The most beautiful airports in the world

The most beautiful airports in the world

Being at an airport always feels good…especially when the airport looks good

Airports are the places where our trips often start and end. That is, they are often the places where we get our first (or last) impression of a country! And as we all know…first impressions are crucial. Here are the world's most beautiful airports that are sure to leave a lasting impression, whether you're arriving or departing…

Vancouver International Airport, Canada

The city of Vancouver is the perfect mix between natural oasis and urban jungle. The mountainous scenery and the sea will delight every city lover. It is also one of the 10 best cities for frahling lovers. Not only is the city itself beautiful, but so is its airport and the scenery that surrounds it. The city is one of the first places where settlers settled in Canada and it is also a natural paradise. This is also reflected at the airport in local sculptures and aquariums.

A plane takes off against the impressive backdrop of Vancouver airport, with mountains in the background

The airport in Vancouver has an impressive backdrop 😍

Marrakesh Menara Airport, Morocco

Well…Marrakesh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so it only makes sense that the airport here is beautiful too. Its architecture is simply amazing and the modern-traditional landscape represents the city of Marrakesh itself. The airport is very well connected on a global level, so you won't have any problems reaching Marrakesh or setting off for new adventures from here. Everything you need to know about this beautiful country can be found in our Ultimate Morocco Travel Guide.

A dome built of triangles and decorated with circles in the International Airport of Morocco

Beautiful architecture in the airport in Marrakesh…visit it to see more 😉

Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore

This country is known for its almost utopian atmosphere and the airport is no exception. It's full of greenery and we love that, because we're all looking for ways to travel more sustainably. We are big fans of sustainability friendly airports! 🌱 The nature setups at this airport are also incredible! You do not believe us? Check out the picture below! Additionally, the airport has endless activities and even two cinemas, so even if you're stuck here – you definitely won't be bored. The airport is literally an attraction in itself. One of the most popular places for visitors is the Manulife Sky Nets, where you can take a walk on nets suspended in the sky.

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Impressive waterfall and a man-made jungle in Changi Airport in Singapore

The incredible airport in Singapore

Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan

This airport has everything for an authentic Japan experience in addition to a luxurious experience without you having to leave the airport for it. Edo Koji is a shopping mall in the airport designed to look like a street in Japan in the 17. Century. A mini-visit to Japan ⛩ī¸ … and a little trip back in time that you can take by plane! The airport is also home to many other interesting details that showcase the country's culture. Escape the daily grind with a trip to Japan using this travel guide.

Denver International Airport, USA

This airport features white teepee-like elements on the roof. The airport is also a bit creepy and the basis of many conspiracy theories. Fortunately, last year we learned how to debunk conspiracy theories. The interesting thing about the Denver airport is also a time capsule in a granite monument, which can be opened in the year 2094. Too bad we still have to wait soooo long…!😆 However you'd like to experience the American dream, we have a few trips on offer!

The teepee-shaped exterior of Denver International Airport

The interesting view of the airport in Denver

Hamad International Airport, Qatar

When you enter this airport, you will wonder if you are in an art museum or in an airport. No wonder…because the airport, cost $16 billion to build. The country is an epicenter for culture, history, sports and adventure, and a major business and trade center. The country is also expensive, as much as 86% more expensive than any other country in the world. So Qatar is not a destination for cheap travel, but we have some tips on how you can still plan a great trip on a budget. You still have to work in the home office? Then why not move your home office to a sunny location with our coworking trips.

The main concourse of Qatar International Airport.n

The airport in Qatar looks like a museum

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