Caledonian Sleeper: travel with this night train from London to Edinburgh

If traveling by train already has a lot of charm, do it in one that inspired Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie or that seems to come from Victorian London is already an experience. We are talking about the Caledonian Sleeper , one of the oldest trains in Europe.

What is the Caledonian Sleeper?

The Caledonian Sleeper was opened in 1873 to bring the Victorian upper classes with their maids, luggage, dogs and footmen from London to the Highlands. It was not until the 1920s and 1930s that carriages were designated for the lower classes and those for the upper classes were further improved. From that moment, London and the North of Scotland were connected for the whole world.

It currently connects London Euston station with Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Fort William, Glasgow and Inverness. The completely refurbished Caledonian Sleeper runs six days a week , with Saturday being the only day it doesn't. There is only one train every day and it always runs at night .

What it offers?

The Caledonian Sleeper offers several options, some cheaper than others, so anyone can travel to Scotland by train. The Caledonian Double Room , for example, has a double bed, private bathroom, continental breakfast included, Wi-Fi, room service and even a full Scottish sleeping set. You can also reserve a club room with two beds or bunk beds and the same services as the previous one. Both include cabin service and occupants can use the London Euston Station lounge with showers. These two options are of course the most expensive.

Habitacion del Caledonian Sleeper

The most basic are the Classic rooms with a single bed but without breakfast included and the comfort seats . This last option is the most economical, as it involves simple reclining seats in carriages with up to 31 passengers. They have tables, air conditioning and reading lamp, but without additional services.

Prices range from 55 euros to 450 euros, depending on the class chosen and whether it is a flexible fare (changes or cancellations possible) or not. However, we recommend consulting the official website to check availability, updated prices and schedules.

How far goes the Caledonian Sleeper?

  • Aberdeen – full of rolling hills, mountains, cliffs and beaches.
  • Edinburgh : considered one of the most beautiful cities in the entire United Kingdom.
  • Fort William : which has the most beautiful landscapes in Scotland.
  • Glasgow : one of the largest cities in Scotland, Victorian and industrial in origin.
  • Inverness : heart of the Highlands and home of the famous Nessie.

The experience is worth it?

Caledonian Sleeper is a very good option to move from one nation to another. It is convenient and practical because it avoids long check-in queues at the airport, the eternal passenger checks and other protocols.

The beds are comfortable, the service is great and the experience of traveling on one of the oldest trains in Europe, although completely renovated, is very nice. It also allows animals on board.

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We recommend booking tickets in advance , especially those travelers who want one of the rooms in particular. Reservations can be made up to three months in advance and by choosing the flexible option can make changes or cancellations.

Solo travelers booking a second class bed (twin or bunk) will likely have to share a car with another person of the same sex. Just in case the train is full. The only way to avoid carpooling is to book First Class, which offers a choice of a double bed and a single bed.