Running in autumn

Ok, I admit it, the headline "running in autumn" doesn't really read well and only brings a smile to few people's faces. Let me try it another way: imagine a beautiful fall day, colorful leaves are on the ground, the sun is smiling out from between the trees and you are also mega motivated to go for a run! Sounds a lot better already, doesn't it? Basically it works like this. Sure, summer and warm temperatures are history for this year at least, but they'll be back next year after all!

For those who don't mind the cold and for whom running in the fall isn't a motivation killer, however, there are a few tips you should take to heart to make it through and into the winter healthy as well.

Running in the fall

First drink tea

To give the body some warmth before running, of course, a healthy tea is always recommended. Without much frills just make some tea, put some turmeric and ginger in it, steep it for a short time and let it cool down, done. Turmeric and ginger are good for your immune system, which is naturally challenged a bit more than usual in fall temperatures.

Dress warmly!

We often underestimate temperatures while running. Even if the warm sunshine in autumn wants to tempt us to get out our shorts and short-sleeved shirts once again, this is usually not such a good idea. It gets warm faster, but the body can still cool down. I can give you the tip, dress

tend to wear warmer rather than too cold. As soon as it gets colder, I always switch to a warm running hat including a long running shirt and running shorts.

A little tip from me: I usually have a bandana around my neck – you know, the ones you can also call headbands etc. can wear. Bandanas keep especially the neck always nice and warm. Personally, I notice that my throat is very sensitive, especially in autumn. If you're cold in the face, this bandana is also pretty good to pull over or just under your nose.

Visible clothing for the dark

Unfortunately, the days are getting shorter and shorter towards the end of the year and therefore the sun does not show up for so long anymore. Important for your running clothes is the visibility. Good running clothes – which don't have to be expensive – for fall/winter always have reflectors nowadays. An investment in good running clothes is thus quite advisable. More and more in trend are also headlamps. Here there are also models where the lamp is integrated in the headband, which makes the wearing of the headlamp of course a lot easier.

Running in the fall

Off to the shower or better: off to the sauna

Oh yeah, this is what I always look forward to when I take that first step out the door. The perfect finish line. Very important after running in cool temperatures in the fall: get out of your sweaty clothes and into the shower. The former, in particular, is especially important. Believe me, I'm talking about experience here. Of course, like I'm sure some of you have, this has given me chills as well. A hot shower after a run will bring your body back to room temperature. Another cup of tea in combination with a warm blanket then invite you to relax comfortably on the couch. For those who have the opportunity to go to the sauna, I recommend doing this. From my time in Finland, I highly recommend regular visits to the sauna as well.

You will come to rest, you can relax and at the same time strengthen your immune system. Conclusion for me: Running in the fall can be a lot of fun and you will feel even better afterwards, if you have overcome your inner weakness. Anyone can run in the summer, but only you can run in the fall! As always, what counts for me is the fun of exercise and good health. So don't set your sights on new personal bests, but enjoy the fall, the beautiful outdoors and running.