How to find packages with direct flights to Marsa Alam?

Before booking a package tour to Marsa Alam or El-Quseir there is usually a big challenge, which has already driven some convinced "online bookers" to the travel agency. Many will already be able to guess, because it is about direct flights to the airport Marsa Alam (RMF). If you want to spend your vacation in the south of Egypt, you have two possible destination airports for the journey, independent of the final destination. The bigger and better known airport is located in the busy tourist center of Hurghada. The second much smaller airport is located near the small coastal town of Marsa Alam, which is very popular with divers. The distance from Hurghada airport to the popular Gorgonia Beach Resort is 334km!! With a trip by bus and some stops at other hotels, the travel time can quickly amount to 5-6 hours. Instead, the distance from Marsa Alam airport is only 116km with an approximate travel time of 1.5-2 hours to Gorgonia Beach. So it is clear that a flight via Hurghada is not a very comfortable option. Since Marsa Alam as a tourist area is much smaller than Hurghada, however, there are significantly fewer flights there. Therefore, when searching for suitable travel offers to Marsa Alam, countless offers with flights to Hurghada and subsequent onward transportation by bus usually appear. Flights to Marsa Alam seem to be sometimes not available at all or only by rare lucky hit.

3 easy way to find direct flights to Marsa Alam

In this post, we want to tell you how we go about finding travel deals with flights to Marsa Alam. Because there are always flights to Marsa Alam. These can be found also with a little skill and some time expenditure. Therefore we show you three simple methods how to find package tours with a direct flight to Marsa Alam in any case.

The first method is the classical search over travel portals like away.en. We will show you how to find the right offers by specific search entries. If you are not convinced by this search method, please continue reading. Because there is actually a platform known to us so far only, where you can select Marsa Alam as a destination airport. Finally, we would like to tell you about a small travel hack, which is a practical addition to the two methods and which we have always used to date.

1. Direct flights to Marsa Alam via find

Since we have been booking all of our travels via, we will describe our first method based on this platform. However, the described procedure can also be applied to most other travel portals.

Use filters wisely in your search

Why make it easy when you can make it hard for the customer… The real reason why searching for trips with direct flights to Marsa Alam is so cumbersome is the lack of options besides the destination hotels or. Destination also still separately to filter for the appropriate destination airport. Therefore, there are many offers with flights to Hurghada, among which the few offers with destination Marsa Alam are lost. Since as already described the all-important filter is missing, the available ones must be set as cleverly as possible, so that many Hurghada flights are excluded from the beginning. In order to increase the chance of finding flights to Marsa Alam, you should also choose a travel period that is as flexible as possible, because from most German airports there is not a flight to Marsa Alam every day.

Tour operators offering direct flights to Marsa Alam

In the other filters, we first check the box for direct flights. Because a flight with a stopover in Istanbul before landing in Hurghada is really not what anyone wants. In the next step, we usually filter for the tour operators with which the probability of finding a suitable offer is the highest. In our experience, especially the larger travel providers have reserved higher quotas for the few flights. To these travel providers we filter first are Tui, XTUI, FTI, XFTI, IST and Schauinsland.

With a bit of luck, the first matching offers may already be displayed with you now. If the first offers still don't deliver anything useful, you should definitely load a few more offers. Often then nevertheless relatively soon a few suitable offers emerge.

The flight times of the suitable offers can be taken over then also still with into the offer filter. In this way, you can then look at the offers of all travel providers for these specific flight times to be sure whether there is not perhaps still a cheaper offer.

2. Find direct flights to Marsa Alam via Check24

Admittedly, the upper method requires some time and unfortunately does not always guarantee a successful search result. In addition to travel portals such as we therefore also recommend to take a look at CHECK24. Because CHECK24 is the only travel platform known to us to date that offers a hidden option to view only offers with flights to Marsa Alam. In the first step you can select the usual search options like Marsa Alam and the travel period as usual.

First, the usual filter must also be selected on Check24

In the next step, as with all other providers, you will be shown the available hotels to choose from. At this point, you can narrow down the search results even further by using the filter again. Again, we want to display only direct flights and thus click on them in the filter.