Colorado and canyons at your doorstep Our individual travelogue from Moab and the Riverway

Moab is a nice little town in a beautiful location, framed by red mountains and situated on the Colorado River. It is an ideal starting point for trips to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park or Dead Horse Point State Park.

Everything takes place on the main street, here you can find restaurants, stores, hotels and many providers of leisure activities.

Moab Downtown

Restaurant Tip

We had a very good meal at Twisted Sistas Cafe on the main road. Here you can get small dishes, snacks and good salads. The garlic bread is also delicious.

Very friendly service and not as touristy crowded as many other establishments.

Update 2022: Apparently this restaurant is no longer available.

Colorado Riverway

If you leave the town to the north, you turn right before the river to the Colorado Riverway. This is a route that gets little mention and quite unjustifiably so. The road runs through a beautiful valley created by the Colorado River over thousands of years. On the right and left high red rocks and in between the river with lots of greenery.

There are many viewpoints along the way and you can hardly get enough of this beautiful nature. A very nice tour.

Colorado Riverway

Again and again rubber dinghies pass by, drifting with the current, and in some places there are even small sections of beach, ideal for a relaxing sunbath.

Right at the beginning of the Riverway, it is also a good idea to cross the Colorado River once over the only pedestrian bridge.

Free time on the Colorado River

In addition to numerous campsites, there is also a large selection of hiking trails here. We would like to recommend one of them to you, namely the Negro Bill Trail, which leads into the canyon of the same name.

This runs deep into the gorge on narrow, but easily passable paths. You usually walk along a small stream and can enjoy the impressive rock formations. After about 45 minutes you will pass through the shallow waters of the creek, but after that the path continues again. A very nice hike that takes about 2 hours there and back.