Work With Us

Work With Us

In our increasingly global world, the traditional resources of guides and established tour companies are losing popularity as travelers seek new and unique experiences. Such travelers are now choosing independent tour guides and companies who specialize in unique adventures. Preferred guides are those with expert knowledge and experience in the areas of offered tours. Guides like us. Since we started this website, our blog is gaining popularity and our tours are catching the interest of ever more of those seeking adventure and travel.

The purpose of Value of the Moment tours is to share our enthusiasm and experiences with people, bringing them once-in-a-lifetime adventures! Those who may be limited by language barriers and other obstacles in planning their own travels to new places can rely on us, as we take care of the details. Join one of our pre-planned tours consisting of small groups, or those travelling independently can depend on us for recommendations of any type! Leave it to us to plan a breath-taking journey!

How can we help each other?

Distribution of our tours at your website or travel company

Do you want to link our tour with your website or distribute our tours through your travel company? We are happy to share with you all necessary information! The main principle of our work is that we give the maximum of our energy and passion in every trip. We are sure that after adventures with us, travelers will take home the most colorful memories and impressions, after falling in love with the places that they have visited, so they will remember it for a long time! We visit all the places of culture, hospitality, and entertainment before offering to our customers. Other advantages of our tours you can find here – Why to travel with us. That is why you can offer our adventures to your customers and be sure that they will get the best possible service and experiences!

Advertising reviews


‏You have a cool and unique hotel, entertainment show, restaurant or a cafe, or goods which travelers should know about? In this case, we will be happy to visit you, to talk and to try what you offer, and then we will prepare a full review with photos and our impressions about your business, product or service. And if your offer is located somewhere where we go with our tours, we will be happy to visit you with our travelers.


Does your website need some cool, quality photos of your business, product or service? Or perhaps you would like to buy originals of some of our photos, to use them on your own? We know that one good photo can inspire thousands of travelers, so we will be happy to help you in this case!

Advertising banners in our blog and social media accounts


‏‏We are very careful to what we post in our website or in social networks. However, we are happy to cooperate with reliable brands and interesting projects, so we will put your ad banner, a link in the text or post on social networks about your business with pleasure, if it will be of mutual benefit to you and us, and our followers.

Holding of contests and distribution of gifts


The great way for a new business to be noticed in the traveler’s community is to provide contests and distribute gifts through our website and social media. We will be happy to assist you in executing such activities to generate interest in you from our followers. From our side, we will do our best to get maximum announcement of such activities in social media for your name to stay in memory of your target audience for a long time.