The most beautiful cities in Norway

If you travel to Norway, you will not only find beautiful and impressive natural landscapes, but also several beautiful cities that make a visit definitely worthwhile.

Oslo, Norway

The capital of Norway – Oslo – offers vacationers a great variety of sights and attractions. It's especially nice that with one ticket you can use the sightseeing bus for 24 hours, which is definitely more convenient. Alone the Karl Johans gate leading through the center, the boulevard in the city center with its monumental buildings is very long.
The Royal Castle forms the end of the street in the west, opposite is the main station. Inside Oslo there are several museums with interesting themes. Also the Vikingskipshuset, Akershus Fortress, the Vigeland Sculpture Park and many more buildings worth seeing. Beautiful nostalgic neighborhoods, shopping streets, restaurants and other cozy meeting places invite you to visit Oslo.


Bergen in the Norwegian region of Fylke Vestland is best known for the Port of Bergen, which is considered one of the most important ports in Europe. If you want to do a tour of the Hurtigruten, start your journey from here. Bergen offers the visitor a number of cultural facilities such as the Bryggens Museum, the Hanseatic or the Art Museum and many more.

Bergen, Norway

The cathedral St. Olav is like the fortress Bergenhus, the Hanseatic quarter Bryggen, the Hakonshalle or numerous mansions from the 19th century. Part of the sights of Bergen in the nineteenth century. In addition to the usual shopping streets, restaurants and cafes, the fish market and the exhibition of the world's largest gingerbread town "Pepperkakebyen" are among the regular events.


The Norwegian city of Trondheim, with its approximately 210.500 inhabitants in the province of Trondelag and has existed since the year 997. Today the city with its settlements is the third largest municipality in Norway. One of the sights of Trondheim is the canal harbor with its warehouses.

Trondheim, Norway

The city center with its attractive streets and small alleys is the center for retail trade, with the market place being the focal point. Scandinavia's largest wooden palace, Stiftsgarden, dates from the 1770s and is still a city palace worth seeing today. The old wooden city bridge connects the Bakklandet district, famous for its wooden houses, with the city center peninsula.


Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is located with about 145.000 inhabitants as the fourth largest city of the country in the Norwegian Fylke Rogaland. Already in the Middle Ages the place received the city right and was at that time also episcopal seat. Stavanger Cathedral is certainly one of the sights of the city.
It is the only medieval church in Anglo-Norman-Gothic style that has been preserved. If you visit Stavanger, you should pay a visit to the harbor and then go to Gamle Stavanger, the old Stavanger. Here are wooden houses from the 18th century. And 19. We also visited the Norwegian Canning Museum, the Norwegian Oil Museum, the Stavanger Maritime Museum and the Concert Hall. The waterfall Manafossen and the long sandy beach are also worth a visit.


Alesund, Norway

In the province of More og Romsdal in Norway is the city of Alesund with about 67.000 inhabitants. The town is known mainly for its tranquil center of houses built in the Art Nouveau style. But mainly the location at the Oeresund and the distribution on several islands makes the city a popular destination.
Just as the surrounding area is characterized by fjords framed by mountains, Alesundet also runs through the city center, separating it into the islands of Aspoy and Norvoy. Among the most beautiful Art Nouveau houses in the center is the House of the Workers' Association or the house Kongens gate 12. The Atlantic Park in Alesund has an aquarium that shows the fish that live in the region. Monuments and works of art, the Molja fyr lighthouse or the Waldehuset should not be overlooked when walking around Alesund.


Tromsø, Norway

The Norwegian city of Tromso is famous for the possibility of observing the Northern Lights from here. But also in the summer in the long, bright nights Tromso has a lot to offer. Among the sights of Tromso, mostly related to its proximity to the North Pole, is the Polaria Experience Center with the Polar Museum.
Here, of course, the polar region and the Barents Sea is the big theme. An aquarium with bearded seals and the Tromso Museum are also very educational and worth seeing. Tromso is home to the most striking church in Norway, the Ice Sea Cathedral. It was built in 1965 and has the largest glass mosaic window in Europe.


Kristiansand, Norway

The Norwegian city of Kristiansand is located in the Fylke Agder and has about 113.800 inhabitants. As the capital of Sorlandet, the town is one of the most popular places for summer vacations. Kristiansand is also visited by ferries and cruise ships. From here you can take a daily ferry to Hirtshals in Denmark, so a trip there is quite easy.
Excavations indicate an early settlement in the Stone Age, the city was founded in 1641. The fortress Christiansholm was built by King Christian III. built earlier, with the statue of Christian IV a monument was erected. Kristiansand is also home to the typical wooden houses of Norway. In the old town of Kristiansund you can admire the different architectural styles.