Listen to tips around osteoarthritis and joint pain in the podcast

We don't always have the time to acquire knowledge by reading blogs or watching videos. A great way to get comprehensive information without focusing on a screen is through recorded audio reports called podcasts. There are also informative podcast offerings around osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Timm Schuler, a physiotherapist and a studied fitness trainer, presents here his special podcast series in which he gives many descriptive tips on how to deal with osteoarthritis and joint pain. In addition, he shares his approaches to exercise as well as his knowledge on proper nutrition.

Get tips and information for osteoarthritis and joint pain on the Osteoarthritis and Health podcast from Osteoarthritis Help

More and more people in Germany are affected by osteoarthritis and joint pain. Tendency increasing. Osteoarthritis has not only to do with the fact that we humans are getting older, but many risk factors and lifestyle play a major role. More and more often even young people are affected by osteoarthritis.

My arthritis and health podcast

As a physical therapist and a bachelor of arts (B. A.) Fitness training I would like to give valuable everyday tips, why

  • Mobility training,
  • Fascia training,
  • Strengthening exercises as well as
  • sports that are easy on the joints

are so important for osteoarthritis.

In addition, I have compiled many more tips on nutrition as well as thought-provoking ideas and information around the topic of osteoarthritis.

In my short podcasts, I address specific topics in each case and also try to use examples to clearly convey the points that are important from my point of view.

More direct access options are available here:

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Movement and exercises are the be-all and end-all for osteoarthritis and joint pain

Not only the increasing age plays a role in the development and progression of osteoarthritis, but also many other factors – which each of us can influence ourselves.

It's risk factors like lack of exercise, overexertion, an unhealthy diet, and being overweight that make it easy for osteoarthritis to take hold.

In my podcast I therefore offer many tips and information to minimize these risk factors. Furthermore there is information about conservative therapy for osteoarthritis and joint pain.

In the special focus are thereby possibilities of the mobility and Faszientrainings.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis or joint pain, be sure to listen to the Osteoarthritis and Health Podcast. There are certainly many tips that fit you.

Because even with osteoarthritis, an active everyday life is possible and even important for joint health!

There is a lot more information about osteoarthritis as well as joint pain on the osteoarthritis help page.

Hello, I am Timm Schuler. As a trained physiotherapist and Bachelor of Arts fitness trainer, I have been caring for people with osteoarthritis and joint pain for over 10 years. Currently, I am both managing director and owner of two health and fitness studios in the Black Forest. From this care of humans with Arthrose locally the Arthrose assistance developed, in order to be able to help also on-line as many humans as possible.

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