Favorite places … in Dresden

Today: Silvio Nitzsche, whom I visited some time ago in Dresden for a portrait. A very pleasant appointment with an extremely competent and amiable conversation partner. I'm glad he took the time to share his favorite places with us. Favorite places is the name of the new interview series, which will now appear on Delicious Travel on the first Friday of every month. I asked very different people what they particularly like about where they live. And how to make a perfect short trip to your region unforgettable. The result are really lovely portraits from all corners of Germany, which make you want to enjoy a pleasurable time out.

What does your city or region have that others don't??

The unique flair. An indescribable charisma. An atmosphere that simply cannot be put into words. Dresden has a great offer of museums, theaters and cultural institutions. And a surrounding country, for which you need at least 30 years to discover everything.

Dresden Zwinger

What does a perfect weekend in your region look like??

Saturday is perfect as a museum day with new and old masters. In between fits a lunch at william in the Schauspielhaus. Let's continue with a visit to the Green Vault, Zwinger and Castle. A small pre-opera aperitif at the wine bar "Genussmensch" in Konigstrasse heralds the evening: a brilliant production at the Semperoper or the Schauspielhaus.

On Sunday morning I find a little trip on the paddle steamer charming. After lunch at Gasthof Barwalde, a short digestive walk in Moritzburg makes room for the next culinary highlights: a stop at Weinhaus Aust and then a fine dinner at Villa Sorgenfrei in Radebeul, probably the most romantic restaurant in the republic.

If there was only one day, what should I do??

Either sightseeing in the old town or relax for a day in Radebeul and taste fantastic wines in the wine house Aust, marvel at the Spitzhaus right next door and take a short hike on the wine hiking trail to Wackerbarth Castle. There you can take a champagne tour, depending on your mood.

Wackerbarth Castle

Which is your favorite place and why?

I especially like Kornerplatz in Loschwitz, because it is located at the foot of the Blue Wonder and has a unique aura.

Blue Wonder in Dresden ©Heribert Pohl, Flickr

Please complete the following sentences:

The best cafe to start the day in a good mood is ..

… the Arabusta at the Kornerplatz. I feel at least as comfortable in the espresso bar at Charlotte's grandson at Schillerplatz.

Rainy days I enjoy most ..

… in the wine cellar of my favorite winemaker (Note.: he didn't reveal which one …), at home or extended in the Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden.

Shopping in the city – I always find something nice here:

… in the wonderful, individual, small Spittelkram stores in Dresden's Neustadt.

In no case should you miss ..

… the movie nights on the banks of the Elbe (take place from June to August), the Elbhangfest at the end of June, the ice skating rink on the concert square in the "Weiber Hirsch" district and in winter the historic Christmas market in the Stallhof.

Don't leave again until you ..

… ate the farm ice cream of Mr. Muller in Dresden Weibig (Bautzner Landstrabe 273, 01328 Dresden, 0351 2508777, no website).

What I like most about the people here is ..

… this indescribable warm friendliness.

Silvio Nitzsche is the owner of the Weinkulturbar in Dresden – and by now an institution in the Saxon wine scene. His wine list has more pages than some books: 250! For the perfect taste experience he offers a huge selection of finest cheeses to go with the wine as well as small homemade dishes.