Honeymoon – the best vacation of a lifetime

Of course, the budget available for the honeymoon plays a role here. Honeymoons do not necessarily have to start directly after the wedding, depending on the destination, they can also take place in the appropriate season.

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Honeymoon luxurious

The offers are varied. Whether the honeymoon is to a paradisiacal island in the Seychelles or the Caribbean, or a trip through the USA, for example, is decided by the bride and groom. The possibilities to put together your honeymoon are endless. Also romantic city trips to Paris or Rome belong to the popular classics with the wedding journey.

To be pampered in a five-star hotel after the wedding and to stroll through the Louvre or over the Spanish Steps is the dream of many newlyweds. Many attractive destinations can be reached from the airports. In addition, there are numerous cheap offers to comfortably reach the nearest airport.

In order to finance their dream trip, the bride and groom can also ask their guests to present cash as a guest gift at the wedding.

We have the right offers for your honeymoon!

Travel agency Reisetraume

Honeymoons and individual honeymoons

The travel agency "Reisetraume" is the travel agency of your confidence, if it concerns journeys of the completely special kind – your dream vacation and your dream honeymoon!

Dream of saying "I do" on a white sandy beach under a blue sky & warm temperatures? Then make your dream of a wedding in front of such a paradisiacal backdrop a reality. The team of the travel dreams realizes your dream honeymoon or creates for you your completely individually, cut to you, wedding at the most beautiful places of this world. No matter whether sun, beach and sea or also once fancy on a ski hut in the mountains or during a city trip, we, the team of the travel dreams, have exactly the correct for you in the luggage.

Our thank you for your honeymoon booking in our travel agency: A direct credit between 50,- Euro to 200,- Euro or from a travel price of 7000,- Euro, you will receive 3 nights free stay in our dreamlike vacation house "Sundevit" 3 in Prerow at Fischland/Darb.

We wish you unforgettable honeymoon & a happy life together!
"Each one sees a piece of the world, together you see the whole"

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You can find even more worldwide impressions on our website under the point travel tips. Let us inspire you: www.packdiekoffer.en/travel tips

Honeymoon in the region of Saxony

After the wedding it does not necessarily have to go far away from home. Why not take a trip through Saxony?

In Leipzig, you can climb the Monument to the Battle of the Nations together and then go to the concert in the Gewandhaus in the evening, after dining in one of the city's star restaurants. A visit to the Semper Opera House in Dresden is also an absolute highlight, which makes the honeymoon unforgettable.

Between Zwickau and Dresden, the Silver Road is a vacation route that takes visitors on a tour of the region's mining heritage. In Chemnitz you can admire, among other things, the Siegertsche Haus with its baroque facade, as well as the city's landmark, the "Nischel", the Karl Marx Monument.

Saxony offers the visitor also outside of the large cities Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz and Zwickau innumerable worth seeing and romantic places, which can discover freshly married ones together.

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