West Palm Beach to Miami Distance, Driving, By plane, train or bus

The most fascinating way to live your life is to travel the world and recall memories from around the world. Travel magnifies human emotions and broadens perspective on life. If we think about a trip from West Palm Beach to Miami, we will cross one of the most beautiful paths of Florida, a coastal fantasy, rich in good food, warm weather and inviting beaches. This stretch of 72 miles of road between West Palm Beach and Miami offers an impressive view of? The Sunshine State ?. How far is Miami from West Palm Beach? Approximately 72 miles. Photo: Mayatl / Fotolia

West Palm Beach to Miami by cab

Cab is the best option if you want to take the trip at your own pace and just sit back and enjoy the road trip. Save time on check-in and boarding by cab.

Uber operates some of the cheapest cabs from West Palm Beach to Miami. UberX is the low-cost Uber service that costs between $63-85 for a single trip. With other Uber cabs options like UberXL, UberPOOL, LUX and LUX SUV, you can choose the right cab for your needs. The road trip is 71.06 miles and it takes about 1.14 hours to reach Miami by road.

The other option is from the various cabs offered by other private transportation companies in Palm Beach, Florida. With Taxi Fare Finder, you can book your cabs online and schedule a pickup and drop-off point of your choice. The Palm Beach Taxi Fare Finder shows cab rates according to Palm Beach, Florida cab prices and the cost starts at $221.55 for a one-way trip from West Palm Beach to Miami. Photo: jovannig / Fotolia

West Palm Beach to Miami by car

Driving on your own is the best option if you want to see everything by pulling up places through the trip. Whether you drive your own car or rent a car to travel from West Palm Beach to Miami, there are two suggested routes for this trip. via I-95 S – 71.6 mi – 1.11 hours and via FL-869 S and I-95 S – 91.5 mi – 1.31 hours. For round-trip car rentals, you have the choice of driving back from your destination or choosing different transportation on the way back.

You'll find great car rental deals in West Palm Beach City and at the airports. You can choose from economy, compact, intermediate, standard, full size, intermediate SUV, standard SUV and minivan vehicle types. Car rental rates start at $14 per day if you choose an economy car. Photo: Hanker / Fotolia

West Palm Beach to Miami by train


Tri-Rail is a passenger railroad managed by SFRTA – South Florida Regional Transportation Authority that connects large parts of Florida. The Tri-Rail West Palm Beach station is located at 203 South Tamarind Avenue. Tri-Rail passenger trains run daily from West Palm Beach to Miami. There is a train that runs hourly from 4:06 a.m. to 8:46 p.m. to the Miami airport. This stretch of 70.9 mile rail road along Florida's southeast coast and includes 18 stations along the way.

One-way tickets from West Palm Beach to Miami Airport cost $6.90 and the same tickets cost $5 on weekends or holidays. Your daily passes cost $5. Tri-Rail also offers monthly passes for this route at discounted prices. Train travel time for this route is 2.22 hours total.

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West Palm Beach to Miami by bus

RedCoach USA is a convenient and affordable alternative to flying and driving for travelers throughout Florida. RedCoach is South America's largest transportation company that has been in the transportation industry for over 50 years. RedCoach terminals and bus stops are strategically located in major cities throughout Florida, and the company is adding new routes every month and continues to connect all parts of the state. The RedCoach bus fleet is equipped with the latest technology and the highest safety standards to provide travelers with a truly exclusive coach experience.

RedCoach USA offers business and first class service on buses between West Palm Beach and Miami. Travel time for this route is 1.20 hours and ticket prices vary from $11 to $31, depending on the type of tickets purchased.

Greyhound is another bus transportation provider that operates buses from West Palm Beach to Miami. Travel by bus via Greyhound takes 1.35 to 3.40 hours and ticket prices range from $10 to $15. Online tickets cost less than offline tickets. Greyhound buses offer restroom facilities, air conditioning, extended legroom for all seats and free Wi-Fi on every bus. Greyhound buses running this route connect Greyhound bus stops; West Palm Beach Greyhound Bus Station and North Miami Beach Bus Station.

Google suggests three routes for biking from West Palm Beach to Miami; via US-1 S – 6.16 hours (72.9 miles), via S Ocean Blvd – 6.36 hours (76.3 miles) and via N State Rd 7 S and N University Dr – 7.05 hours (81.4 miles).

West Palm Beach is a biker's paradise, considered the "Bicyclest City in the U.S." because the place is blessed with year-round biking climate, flat terrain and paved roads. These West Palm Beach bike paths suggested by Mapmyride offer some of the most beautiful postcard-like Intracoastal views and scenic landscapes. The City of Palm Beach has also implemented a bike-share system called SkyBike to encourage bike use among tourists, residents and downtown employees alike.

Miami is a perfect place to ride a bike, and you haven't had the authentic Miami experience until you take the paved sidewalk of South Pointe Park and observe its 360-degree ocean views. Miami's other popular biking destinations include Oleta State Park, the Rickenbacker Trail, Amelia Earhart Park, the South Beach Boardwalk and Shark Valley. Photo: SeanPavonePhoto / Fotoliasborisov

West Palm Beach to Miami by plane

Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), located three miles west of Palm Beach Town, serves Palm Beach County and Greater Miami. The airport includes about 200 daily flights on 13 airlines that provide nonstop service to more than 25 destinations, connecting to destinations around the world. In 2014, the airport was ranked 52nd busiest airport, carrying 6.5 million passengers that year. In addition to four easily accessible and affordable parking lots, PBI offers modern airport amenities ranging from free Wi-Fi to upscale dining options.

Because the cities are so close together, there are no direct flights from PBI to Miami; flight travel time, including layovers, ranges from 4.15 hours to 14.40 hours. Airlines such as American, United and Silver Airways fly from PBI to Miami via stopovers such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa, Washington DC and Newark. Airline tickets start at $178 to fly this route.

If you reach Miami by flight, you'll land at Miami International Airport (MIA) near downtown Miami. It is the main airport in Miami and also the main South Florida airport for long-haul international flights. In 2011, MIA was ranked #1 st in the U.S. for most international flights and was ranked #2 nd for its highest number of intercontinental flights. MIA offers world-class passenger service combined with an expanded international route network for passengers and cargo.

Things to do in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is one of the three main South Florida cities that enjoys a beautiful tropical rainforest climate. All attractions in West Palm Beach are easily accessible by public transportation. A free downtown trolley provides transportation around downtown West Palm Beach such as Clematis, City Place and Waterfront neighborhoods of the city. The city's water cabs in the harbor provide round-trip transportation to the downtown Clematis Street District, Sailfish Marina Resort, waterfront attractions, Peanut Island and other special events taking place nearby.

You can book a bike tour to McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary, relax at Okeeheelee Park and explore the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens on foot. This list of West Palm Beach attractions lets you check out the many things this city has to offer.

You can experience the exhilarating beaches of Florida and the rushing mangroves in Miami. It is one of the most popular winter vacation destinations visited by people to bake in the sun and party all night; Influenced by the colonial appeal of St. Augustine, Miami is a vibrant nightlife destination. The clear waters always call for sailing, swimming and adventurous water sports. In addition to lounging on the white, powdery beach sand while enjoying the sun and surf, here's a list of the best things to do in Miami, a must for planning your Miami trip. From the glamour of Palm Beach to the serene expanse of the Everglades, almost every visitor to Miami will find something to love. Photo by Mayatl / Fotolia