Insider tips for Spain: Vacation resorts away from the hustle and bustle of tourism

But where to go on vacation in Spain if you want to have an unforgettable stay away from the typical vacation destinations and attractions? There are many possibilities, because the vacation in Spain is sweetened by many insider tips, which are rather rare in typical travel guides.

Having my own vacation home is an ideal complement to Spain's insider tips. The greatest possible living freedom and cooking according to your personal taste in a close circle of friends or family are just as much a part of the advantages of a vacation apartment in Spain as privacy and plenty of space.

The volcanic basin of Pozo de las Calcosas

The smallest island of the Canary Islands, El Hierro, shows its natural wonders far away from the crowds of visitors. As on its sister islands, volcanic lava rock is found everywhere in the landscape and is used in the village of Pozo de las Calcosas on the north coast for the construction of the pretty country houses in the traditional architectural style of the Canary Islands.

Experience the surreal scenery during a leisurely walk through the narrow streets of the settlement until you reach the main attraction: a naturally formed swimming pool made of lava rock. This is a great place to relax, with a man-made sundeck carved out of stone for sunbathing and sipping a cool cocktail in front of the expansive Atlantic panorama.

The Costa del Azahar (almost) all alone

Peaceful tranquility and untouched nature – as unlikely as this may sound – can actually be found on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The best example of this is the small group of islands known as Columbretes, which lie in the open sea a good 55 kilometers as the crow flies from Castellon de la Plana, north of Valencia.

These uninhabited islands, no more than a few hundred meters in diameter, are part of a volcanic archipelago protected both on land and submarine. An abundance of endemic animals such as endangered birds and lizards find an important retreat and protected breeding grounds here.

Day trips that show you this microcosm and offer opportunities for swimming and diving can be easily undertaken and provide a refreshing break after the hustle and bustle of the Costa del Azahar on the mainland.

Experience the Spanish Reconquista

The town of Alcala la Real lies idyllically between gently rolling hills in the north of Andalusia. Not only as a starting point for wonderful walks along the lush olive groves around is the vacation in the city between Jaen and Granada suitable.

The breathtaking setting of the Castillo de Alcala la Real, an ancient landmark that lets you experience Spanish history, enchants you just by looking at it from afar, with no crowds or entrance fee required.

Today it is a well-preserved ruin built on ruins: The remains of the previously built Moorish city still lie around the church from the 14. The fortress was built on the site after the reconquest by the Catholics.

View of the mountains of Andalusia

Deserted beaches of Galicia

The region of Galicia in the northwest of Spain captivates with hidden bays and lonely sandy beaches. The municipality of Cedeira is a prime example of lush nature and romantic landscapes in northern Spain and is located in a fjord-like bay several kilometers in diameter.

Fine sandy beaches, huge cliffs and a lot of forest suggest a certain resemblance to the wild coastal landscape of Norway and contemplative walks in a dreamlike scenery are always possible. During the summer months from June to August, relaxed swimming in the pleasantly temperate sea is also the order of the day.

Gijon – the most beautiful vacation resort in Spain

Also in northern Spain, the city of Gijon awaits you. The beautiful unknown on the Bay of Biscay was once an ugly duckling, scarred by the iron and steel industry. An extensive beauty program with new boardwalks, cultural attractions, new sidewalks, parks, acclaimed restaurants, hip bars and interesting boutiques have breathed new life into the city.

In summer there are numerous parties and beach events. Rustic and colorful house facades characterize the old town, known as Cimadevilla, which used to be inhabited mainly by the hard working fishermen. Gijon shows the honest and true character of the Asturias region.

Cartagena – the most historic vacation resort

Many of Spain's resorts have a strong link to the past. This is clearly illustrated by Cartagena in the autonomous region of Murcia, for example. The historic city has the largest defensive port of the Western Mediterranean. Due to its exposed location, Cartagena was the first port of call for many invading powers when they invaded Spain.

Although the city name Cartagena refers to the historic Cathar people, the Roman amphitheater and Byzantine city walls are stone legacies of foreign powers that are particularly impressive. Cartagena is also known for its excellent restaurants, which will introduce you to the regional cuisine after an extensive tour of the city.

Romantic mountain villages for an enchanting day trip

High on horseback the brave prince gallops through the narrow stone alleys and finally throws the cut off skull of the dragon in front of the king's throne in the castle. This, or something like it, could be the beginning of a story that takes place in the fairy-tale village of Lanuza.

The small settlement is located on the banks of the Rio Gallego in the Pyrenees and is traditionally and almost entirely built of stone, which gives a medieval atmosphere. Time really seems to have stood still in Lanuza.

The village remained deserted for decades after the residents were forced to pack up their belongings and leave their homes behind after a dam was built nearby. Today Lanuza is inhabited again and the visit is worthwhile during the vacation in the north of Spain as a wonderful day trip destination.

Out of Barcelona and into the nature reserve

Located in the middle of the Catalan province of Girona, the Volcanoes of Garrotxa Nature Reserve boasts dramatic waterfalls and emerald rivers that could have come from a painting. This is also a day or multi-day trip, which starts with a two-hour drive from Barcelona.

Whimsical natural landscapes offer endless hiking opportunities and unique impressions along cone-shaped and densely forested volcanoes. Numerous picturesque villages are located in the park and are ideal for a hearty stop after an eventful day of hiking.