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Many Germans know Spain as a vacation destination. But the Mediterranean country has much more to offer than sandy beaches, sun and fiesta. A diverse culture, good food and open-hearted people await the interested visitor who really wants to get to know Spanish life. You can immerse yourself particularly intensively in the country during a Spanish language trip, as you become familiar with the language and can use it directly in your interactions with Spaniards. This is how a pub crawl becomes an extended language training session. Another positive aspect is the large selection of language schools that are available for a language study trip to Spain. So they can not only in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, but z. B. Learn Spanish also on Mallorca or Ibiza.

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Language travel to Latin America

Spain may be the home of the Spanish language, but nowhere will you find as many Spanish speakers as in Latin America. Spanish is the official language in most countries of Central and South America. So if their Spanish language trip is not to Spain, they have a wide choice of places in Latin America where they can develop their language skills. Whether Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina or Costa Rica: On a Spanish language trip you can choose the country that interests you the most, depending on the organizer and your own demands. And in addition to the Spanish course at their language school, they can get to know the vibrant culture of Latin America as well as take excursions to beaches, the jungle or historical sites like the Mayan ruins.

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Learn Spanish on the beach: Language travel Caribbean

Caribbean: Turquoise water, palm trees, beaches, sunshine. Simple perfect vacation feeling. But the Caribbean islands are not only ideal for relaxing and partying, but also for a Spanish language trip. Language schools are mainly located in Cuba or the Dominican Republic. For example, in Cuba they can learn Spanish in the Caribbean metropolis of Havana, and in the Dominican Republic they can choose from Santo Domingo and SosĂșa. Some of the language schools are located in the immediate vicinity of the sea, so that you can jump directly into the cool water after studying vocabulary and grammar.

Target groups for a Spanish language trip

Spanish language courses for students

If they are still in school but would still like to take a Spanish language trip, they can travel to Spain to improve their language skills. Spanish camps for students usually take place during the summer vacations and lead them to coastal cities like Malaga, Valencia or Barcelona. This way they learn Spanish intensively in a language school and at the same time they can experience an exciting vacation with many other students of their age. Sun, beach and lots of activities are waiting for you besides cramming.

By the way, if they are at least 16 years old, they can often also participate in adult Spanish language trips. As a student, you are not limited to Spain, but can also travel to Latin America to attend Spanish courses there. In addition, they can do a kind of student exchange at a high school in Argentina or Costa Rica during the summer vacations. There they are not in a language school, but can still significantly improve their Spanish skills by staying at a Spanish-speaking school and interacting with their host family and fellow students.

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Educational leave/ Learn Business Spanish

Spanish is one of the most important languages in the business world. Especially if they are in frequent contact with business partners in Spain or Latin America, good English skills are often no longer enough. On a language course that specializes in business Spanish, you can develop your knowledge to the point where you can interact confidently with all partners in Spanish-speaking countries. In any case, they can also increase their career opportunities with an educational vacation in Spanish.

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Group language courses in Spain

Those who do not want to learn Spanish alone can also book a group Spanish language trip. In this way, they can travel to Spain or Latin America with friends, acquaintances or work colleagues to study in a Spanish course and enjoy their free time at the same time. Because a language trip is the most fun together. They can also motivate and support each other to achieve even better results.

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(Active) Spanish language travel 50 plus

Learn Spanish at 50: Whether for personal interest or for business, it is never too late to learn Spanish. So-called Spanish language trips 50 plus usually take you to Spain and are an ideal way to further develop your Spanish skills. You will live in an apartment or in a hotel connected to the language school. In addition to learning, you can participate in a wide range of leisure and cultural activities to really get to know Spain and the Spanish people. How to make your stay in Spain an active language trip.

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Spanish Language Diplomas

If they want to study abroad or spend a semester abroad in Spain or Latin America, they may need a Spanish language diploma to be accepted by the university abroad. But also for their profession a Spanish language diploma can be important to be able to certify that they have sufficient Spanish skills. The best way to prepare for the exam for a language diploma is during a language trip.

DELE: general language certificate for studying abroad

With the DELE (Diplomas de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera) language diploma, they can prove their knowledge of Spanish at different levels. Especially when applying for a study abroad in Spain, this language diploma can be required. In this case they need the DELE Nivel Intermedio. They can prepare perfectly for this by going on a language study trip to Spain, where they learn Spanish intensively.

CEC: Get certified in Business Spanish

If you want to use Spanish specifically in a business context, there are some language diplomas that you can use to certify your Spanish language skills. This includes u.a. the CEC (Certificado de Espanol Comercial), which you can take with a basic knowledge of Spanish, i.e. level B1. During a language study trip to Spain, they can specialize in learning Business Spanish in some Spanish language schools in order to prepare for the exam for the CEC or another language diploma.

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Alternatives to a Spanish Language Trip

You do not want to go on a classical language trip to Spain? A longer stay in a language school is too boring for them? Or would you prefer to learn Spanish from the comfort of your own home?? There are some alternatives to Spanish language trips, so that you can also learn Spanish in another way.

Learn Spanish online

If they want to learn Spanish from home, they can also join one of the online Spanish courses and use the many resources on the Internet to improve their Spanish skills. You can find both free and paid offers. From comprehensive Spanish courses to language tips and translation tools, you will find a number of sites that are certainly not comparable to the experience of a language study trip, but can still help you learn Spanish.

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Spanish distance learning

If you prefer to stay at home instead of going on a language study trip and want to be flexible with your time, you can alternatively study Spanish at a distance. You receive teaching material at home and start to work through the individual lessons. You can choose where, when and how often you want to study. How to systematically improve your Spanish. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the respective institute and its trained teaching staff. At the end of their studies, they can z.B. get the DELE language certificate.

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Learn Spanish during Working Holidays

In many Spanish speaking countries you will find some possibilities for an active stay abroad. Z.B. they can do farm work, volunteer work, work and travel or an internship abroad in Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and other countries in Latin America. You will work in the country, but you will also have time to explore and travel around the country in between or afterwards. Through contact with the locals, they improve their Spanish skills and at the same time immerse themselves in a foreign culture. Many opportunities for working holidays are also offered by organizations together with a Spanish language course. They can travel to the country, improve their Spanish in a language school and then start their internship.

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Who offers Spanish language courses?

Spanish is the official language in 20 countries worldwide: besides Spain, more and more operators offer Spanish language trips to Latin America. Here you can find a list of organizers who offer Spanish language courses. Order your free catalog to your home now.

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