Komoot: Tips and tricks for e-bike riders

Those who travel a lot in nature, whether by bike or on foot, often turn to the tour app komoot. The platform offers thousands of route suggestions for excursions and also allows you to plan your own tours.

Meanwhile, more and more e-bikes are romping on the roads and bike paths and komoot offers some practical innovations to make your "e-tour" even better. We reveal to you below which tricks you should definitely know about.

Route planning for e-bikes

For some time now, it has been possible to plan tours specifically for e-bikes both in the app and on the komoot website. If you are in the route planning, first select that you are traveling by bike. You can then activate the "e-bike" option.

Here you have the option to select different e-bike types. In addition to "bike," "road bike," "mountain bike," "gravel bike" and "MTB enduro" are also available for selection.


The e-bike option is currently only available for tours planned by the user, routes from the community or from the provider itself remain unaffected. However, there is a trick. You can simply select the option "Plan similar tour" for an existing tour.

Subsequently, the "e-bike" can also be selected. Note, however, that the tour is then not optimized for your electric bike.

Include charging stations in tour

If you are planning a longer tour, you should of course make sure that the battery will last until the end. On long distances this can become a problem. So our tip is to plan charging stations for your e-bike into your tour.

In komoot you can already find some charging stations, which you can include in your route planning. You can simply display the charging stations on your route. However, the total number is still expandable.

You should therefore use specialized apps for the search for charging stations and add them as additional waypoints in komoot. We link you below, some applications that you can use to find the charging stations.The linked apps are all free. The offer of charging stations differs sometimes, so you should try several applications and check which is best for your region.

connect komoot with your bike computer

Komoot works with some e-bike manufacturers to allow the connection between the app and the bike computer. The service supports for example the Bosch Kiox as well as Bosch Nyon, furthermore the connection with compatible e-bikes from Flyer and Yamaha is possible.

If you use your own GPS devices on your e-bike, you can often use komoot with them as well. The outdoor specialist enables, among other things, the connection to GPS system from Garmin, Wahoo, Sigma Rox 12.0, Lezyne, Hammerhead, Ciclo, Bryton, Meiland as well as Mio.

You do not have a supported device? Then you can also use komoot on your smartphone. The app offers a special mode, which saves the battery and turns on the phone display only when there are new navigation instructions. In addition, komoot can be used with the Apple Watch and various other smartwatches.