mainstay John Lee Dumas, seeks answers for the toughest questions facing entrepreneurs in today’s business climate. He’s published over 3,000 interviews with some of the world’s most creative minds in business, including Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, and Barbara Corcoran. But these aren’t fluffy, get-to-know-you interviews. Dumas’ main goal is to extract actionable strategies to advance business from luminaries who’ve done so successfully.

Lori Harder: Earn Your Happy

Harder’s podcast stresses the importance of emotional intelligence and resilience in business. Earn Your Happy confronts topics and fears every entrepreneur has but doesn’t wish to discuss. She explores the feelings of shame, ignorance, rejection, and weakness that many experience while starting or running a business. Along the way she demystifies big fears of committing million-dollar mistakes or not achieving as much as you want in a day. Her insights teach listeners to use emotional intelligence to unleash their truest potential.

Feed Your Brain with a Good Book

Is finding the time to read nearly impossible with your schedule? There’s no better place to get lost in a good book than 43,000 ft in the air. Here are a couple of business-related books you might have missed but should catch up on:

Hand holding a stack of books.

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

Content is everything in today’s business climate. But customers have more information at their fingertips than ever and can sniff out inauthenticity. Content for content’s sake won’t cut it. How do you create content of serviceable value? By embracing the role of teacher rather than salesman and address every question and concern a potential buyer may have. Sheridan contends that sales playbooks in year’s past are obsolete and in the digital era the fastest way to grow your business is proving you’re an expert by providing your customer base with valuable insight. We couldn’t agree more.

Net Positive by Andrew Winston

Everywhere you look it seems like the world is experiencing more and bigger problems. Winston, a former chief executive of Unilever and a sustainable business expert takes a look at how businesses can profit by fixing the world’s problems rather than creating them. The book’s main conceit is that businesses not only survive but thrive when they give more than they take, a simple but effective mindset that, sadly, is rare in today’s business climate.

Get Creative – Start Writing!

Woman writing in notebook.

Use the travel time to focus on output as opposed to input. Better yet, make it fun! The lack of distractions and forced stillness of being on a plane makes for the perfect writing environment. Not a journalist or writer? Nonsense. You probably write hundreds of words per day in emails. Now is the chance to express your inner creativity. Maybe you have a brilliant idea for the next great Netflix series or have always wanted to be a novelist. You’ll never know unless you put pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard) and start bringing life to your idea. You may feel silly at first, but studies show writing for pleasure is one of the most effective ways to cultivate introspection and strong creative and psychological health.