Immerse yourself in the wonders of Hawaii

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for its colorful beaches, stunning mountains and laid-back atmosphere. This place is special. It's so special that it has something few places have – a time zone named after it. As on almost every island, water plays a big role in daily life. Surfing is one of the most popular things you can do in Hawaii and it attracts the best from all over the world. When you add the locals' love of surfing to the complex history, easy blending of cultures, intense food and natural beauty, it becomes clear what drives millions to the Aloha State. This Hawaii travel guide includes information on beaches, adventure sports and much more.

During your trip to Hawaii, you will visit two islands. Since visiting all the islands is beyond the scope, we will focus on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii, which is known as the Big Island.

We will start our trip on Oahu. During your four days on Oahu, you'll find out some of the best things to do, eat, climb, surf and swim in Hawaii.


HONOLULU – Some of the best areas on the island of Oahu are Waikiki, North Shore, West Side, ala Moana.

THE BIG ISLAND – You can stay in Kailua – Koana on the east side and Hilo on the west side, as it is close to Volcanoes National Park.

MAUI – The best place on Maui is Kaanapali Beach, this is the luxurious part of the west side. Other places you can stay are Honokowai, Kahana, Napili, Kapalua and Lahaina.

Day 1

After landing at Honolulu International Airport you can take a cab to the hotel. For convenience, check into a hotel in the Waikiki district of Honolulu, the state capital of Hawaii.

Waikiki offers a number of cool beaches. The best beaches to visit here are Waikiki Beach, Queen Surf and Kuhio. You can spend some time relaxing and enjoying the view of Waikiki.

Waikiki Beach is close to markets and good food. After a day at the beach, you'll want to explore the area, do a little shopping, and dive into the Hawaiian food scene.

After hours of hiking, a stay at one of Hawaii's famous spas will be welcome. Find travel buddies on JoinMyTrip to join you on your Hawaii adventure.

Day 2

On this day you will do a lot of hiking.

You can take a bus directly to DIAMOND HEAD, a trekking trail, in Honolulu. Once you reach the spot, you'll have to climb the 175 steps and pass through a military bunker and an underground tunnel on your way to the top. It takes almost 45 minutes to reach the top of the Diamond Head trail.

Once you reach the top of the 232 meter crater, you will get one of the best views of Honolulu. Here you can rest and relax for an hour or two before heading back down the stairs and the Hawaii travel guide continues.

You'll definitely be tired after such a long hike, so take a break at one of the many cafes near the entrance to the Monument. Better yet, do this hike on a Saturday and take in the Kapiolani Community College Farmer's Market, located across from the entrance to Diamond Head. Vendors sell fresh meat, vegetables, seafood, prepared foods, honey, coffee, flowers and other unique items.

Back in town, enjoy the Honolulu Zoo's twilight tours. Depending on the species, watch the animals prepare for sleep or awaken during a two-hour tour that begins at 4:30 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. (seasonal).

If you're at Waikiki Beach on a Friday night, enjoy the fireworks that a hotel puts on weekly.

Day 3

Today you'll head to Lanikai Beach, one of the best places in Hawaii for water sports. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, jet skiing and other exciting activities.

To relax after the action-packed morning, you will cruise around the island in a relaxed way. Of course, there are several options, but you should definitely take a two-hour boat ride. As this is a popular activity, you should book in advance. One of the best things about this cruise is that it serves authentic Hawaiian food.

Once you're back on land, you can continue to relax.

Day 4

Today you have to get up a little earlier, because you don't want to miss the most interesting experience on Oahu and in our Hawaii travel guide – a helicopter tour. You will witness the awesomeness of nature in a one-hour tour.

After the helicopter tour you will visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. The center lets you immerse yourself in the Polynesian lifestyle. Between live performances, canoe rides, luaus, food and shopping, you can spend some time at the 17-acre complex.

Now it's time to head back to the hotel and pack your bags, as we're off to one of the most beautiful places in the state with our Hawaii travel guide.

Day 5

In the early morning you should take a cab and go to Honolulu International Airport. Flying is the fastest way, as a direct flight takes about 55 minutes to reach Hilo, Hawaii.

You will spend about four days at the next stop of the Hawaii travel guide – the Big Island. The most reliable way to get around the island is by car. You can also take a local bus or cab to explore places on the island.

Big Island is all about waterfalls and active volcanoes. You can start your trip by exploring the beaches. You'll be a bit exhausted from the trip, so take it easy with activities for the day. Hire a cab or take a local bus to the beach called Punalu'u Black Sand Beach.

Punalu'u Black Sand Beach is home to the large Hawaiian green sea turtle. Maybe you will be lucky enough to see the protected amphibians.

Afterwards you will visit Papakolea Beach, one of the best beaches on the island. It's 38 kilometers from Punalu'u Beach, but it feels like a different world. Papakolea is covered with green sand. Warning: it is illegal to take sand from any of the Hawaiian beaches.

Day 6

Today you will drive to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. After a 90 minute drive from the center of Hilo you will reach the park. Because the area is so large, it will take you a day to experience everything about this dynamic place and its surroundings.

You can see many active volcanoes and, if you are lucky, lava seeping into the Pacific Ocean. For the best view, wait until night when the lava lights up brightly.

Day 7

Today you will have to get up early and take a bus or cab to visit the stunning waterfall, whose name is Rainbow Waterfall. The waterfall is 40 minutes away from the national park.

The best time to visit is in the morning, as you will have a chance to see rainbows in the spray of the waterfall. You have to hike a bit to see the waterfall. After spending some time here, you should drive almost six kilometers to one of the most famous waterfalls in Hawaii – Akaka. If you take your time, it will take you almost an hour to explore the whole place.

By this time you will probably be really hungry, so it's time to grab something from the food stalls available to you here and relax for a while. The waterfall trekking can be very strenuous. After that you can go back to your hotel and rest for a while. In the evening you should explore the area on foot. This place offers you some good nightclubs and restaurants.

Day 8

Today is your last day on the Big Island and you will visit Waipio Valley. The easiest way to get there is by car. The valley is not only beautiful, it is also a very special place. We don't want to tell you too much in advance, but you will know what we mean when you are there. Top tip: Watch out for the wild horses that roam free on the beaches.

When you leave the beach, you will come to the breathtaking Kua Bay. If you want to experience even more beauty, extend your Hawaii trip to the island of Maui.

Day 9-11

Today you have to take a flight from the Big Island to Maui. Because everything on Maui is so scattered, you should definitely rent a car.

For your first day and another stop in the Hawaii Travel Guide, head to the Maui Jungle Journey. This theme park in Paia is a 40-minute bus ride from town. It is famous for its waterfall, adventure sports and trekking. You are guaranteed to have a lot of fun on your first day on Maui. After a day here you will need some rest.

On 2. After your first day on Maui you can take a road trip to the city of Hana. This one-day road trip will take you past several waterfalls, lush scenery and interesting hiking trails. Hana is one of the most famous places among tourists and offers a lot of space for adventure sports. This road trip will take you a whole day to complete.

At the end of your trip, thanks to our Hawaii travel guide, you will have explored the best places to visit in Hawaii. To make this experience extra special, you need the right people to accompany you. Find like-minded travelers on JoinMyTrip now.