Slow Travel: 48 hours in Regensburg

Regensburg had been on our itinerary for a very long time. I have often read about the beautiful old town in Regensburg, the picturesque streets and alleys and the relaxed atmosphere in the university town.

So it was definitely time to see for myself and get an idea if Regensburg really has such a magic and if a city trip to Regensburg is really worth it.

Regensburg Old Town - Regensburg Cathedral

City trip Regensburg: Good to know!

Before we travel to a city, we like to inform ourselves a little about the place we are going to travel to. It’s exactly this, which I think is quite useful knowledge in crisp short form, that I’m always eager to share with you as well.

The history of Regensburg goes way back. Because a few thousand years before the Romans came to the region, the settlement of the area had already begun.

In Regensburg you will meet about 1.500 listed buildings. So Regensburg has not only the largest medieval old town in Germany.

The old town of Regensburg is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By the way, very deserved, because of the beauty of the city we were also incredibly impressed and yet also a little surprised. The town, despite its history, seems very young. Which is certainly also due to the many students in Regensburg. For this “young” audience has of course also adapted to the offer of cafes, special stores or even leisure opportunities.

Geographically, the city, with nearly 155.000 inhabitants, to the Upper Palatinate in Bavaria. It lies on the rivers Danube, Naab and Regen.

Regensburg Sights

Regensburg Vacation& Travel Tips

Admittedly, there is so much to see and experience in charming Regensburg that you could also just walk on it… By the way, this is how we did it for the start.

We arrived in Regensburg around noon, took our luggage to the hotel and simply walked through the picturesque old town to get a first overview of it.

Regensburg Hotel Tip: For our trip we booked the ACHAT Hotel Regensburg directly at the cathedral. The hotel offers, besides the super central location, a really cozy ambience, great service and warm hospitality with a view of the wonderful history of the city.

Old city hall Regensburg

Regensburg sights in the old town

Regensburg is simply picturesque. So many sublime historical buildings, which often seem almost a little fairy tale, let admire and marvel. To make a list of the most beautiful and important buildings for this is certainly difficult and lies, as so often, in the eye of the beholder. But I dare to try to give you a list of the seven most imposing and famous historical buildings and sights in the old town of Regensburg.

Regensburg attractions: The Regensburg Cathedral

The Regensburg Cathedral is THE landmark of the city of Regensburg. It is considered the only Gothic cathedral in Bavaria. The cathedral of Regensburg is located at the cathedral square with Krauterer market.

By the way, there is a curious bet between the master builder of the cathedral and the master builder of the bridge. Everybody wanted to finish his building first. To win the bridge master made a deal with the devil. After completion of the bridge, however, he owed the devil three souls for it. Now the devil had to be outwitted… whether he succeeded in doing so? Remaining from the legend is in any case the famous Donaustrudel below the bridge. There the devil is said to have descended after completion of the bridge.

Sights in Regensburg: The Stone Bridge

It was built around 1140. The construction time was probably only 11 years. The “Steinerne Brucke” in Regensburg leads over the Danube river. It is ca. 300 meters long and is considered a masterpiece of medieval architecture. Not far away you will also find the Iron Bridge and the Iron Footbridge.

Stone Bridge Regensburg

Walk through the old town in Regensburg: The Old Town Hall

The today yellow shining house originated already in 13. Century at the central market. The imposing building complex consists of three elements: Town Hall Tower, Palais and Baroque Town Hall.

By the way, the tourist information is also located on the first floor today.

If you are already at the city hall, then follow the tip of blogger Sophia from Regensburg.

Garden at the heart spot
In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the old town is an oasis of tranquility. Just behind the Old Town Hall, in front of which large wedding parties gather many days a year and several guided tours start and end every day, there is a small place that is worth taking a closer look at. You step out of the hustle and bustle through a small alley until you reach the community garden. The different kinds of roses, which were planted here, sweeten the stay by their beguiling smell and the edible plants invite to discover.

On the outskirts of the old town: The Thurn& Castle Cabs..

…can be found near the main train station, on the southern edge of the old town of Regensburg. By the way, the chateau was originally the Benedictine monastery of St. Francis of Assisi. Emmeram. Around 1810 it was bought by the princely house of Thurn and Taxis and converted into a palace. By the way, the castle is said to have more rooms than Buckingham Palace.

Castle Thurn and Taxis Regensburg

Regensburg old town sights: The Goliath House

The Goliath House was built around 1260. The imposing mural, the fight of David against Goliath, was added around 1570. Today the house is considered one of the most famous landmarks of the city.

You will find the Goliath House directly in the picturesque old town of Regensburg when you enter the city from the Danube, via the Bruckstrabe. By the way, the top floor of the Goliathhaus is home to the Restaurant David. Here you should not only be able to dine well, but also have a wonderful view over the city and the cathedral St. Have Peter.

Remains from Roman times: Porta Praetoria..

…was built at the same time as the Porta Nigra in Trier and is therefore about 2.000 years old. So it is also one of the oldest buildings in Regensburg.

You can see parts of the original portal in the street “Unter den Schwibbogen”. There at the northern side of the Bischofshof. Because in the Middle Ages the Porta Praetoria was partly integrated into the building complex.

Goliath House Regensburg

Regensburg Roman sights: Regensburg World Heritage Visitor Center

2000 years of history on two floors can be found at Weisse-Lamm-Gasse 1, 93047 Regensburg, Germany. The entrance is even free.

Ideally, the venerable buildings and sights in the old town of Regensburg can be discovered during a relaxing walk. At the same time, you will automatically stroll through the city squares, which are also worth seeing and cozy.

Good to know: In Regensburg you even get, at many places in the city, free drinking water. There are a few “refill stations” in the old town. There you can fill up your water bottle with tap water for free.

