From Singapore to Malacca

The island nation of Singapore is an adrenaline-pumping destination that could keep you busy for weeks on end. From its colonial core with great architecture, an impressive Chinatown and beautiful temples to the global financial center with modern skyscrapers, Singapore is a place of history and modernity. A few hours drive northwest, the Malaysian city of Malacca offers some similarities to Singapore's Chinatown, temples and interesting colonial architecture, but Malacca offers a more relaxed atmosphere than Singapore. Get here to discover night markets and antique stores in this alluring UNESCO World Heritage-listed city.

Options for Travel from Singapore to Malacca

Travel options from Singapore to Malacca

The distance from Singapore to Malacca is about 240 kilometers, so these two cities are not very far from each other. There are no flight options to get you from Singapore to Malacca, so travel is limited to overland routes. However, remember that you are crossing an international border as Malacca is in Malaysia while Singapore is an independent country. If you want to travel overland, you have the option of driving yourself, taking a bus or private cab, or taking the train, although it won't take you all the way to Malacca City.

Train from Singapore to Malacca

Train from Singapore to Malacca

Let's start with the train from Singapore to Malacca. This is a possible option, but as we have already mentioned, the train does not go directly to Malacca. However, it is an option preferred by some travelers who do not want to travel by road. However, there is another disadvantage – you will also have to change trains once, so the whole trip can be very time consuming.

First, take a train from Woodlands Train Station in Singapore to JB Sentral Station in Johor, Malaysia. Once in Johor, you will have to change to another train that goes north, via Tampin, where you will get off at Pulau Sebang station. This section of the journey can take up to 5.5 hours, as the trains are sometimes extremely slow, so keep that in mind. After getting off the train in Tampin, it is about 40 kilometers to reach Malacca City. You will have to travel this distance by local bus or cab.

There are currently no combination tickets you can buy to get from Singapore to Malacca by train, so each leg of your trip must be booked completely independently. This means that you have to arrange the tickets yourself. Add this to the time it takes to travel from Singapore to Malacca by train, and you may come to the same conclusion we did – it's not a highly recommended way to travel!

Bus from Singapore to Malacca

Bus from Singapore to Malacca

Traveling by bus from Singapore to Malacca is a far more popular way to travel between the two cities, which is evident by the large number of bus companies and buses operating on this route. With so many buses on offer, it's usually very easy to find one that fits your schedule. Travel from Singapore to Malacca by bus is also suitable for those on a tight budget, as bus travel is much cheaper than other modes of transportation.

You will find that there are a good four or five reputable bus companies to choose from. You can visit two of these via the travel website 12Go.BOOK ASIA. Buying your tickets through 12Go gives you added peace of mind as you can easily book tickets in advance and you can compare times and ticket prices on one page. 12Go partners with StarMart Express and 707, which have more departure times and options than you could ever need! There are many popular pick-up points in Singapore, such as.B. Golden Mile Tower, City Plaza, Queen Street and Boon Lay, so you don't have to limit yourself to finding your way to a central bus station first.

Book with 707 if you are okay with an express bus and do not need any additional comfort on board. These buses are a few euros cheaper than those of StarMart Express, whose vehicles are VIP 24 buses that have wider and more comfortable seats and offer steward service and snacks.

Travel time varies depending on the time of day and traffic on the roads and where you start from in Singapore, but quoted travel times range from 3 hours and 50 minutes to 4 hours and 15 minutes.

It is important to note that although there are many buses from Singapore to Malacca, they can be fully booked on weekends and especially on public holidays. Malacca is very popular as a weekend destination for people from Singapore. So if you are planning to travel to Malacca on a Friday or Saturday, we would recommend either changing your plans or booking well in advance.

Cab from Singapore to Malacca

Cab from Singapore to Malacca

One last option to consider when traveling from Singapore to Malacca is to take a private cab. The biggest drawback with this mode of transportation is cost – it will quickly surpass the prices of trains and buses, but if you are traveling as a family or in a group and can split the cost of the vehicle between you, it can prove to be affordable.

The great thing about traveling from Singapore to Malacca by cab is that it is completely independent. You can be picked up directly from your hotel in Singapore and dropped off at the door of your hotel in Malacca. You can also plan for stopovers if you like. There is one recommended company that offers these private transfers from Singapore to Malacca, and that is SGMYTAXI. You need to book trips directly with the company.

In summary, the bus is usually the cheapest way to travel from Singapore to Malacca. It is also convenient and easy to book online via 12Go with multiple pickup points.