10 Top Tips for Bremen: Sights & Dream places

As a northern German girl with a preference for relaxed Hanseatic cities, I have of course been to Bremen many times, not to say regularly. Bremen is a really pretty Hanseatic city, which not only offers relaxation, but also a lot of things worth seeing.

By the way, Bremen is also a mini state in Germany. Framed above and below, left and right, by Lower Saxony. In a nutshell: Bremen is definitely worth a short and also a long trip..

Sightseeing Bremen: Relaxed Hanseatic City on the Weser River

…but even if you only have a few hours, there are many things to explore, discover and experience in the city with the Town Musicians.

For you we have summarized our personal top 7 tips for Bremen. Finally, we also asked real Bremen residents which tip they would ‘absolutely’ recommend to a spontaneous short-term guest in Bremen.

Sights in Bremen

Good to know: 10 things to know about Bremen

But before our Bremen tips guide you through the city now, we have some interesting Bremen information to properly prepare for your visit to the Hanseatic city.

So here are our ten short and snappy info and maybe curiosities you might not have known about Bremen, but definitely should:

  • Bremen has ca. 550.000 inhabitants
  • The Hanseatic city is the tenth largest city in Germany
  • Bremen is located on the river Weser
  • The home of the Bremen Town Musicians is also the home of the “Werder Bremen” soccer club
  • There are over 600 bridges in Bremen (Venice, by the way, has only about 450 bridges)
  • Bremen has its own vineyard on the Moselle river
  • The first Roland on the market place of Bremen was made of wood – but it was burned in 1366
  • Roland and town hall in Bremen are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The Bremen coat of arms bears a key – this key is the attribute of the apostle Peter and Peter is the patron saint of Bremen Cathedral
  • Novel character Robinson Crusoe comes from Bremen

Bremen Attractions: Bremen Town Musicians

If you are a guest in Bremen, you can not miss a visit to the landmarks of Bremen. The Bremen Town Musicians at the Town Hall are probably one of the attractions that are a real “MUST see”.

Apart from the fact that the ensemble of the historic market square with the church, the town hall, the old Hanseatic houses and the entrance to Bottcherstrabe is a real feast for the eyes, you should not forget to touch the donkey of the Bremen Town Musicians on its hooves!

Rubbing hooves is known to bring good luck. This luck claim many visitors to the city. This can be seen clearly from the shiny hooves!

By the way, a joint selfie with the Bremen Town Musicians also looks quite good in the photo album.

In addition, the Bremen Town Musicians, in the picturesque old town of Bremen, offer a good starting point for a nice walks and small to large exploration tours through Bremen.

Bremen Sights

Sightseeing in Bremen: Let Bremen’s old town take effect on you

The visitor to Bremen is already in the middle of it, in the old town of Bremen, when he has discovered the Bremen Town Musicians.

So please also the beautiful town hall, the marketplace, the church, the fountain and all other historical buildings here on itself simply times let work.

At Christmas time, the picturesque market square also provides a wonderful backdrop for an atmospheric Christmas market. The Bremen Christmas market is definitely one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany.

But no matter what time of year, the walk through the old town of Bremen is worthwhile and is also a real “MUST”!

Old Town Bremen

Bremen city center sights: The Bottcherstrabe

If you look in a travel guide and rummage there for the “Bremen sights Top 10″ so the Bottcherstrasse is definitely one of them.

It starts only a few steps from the figure of the Bremen Town Musicians. There are cute little stores to discover in Bottcherstrabe (like e.g. the Bon-Bon-Manufaktur), the Glockenspiel (rings during the day always on the hour), historical murals and of course still some copies of the Bremen Town Musicians.

When walking through the Bottcherstrabe also like to take a look in the tower of the Radisson Hotel… I just say #UnderWaterLove.

…and whoever turns into one of the small corner alleys in Bottcherstrabe may also find the proof why the Bremen Town Musicians have really arrived in the Hanseatic city.

Bremen Town Musicians Boettcherstrasse

Stroll through the Schnoorviertel in Bremen

The Schnoorviertel in Bremen is a small part of the city that still looks pretty much original. Actually, it should be demolished, but fortunately that did not happen.

