The 8 highlights of Georgia you should have seen

The Eastern European country of Georgia has much more to offer than you might think. Whether hiking in the natural parks and mountains, bathing in the mineral springs, strolling through the colorful towns or tasting aromatic wines – you will certainly not get bored in Georgia. Our local experts have put together for you the highlights of the country.

1. Tbilisi

Overview of the city of Tbilisi in Georgia

Overview of the city of Tbilisi in Georgia

The capital of Georgia has many facets and captivates with a beautiful old town. Founded in the 5. Jhd. it tells quite a bit of history and offers many attractions. Here you can admire the impressive Narikala fortress or the Kartlis Deda statue. There are also numerous old churches in the city, such as.B. the Antschischati Basilica, the Sameba Cathedral or the Metechi Church.

  • Walk through the alleys of the old town
  • Relax at a traditional sulfur bath
  • See the Narikala fortress above the city
  • Visit the many old churches of the city
  • Don't miss the sights nearby: the UNESCO world cultural heritage Mtskheta or the mountain monastery Dzhvari

2. Culinary

Wine growing in Georgia

The "cradle of wine. Georgia claims this title for itself, because viticulture has a millennium-long tradition here and you can taste it too. The production or. Storage of wine in clay jars, called Quevri, has been declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Therefore, you should not miss a wine tasting on your trip in any case. In addition to the aromatic wines, Georgia's cuisine is also not to be sneezed at, and you'll find the following specialties here, among others:


3. Bodbe Monastery

Beautiful landscape around Bodbe Monastery in Georgia

Beautiful scenery around Bodbe Monastery in Georgia

Bodbe Monastery is located in the east of Georgia in the region of Kakheti and is an important pilgrimage site. Here lies the Hl. Buried Nino, who, according to legend, introduced Christianity to Georgians. The region is also known as one of the wine regions of Georgia.

  • Visit the monastery
  • Enjoy the wine of the Kakheti wine region
  • Visit the nearby town of Sighnaghi with its picturesque houses

4. Sataplia Nature Park

The caves in Sataplia Nature Park, Georgia

The caves in Sataplia Nature Park, Georgia

Georgia attaches great importance to the preservation of the natural landscape and biodiversity. Sataplia Nature Park in the region of Imeretia is one of these protected regions and staying there offers relaxation in the forest and at the same time adventure discovering early historical traces in the caves.

  • Relax while walking through the forest
  • Visit the caves and discover dinosaur tracks
  • Check out the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gelati Monastery, nearby