In between there is certainly time for a detour left and right of the road, e.g. for a short break in a cozy cafe or an enjoyable time out in one of the numerous restaurants.

Regensburg Attractions

Pleasurable through Regensburg

In Regensburg you can really feast and enjoy yourself at every corner. Of course, we have also tested some of these tips personally and, to give you even more great ideas, we also asked locals for their special tips and hints.

Weltenburger at the cathedral

The Weltenburger am Dom is located in a backyard across from Regensburg Cathedral. It offers delicious and traditional Bavarian cuisine and in summer a cozy beer garden. Conveniently, it is also located directly in the same building, as the ACHAT Hotel (our accommodation tip in Regensburg directly in the city center).

Weltenburger at the cathedral: Domplatz 3 – 93047 Regensburg

Malefiz Cafe& Bar

I can recommend the Malefiz especially for a cozy breakfast. It is located in a small side street in the old town of Regensburg. Since it is not very big, but very cute, it is advisable to book a table before your visit.

Malefiz Cafe& Bar: Pfarrergasse 6 – 94047 Regensburg

Historic sausage kitchen

The historical sausage kitchen or historical Wurstkuchl is definitely worth a visit, even if it is definitely not an insider tip. Just because it exists for more than 500 years in Regensburg, always right next to the Stone Bridge. Here you can get sauerkraut from their own fermentation cellar and homemade sausage from the wood-fired grill.

Historic sausage kitchen: Thundorfer Strabe 3 – 93047 Regensburg

Cat Temple Regensburg

Meanwhile there are cat cafes in many cities. Since we are absolutely into house cats and also have one at home, such cat cafes are still something very special for us – so also the cat temple in Regensburg. Six enchanting velvet paws keep you company, with a cafe or delicious food, at the cat temple Regensburg.

Cat temple Regensburg: Obermunsterstrasse 19 – 93047 Regensburg

Wanderlust Regensburg

Maybe this place has attracted us magically because in our chest beats a big traveler’s heart. Because Wanderlust was taken over into the English language and means there as much as wanderlust. Exactly this travel fever and wanderlust should be satisfied in Wanderlust Regensburg. This is achieved by special dishes, Fairtraide Cafe, Bowls, fresh juices and a cozy ambience.

Wanderlust Regensburg: Blue Lily Lane 4 – 93047 Regensburg

Breakfast at Malefiz Regensburg

Take a picnic break in Regensburg

When we travel, we love to pack a few tasty snacks in our backpacks and then find a nice place for a picnic. Also in Regensburg we found what we were looking for. Because everywhere in the city you will find firstly benches and corners to linger. In addition, there are also some very nice parks. So, in conclusion, here are three beautiful places for a picnic break on your way through or even around Regensburg.

Picnic on the banks of the Danube

Perhaps with a view of the Salzstadel?! In summer, many locals sit here at the water’s edge and enjoy their lunch break, the sunshine and treats they’ve brought with them.

Picnic in Regensburg at the Danube

Walk around Regensburg..

…with a picnic break in the Herzogspark, in the west of Regensburg. Especially the renaissance garden invites to small “green” breaks. In the park is also the natural history museum.

From the Herzogspark you can also walk directly over to the Stadtpark and a bit further down you will find the Dornbergpark, next to which is also the Thurn und Taxis Castle.

Who wants to extend his picnic and e.g. If you like to read a good book, blogger Sophia from Regensburg has a special tip for you!

The smallest library
Books show you places you can dream yourself into. Perhaps this is exactly the point, why we should dedicate ourselves in this fast-moving time again more to the books and the great men of letters. Maybe we should also enter the smallest library in Regensburg with this in mind, which is so small that exactly one person fits into it. Into a telephone booth. In the smallest library in Regensburg everybody can take a book with them. But of course, the phone booth does not want to stand empty, which is why we ask you to exchange books. You can find the smallest library in Regensburg at Andreasstadl, at the end of Grieser Steg, just a few steps from the Danube.

Walk along the Danube in Regensburg

Excursion destinations Regensburg and surroundings: Picnic at the Walhalla

Even if you are only in Regensburg for a short time, you should definitely take a detour to the Valhalla. The Walhalla is not only one of the sights around Regensburg, it also offers a beautiful green area around it and a great view. If you are fit, you can climb the 358 steps over the wide stairs and terraces.

From the outside the Valhalla, with its 52 columns, reminds of the Parthenon in Athens. Inside the temple of glory are marble busts and commemorative plaques, of important personalities, installed. This makes Valhalla one of the most important classicist buildings in Germany. The building was opened in 1842, after a construction period of 12 years.

By the way, you can combine a visit to the Walhalla with a boat trip on the Danube. The ship actually docks below the Walhalla.

Valhalla Regensburg View from the Danube to Valhalla

Is a vacation in Regensburg worthwhile?

Clearly we answer this question with YES. Regensburg is definitely one of the cities that have not only excited us but also completely surprised us.

The city has to offer beside the numerous objects of interest also really many relaxed corners and trip goals and also around it much can be discovered.

A weekend in Regensburg does not do justice to this sweet city. Those who can, should definitely plan more time in Regensburg to really explore the city extensively.

Fancy even more (sustainable) shopping and excursion tips in Regensburg? Then definitely take a look at the Green Region Guide Regensburg, with matching podcast episode, published by Sophia in Weltnah magazine.

*This article contains advertising, because I was allowed to visit the ACHAT Hotel Regensburg, in the context of a cooperation. The ACHAT Hotels gave me their summer pass free of charge for three months. I thank you very much for this, because such cooperation makes my work much easier. My opinion remains unaffected. In my articles I always report honestly about my impressions and experiences.