What you can do now

Unplanned pregnancy abroad - what now?

Maybe you are doing a semester abroad, or working as an au pair in a host family? You are traveling on business or simply taking a vacation? There are many reasons to explore the world and gain experience abroad. You may even have recently emigrated and want to fulfill your lifelong dream.

But now everything has turned out differently than you thought: You are pregnant. Maybe it was just an acquaintance, or the relationship is still fresh. Or you are going on a longer trip with your partner and you both have completely different plans first?

Now you are probably asking yourself: What should we do now?? Who can I confide in and who will stand by me??

Do not stay alone with your worries!

A first step for you can be: Talk to a trusted person near you or at home about your situation.

It is absolutely understandable if you lack the courage to try it in the beginning. But being alone with your worries can also be a burden.

Even if you don't know anyone abroad, or don't speak the language (well), there are options for you.

  • 💬 Our profemina consultants always have an open ear – anonymous and free of charge and in all freedom. You would like to get in touch with a counselor and describe your personal situation? Then go here to the contact form or to our Whats-App consultation.
  • 🙌 There may also be advisors from us in the country where you are at the moment. Or we know partner facilities there and can arrange various assistance.

Who can help?

If you are abroad on business, a (local) colleague may be able to help you. In addition, your employer may have tips and experience that could help you now.

As an au pair, you can contact your au pair agency, which can help you with advice.

In addition, in each country there are so-called foreign representations of the own country. The staff of the consulates and embassies will help you with words and deeds – of course in your native language. They can refer you to specialists, lawyers and translators, for example, or support you financially in special cases. They will also help you with your departure if that is your wish.

The respective representative office can additionally establish contact to other associations and (aid) organizations in your vicinity:

  • Contact for German citizens:Auswertiges Amt
  • You can also contact your health insurance, international insurance and/or travel insurance, because pregnancy is a medical matter. You can also contact your employer and company doctor, or the organization for which you are abroad.

Medical care

Many women are concerned about whether they will be able to find good medical care abroad. How understandable, if you want to know that you are in good hands, especially during pregnancy!

You do not have a doctor abroad yet? You may be in a rural area and wonder how medical care will be provided?

What can do you good now:

  • Find someone to accompany you to the doctor. This can be a valuable mental support for you and helps you if you do not yet understand everything in the foreign language.
  • Your local embassy or consulate can refer you to a medical specialist and provide you with professional medical care. They will also personally assist you in many matters.
  • Your health insurance, travel insurance or international insurance can answer many of your legal and financial questions. They can provide you with contact lists of doctors' offices and hospitals.
  • Your employer (also company doctor or your au pair agency) can help you additionally.
  • At any time you can share all your concerns with an experienced advisor from our team and together we can look at the next steps. Click here for the contact form

Return home or stay abroad?

Depending on how long your stay abroad is planned and what your goals and needs are: You are allowed to think about how you want to proceed with your stay abroad.

Sometimes it can already help to maintain more intensive contact with friends and family in the home country, in order to find some security and safety. It is good that in our time this is possible from most places mobile and easy.

If you would prefer to return home, you can also discuss this with the people who are important to you. It is quite understandable if you want to have your familiar environment around you again.

Or maybe you have already built up a good network of people in your current location or you are realizing a dream with your trip? In short: You don't really want to go home right now – and you wonder how it could go here and now abroad with a child? There are many support options for this path as well!

It is your way

Important to know: You don't have to make a decision now. You may take your time for a matured decision. And that's why you get to take it one step at a time, with all the support you need.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. You may decide for yourself and personalize your way.