Spring vacation in Denmark: Tips and popular destinations

Denmark is a popular destination among German holidaymakers for a spring vacation, which is mainly due to the wide range of possibilities and the good accessibility. The Danish North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts offer beautiful beaches, secluded landscapes and cozy villages. With Copenhagen as the country's capital, Denmark also offers plenty of cultural excursion destinations and leisure facilities for families with children.

Denmark's most popular vacation accommodation: the vacation apartment

To be able to enjoy a vacation in Denmark to the fullest, the accommodation should of course also fit your own wishes. Especially popular in our neighboring country are vacation apartments. These are usually fully equipped and offer guests plenty of privacy and the opportunity to prepare meals themselves in the integrated kitchen. Unlike in a hotel, vacationers here are not bound to fixed buffet times and can also have breakfast in their bathrobes as the mood takes them.

Another advantage is that in Denmark in many vacation apartments and cottages is allowed to bring dogs. Dog owners therefore do not have to do without their beloved four-legged friend during their vacation. Throughout the country, Denmark offers a wide range of vacation homes with high standards and a lot of coziness.

Things to do in Denmark during the spring months

Spring is the ideal time for an active vacation in Denmark, because the temperatures are mild, but not too warm, the days are getting longer and nature is in bloom again. The Heerweg from Viborg to Padborg, for example, as the country's well-known long-distance hiking trail, is about 280 kilometers long and ideal for a longer hiking vacation. Well-known are also the European long-distance hiking trail E1, the Gendarme Trail near the border and the Island Trail in the South Fyn Archipelago. In addition, an extensive network of long-distance bike paths stretches throughout Denmark.

Anglers also get their money's worth during a vacation in Denmark in spring, because fishing is allowed in many waters here. Denmark's seemingly endless beaches are not yet overcrowded in the spring and therefore offer plenty of space for walks and a picnic by the water. However, vacationers should dress warmly, because in spring the wind on Denmark's coasts can still be quite cold.

Excursion destinations in Denmark

From a vacation apartment or cottage as a vacation accommodation can be wonderful day trips to the exciting attractions of the country to undertake. A highlight is of course the capital Copenhagen. Here in the harbor is a statue of the Little Mermaid, which is considered a landmark of the city. In addition to museums and galleries, the shopping opportunities in Copenhagen's shopping area are also enticing. Another excursion destination is Legoland. The amusement park is especially popular with families with children. Among the most impressive buildings of the country are the Kronborg Castle and Frederiksborg Castle.