The best tips for a dreamlike beach holiday

Hardly any vacation is as diverse as beach vacations, because Europe also offers a variety of countries bordering on the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, they offer countless opportunities for the beautiful beach vacation, which becomes especially dreamlike when carried out in exotic countries.

Beach vacation

The most beautiful destinations for beach holidays

For beach vacations sunshine and bright weather is as important as a fine sandy beach and clear water. In such places it is possible to stay all day and even after 10 days the beach is still as exciting as in the beginning.

If you book a hotel on the beach, you don't have to use the pool, but after a few steps you will be where you want your vacation to be, on one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. How about Greece and especially the island of Crete for your next beautiful beach holiday?? Especially the beaches of Crete are awarded every year again with the blue flag, which confirms that the beach is clean and the water is particularly pure. But it is not the north coast that is special – even though it is very beautiful – but the south coast. Here the beaches are white and fine sandy, the water is turquoise to light blue and you could think you are lying on a beach in the Caribbean. The reason is the Lybian Sea.

Exotic travel tips

Palawan beach

Also many other beach regions, which are visited every year by many vacationers, have to offer a multiplicity of fantastically beautiful beaches. Depending on what appeals to the vacationer under this term, the choice can be very large. Among the most popular dream beaches are:

  • Calanggaman beach in the Philippines
  • The beaches of the Seychelles
  • The island of Palawan with the beach Las Cabanas – beach Cala Mitjana
  • Cuba and its dream beaches
  • Perhentian Besar on Malaysia
  • Lawaki Beach on Bequa Island, one of the Fiji Islands

The list could be extended even further, but when it comes to the particularly dreamlike beaches, they are right at the top of the beauty scale.

Cheap and quickly accessible dream beaches

For most vacationers the fast and easy accessibility of the vacation resort with dream beach plays an essential role. Also in European countries there are a lot of vacation regions, which have a beautiful beach and therefore are interesting for vacationers.

If you travel to the island of Mallorca – and you can do it in a short time – you can visit the resort of Ses Covetes on the south coast, where Playa Es Trenc is one of the island's dream beaches. Beach, dune landscape and hinterland are under nature protection, which is why it is particularly quiet here.

Beach Mallorca

If you don't consider kilometer-long beaches as a dream beach, but rather a small and quiet bay, you could visit the natural beach of Cala Macarelleta, which is located on the island of Menorca. The water here reminds with its colors of exotic regions. Also in the Balearic Islands, the island of Formentera with the Playa de ses Illetes is a dream beach, which is wonderful for vacations with small children, as it slopes very shallowly. Whether one spends his beach vacation on the Canary Islands or Balearic Islands is a matter of taste.

The dream beach means something different for everyone, maybe the beach Playa de la Concha in the Basque Country of Spain is the destination? It combines in a natural way sun, sand and sea with the urban development of the adjacent small towns and thus offers an interesting mixture of leisure activities. Even the capital Barcelona has a beautiful beach, it is also one of the most beautiful in Europe.

The French Mediterranean coast, Italy with the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea, as well as the Adriatic riparian Croatia, Istria and Dalmatia are also among the dream destinations. Especially the Croatian Adriatic coast offers a variety of dream beaches. Not only the main tourist destinations, where there is always hustle and bustle, are the special destination here. The many islands of Croatia, partly uninhabited but accessible by boat, offer everyone the opportunity to discover their personal dream beach.

Beach Denmark

In the summer, the beaches on the North Sea or Baltic Sea coast can also become dreamy beaches. When temperatures are appropriately summery, Denmark is a prime destination for families with children, who are known to consider sand and water their elements. Equally popular are the islands of the North Sea – whether on the Dutch or German coast – and Denmark, for its part, also has a multitude of dream beaches to offer. The Baltic coast is the ideal destination for lovers of gentle swells, dream beaches can also be visited for hiking and exploring.