Palazzo: Dinner show in the mirror tent


The Palazzo Show in the Spiegelzelt is one of the fixed entertainment stars in Germany. We took a look at the dinner show in Stuttgart.

T he restrooms for business class passengers are at the front of the plane, and the restrooms for economy class passengers are at the airport," says the man in the tuxedo, making no bones about it. The audience smiles and responds with thunderous applause. And then something moves in the face of the American comedian after all. A fine smile flits across Peter Shub's lips. It is his evening. His star in the Palazzo sky in Stuttgart shines even brighter than any spotlight today.

Palazzo Stuttgart: Full house every night

The show will take place in the "Palace of Mirrors". A description that may be a bit exaggerated, because in fact you are in a kind of circus tent near the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart. There are also branches in Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, Mannheim and Nuremberg. The company is successful, the audience is numerous. The Palazzo has a full house every night. And that, although the prices also make one or the other acrobatic leap into the air. But there is also a lot to offer. Not only comedy, acrobatics, music and show, but also a gourmet dinner.

Star of the evening at the Palazzo: U.S. comedian Peter Shub The dinner show's audience is seated at tables around the central stage The presenter Amy G. also comes from the USA Two sisters from Sweden - and apparently also from rubber A Munich resident in heaven

Palazzo chef Harald Wohlfahrt

Harald Wohlfahrt was awarded by Gault Millau with 19.5 points excellent. And with 3 stars from the Guide Michelin. A fact that makes one's mouth water even before the meal is served. While host Amy G. quite by chance discovers her new love in the audience ("Reiiiiiiiinnnhaaaaaaard!") and flirting with it, the waiters serve carpaccia and tartar of veal with olive marinade, a small salad and toasted pine nuts. Followed by cod, mashed potatoes with basil and tomatoes. Delicious!

The side dishes at the Palazzo: music, comedy and acrobatics

Artists like Kati and Philipp or Christiane Gruber from Austria show in a spectacular way in the Palazzo that they belong to the best of their profession. It's dramatic, glamorous and exciting. The audience wants more, more and more. However, not from artists and musicians, but from the artists in the kitchen.

Glazed guinea fowl breast with macadamia nuts, kaffir lime, fine cream and vegetables with ginger-lime jus – it melts in your mouth and is a feast for the eyes. The crème brûlee is also simply delicious. Just a pity that it disappeared from the plate so quickly.