Short vacation Stade: Relaxed adventure tour through the Hanseatic city

Lately, I've been traveling more and more in my home region, not only to discover it for myself, but at the same time just to introduce it to you a little more closely. By the way, my home region is in northern Germany in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. One of these places, or rather one of these small towns in the region is the small Hanseatic town of Stade..

Relaxing trip to Stade – 1 day in the Hanseatic city

About Stade and the surrounding area (the Alte Land) I've already told you something here… I've taken you on a flower trip to the Alte Land at the Elbstrom or also presented the small Hanseatic towns (Buxtehude, Stade and Luneburg). But I think it's definitely time now to introduce you to the individual cities and also the people in these cities a little more closely. Because they absolutely deserve it… So come along on my little trip "A very special day in Stade".

The Hanseatic city of Stade (with approx. 50.000 inhabitants) is located at the gates of Hamburg. Like its big Hanseatic sister, Stade is located at the river Elbe. The river Schwinge flows through the city, with its many cute half-timbered houses, small cobblestone streets and historic buildings.

Hanseatic city of Stade

Hanseatic city of Stade

Elbstrand Stade – 7.15 o'clock: Yoga to the sunrise

My day in Stade begins already very early, in the morning at 7.15 o'clock I meet with yoga trainer Rieke and other yoga fans on the dike… together we go down to the Elbe beach (from the city center to the beach it is approx. only five kilometers).

We spread our mats on the beach. The sand is still slightly wet. The temperature shows ca. 14° degrees, but it quickly gets warmer. On the beach a light wind blows and yet it does not seem cold at all. We start with a little relaxation, so that not only the body arrives at the beach. The sunbeams tickle my face, my nose and my naked arms. The wind blows through my hair..

We start with a few asanas, partly close our eyes, but blink every now and then in the direction of the Elbe River. Small and large ships pass by. The larger ships also cause larger waves to splash onto the beach. Atmosphere, ambience and view have an incredibly relaxing effect. Dog, cat, sun salutations… everything a yoga class needs. It is just wonderful… at this time of the day there is nothing going on at the beach. We are (almost) alone. In between a walker with a dog passes by on the beach. Then again only the calm voice of Rieke, the wind and the ripple of the Elbe water accompanies us.