Bochum – a city trip in the middle of the Ruhr area

What comes to your mind when you think of the city of Bochum?? Probably most people associate the city of North Rhine-Westphalia first of all with the Ruhr area and, based on that, with the history of mining.

Bochum, Ruhr Area

"Deep in the west, where the sun dusts, it's better, much better, than you think" – this line from the song "Bochum" by Herbert Gronemeyer describes the city in the Ruhr region very well, because Bochum knows how to convince at a second glance. Bochum was first mentioned in a document in the year 800, but people probably already settled in the present city area in the Stone Age. On the 14. Bochum received its town charter in the 16th century and it was probably at this time that a large coal deposit was discovered for the first time. Over the centuries, Bochum became a center of mining and today has over 360.000 inhabitants.

Bochum is also the hometown of Starlight Express, the most famous musical in the world, and has a whole other set of attractions as well. Here are a few reasons why Bochum is guaranteed to be worth a visit.

Starlight Express: Cultural highlights in the middle of the Ruhr area

It is not for nothing that Bochum, as part of the Ruhr area, was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2010. In more than 20 theaters tourists have the opportunity to enjoy classical as well as very modern theatrical art. A very special crowd puller is, of course, the world-famous musical Starlight Express, which has been staged in the specially built Starlight Hall for over 24 years. Over 13 million spectators have already made their way to Bochum to witness this unique spectacle.

Enjoy the nightlife in the Bermuda3Eck

The nickname of Bochum's pub mile sounds a bit strange at first: Bermuda3Eck. But anyone who has ever been there knows where the approximately two-square-kilometer area got its name. With more than 70 bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants, the famous quarter around the Bruderstrabe and Kortumstrabe really offers the right alternative for every visitor and thus really enough possibilities to get lost one or the other time. Even those who want to move on after dinner and a cocktail or two will get their money's worth here. In the area there are also several discotheques and cinemas.

Getting to the bottom of the history of mining

Century Hall Bochum

Mining is an integral part of the history of the entire Ruhr region and is thus also honored in Bochum with various exhibitions and monuments. Bochum is also home to the German Mining Museum, which has been one of the most visited museums in Germany for decades. In addition to admiring various exhibits, those interested here also have the opportunity to visit an exemplary network of mining tunnels.

Other places of interest

In addition to the visitor magnets already presented here, interesting places to visit include Bochum's town hall and the cast steel bell that stands in front of it. The municipal planetarium is also worth seeing. For nature lovers, on the other hand, a visit to the Stadtgarten Wattenscheid is also a good idea. In summer, concerts and plays are performed here on a large open-air stage. Families with children should also take an afternoon to visit Bochum's zoo. The park also offers the city's own Fossilium, which takes young and old back in time with the help of the treasures on display there.

Old town of Bochum

Bochum does not have an old town, but it has many interesting monuments and, above all, many beautiful parks and green areas. Lake Kemnader is a popular recreation area that not only Bochum residents like, and if you like shopping, you're sure to feel right at home in the Ruhrpark. A look at the stars allows the observatory Bochum, which is affectionately called Kap Kaminski by the locals. The Provost Church of St. Peter and Paul is the oldest church in the city, built between 785 and 800 at the behest of Emperor Charlemagne. The Jahrhunderthalle is well known to art connoisseurs because the Ruhrtriennale takes place there.