Tips for a city trip to Nuremberg


City trips are great for a little break in between. Depending on the city, a long weekend or a weekday can be enough. a few days to clear your head from everyday stress and fill it with new experiences. It's not just the city and its sights that count, but also the neighborhoods, food culture and events. And just because city trips are usually only planned for a few days, you almost always travel light.

Those of you who like to be lazy on vacation should maybe not choose a city trip. Meanwhile, you are on your feet all day, which is why city trips can often be a little exhausting.

Because you are often only a few days on site, you have to use the time as best as possible and for this we have compiled the most important tips for planning city trips for you in this article. Let us take you on a journey of architecture, culture and entertainment!

What you need to keep in mind on your city trip

When looking for the ideal time for your city break, be sure to check out local or. take nationwide holidays into account. On the one hand, these affect the cost and on the other hand, you could be so unlucky and miss out on some attractions or. Sights might be closed. Likewise, cities are quite crowded on long weekends that include a holiday, for example.

You should also keep an eye out for major events such as cycling races, public viewings, demonstrations and marathons. These events can cause huge disruptions to city traffic and may negatively impact your trip.

Of course, the weather also plays a decisive role. It can't always be predicted with certainty, but especially if you are planning a lot of outdoor activities, you should pay attention to the weather or the weather forecast. Think of the appropriate clothing. Based on the weather forecast, you can already roughly plan the outdoor and indoor activities in advance.

If you book possible entrance tickets and guided tours online in advance, you can plan better and save time.

Where to go?

You choose the right city according to your personal preferences. Architecture and history or rather culinary delights and entertainment? Maybe you just want to go shopping after all?

Exactly these questions are crucial and should be answered beforehand. As soon as a decision has been made, you can continue with the planning and booking.

The day of arrival

Many roads lead to Nuremberg - whether by bus, car or train

Many roads lead to Nuremberg – whether by bus, car or train

You should think about how you want to travel to and from your destination in order to make this part of the trip as relaxed as possible. There are of course several options. Most major cities in Germany are easy to reach by train and bus as well as by plane. The decisive factor here is, for example, from where you are traveling, i.e. the distance you have to cover to the city of your choice. The choice of a means of transport you then decide based on it.

It is clear that the flight is shorter than the train or bus ride. However, you must also consider the stay at the airport. If you overlook this, you can travel by plane quite comfortably and sometimes even cheaper than by train. But this is not sustainable.

The most economical way to travel is by long-distance bus, which serves most of the major train stations. However, you have to keep in mind that your journey can take a long time due to traffic jams and accidents, but also due to the many breaks. By train, your journey will be much faster and more comfortable – remember to reserve a seat.

It is also possible to travel by car, but it is not easy to find a parking space in big cities. Above all, many hotels now also charge very high fees for the use of their own parking spaces. In order to get from A to B without stress and to save expensive parking fees, you should ideally choose public transport on site anyway.

According to the time you plan for your city trip, you compare the arrival time and the prices. Once you have taken all this into account, you should choose the means of transport that best suits your needs. To make the most of your time, you should arrive early on the first day and leave in the evening on the last day.

Everyone is happy about a quick check-in

Everyone is happy about a quick check-in

Accommodation in the city of your choice

Don't forget the accommodation for your city trip at the Pegnitz, which you should take care of in any case beforehand. This should be well connected to the public and in a safe environment. In general, everyone stays overnight according to their budget and needs. Especially if you are traveling in a group, apartments in the Nuremberg area are a good idea.

There are many websites that can help you find the best apartments, hotels or hostels in the city of your choice. Meanwhile, many hostels are themed and conveniently located. For example, the public transport network in the Nuremberg metropolitan region is now quite well developed.

Pack efficiently

Before you decide what to pack, you should consider whether to take a backpack or a trolley.

There is a lot of walking during a city trip

There is a lot of walking during a city trip

However, the decisive factor here is ultimately the chosen means of transport.

Pack as you like and depending on what you want to do. You should also consider if you want to go out in the evening. Practical is the Zwiebellook, which also significantly reduces the luggage. It is important to wear sturdy shoes, as this is the only way to make the city with its almost 520 thousand inhabitants really unsafe. Be sure to think about blister plasters!

To capture the beautiful memories, if you don't use your cell phone, a camera is good, but you have to carry it with you. You should also pack plenty of sunscreen.

Nevertheless, for any short trip "less is more". After all, you are not out of the world and you can shop locally if necessary.

We also advise you to take a small backpack or bag with you for your tours through the city.

Another piece of advice

It's a good idea to download the public transportation app, perhaps a travel guide app, as well as an e-scooter provider's app to your phone.

In general, you can do yourself a favor and not pack too much program into such a trip, as the many sensory impressions and the hustle and bustle of a big city can quickly overwhelm you. Surrender to the vibes of the city and enjoy the time.

We hope to have helped you with this text in planning your next or maybe first city trip.