In the Schnoor Bremen you can stroll through small alleys, browse through mini-shops, find cute stores, check out delicious eateries and of course always meet the Bremen Town Musicians.

You want to have a real northern german meal? Then return e.g. in one of the regional, typical restaurants in the Schnoor Bremen and order Knipp or Labskaus. Do you dare?!

By the way, in Bremen’s Schnoorviertel there are actually still quite normal people living there… not all houses and buildings have been turned into restaurants, stores.. Co. converted. A look into one or the other hidden backyard is worthwhile.

Schnoor Bremen

Take time for the St. Petri Cathedral Bremen

Quasi next to the Bremen Town Musicians, so in the middle of the old town of Bremen, there is a very large, imposing church. This church is in fact a cathedral – the St. Petri Cathedral.

Pay the cathedral in Bremen necessarily a visit!

For a really beautifully designed church is waiting there in the old town of Bremen. If you like cities from above, you should also climb the church tower. It’s almost 300 steps to the top of the tower… but it’s worth it for the view of Bremen from above.

Mummies in the Lead Cellar Bremen

Under the St. Petri Dom you will find the Bleikeller Bremen by the way. Lead cellar is the eastern crypt of the St. Peter’s Cathedral. Petri Doms Bremen called. The entrance can therefore be found through a small garden, next to the cathedral. The visit to the Bleikeller Bremen is also worthwhile. Mummies were accidentally discovered here in 1698, by the journeyman of the famous organ builder Schnitger.

The mummies in question are still on display in the Bremen Lead Cellar. The lead cellar is only open from April to October! The entrance fee is 1,50 Euro per person.

Lead cellar Bremen

St. Peter's Cathedral courtyard

Stop at the Bremen landmark: Selfie with Roland

If you come out of the church and the Bleikeller Bremen, then you stroll over to the Bremen Roland. The Roland is the big man on the town hall square with sword and shield. You really can not miss it.

The Roland is another landmark of Bremen. Around this man there are different stories, legends and myths…

It was already built in 1404. Since 1973, the almost 5.50 meter tall Roland statue in Bremen has been a listed building, and since 2004 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Surely this is also due to the fact that the Bremen Roland is the largest free-standing statue of the German Middle Ages.

The people of Bremen love their Roland. For them it is a sign of freedom. For the Bremen Freimarkt it is therefore always festively decorated with a large gingerbread heart.

Places of interest Bremen

Trip to Bremen: On an Alster to the Schlachte

Yes, even though we are in the Hanseatic city of Bremen, a good 100 kilometers away from the Hanseatic city sister Hamburg, the beer-brew-mixed drink here is not suddenly called Weser, but still Alster, as befits northern Germany.

The best place to enjoy such a mixed drink on a sunny day is on the entertainment mile in Bremen – the Schlachte.

The Schlachte is located directly on the Weser only a few steps away from the old town of Bremen. On this mile there are also delicious things to eat… because often makes such a foray through the city but also hungry..

Well, and if you don’t like beer or Alster, just drink another cold or warm drink. It should not fail then yes.

Schlachte Bremen

Bremen Sights& Tips: Bremer spontaneously asked..

Spontaneously we have asked for Bremen tips also simply times real Bremer… – namely election-Bremerin and travel blogger Carolin and election-Bremerin Wiebke.

“What do I have to do in Bremen, even if I have very little time??”

Carolin’s spontaneous answer: “Bottcherstrabe with Paula-Modersohn-Becker Museum and ask at the Radisson if I can go to the Himmelssaal”. If there is still some time, go to the Schlachte with a coffee or beer in your hand and enjoy the sunshine.”

Wiebke’s spontaneous response: “Anyone who takes a vacation in Bremen must have been here in the Bremen Blockland. By bike it is only a stone’s throw from the city center. Enchanting bike paths lead along the Wummedeich. The Wumme also invites you to canoe tours. Many beautiful farms, which are still managed, are suitable with small farm cafes for coffee or a cold glass of beer. Special highlight: The Kaemena Farm. In the summer, the farm is bursting at the seams not only on weekends. There is a playground for children, vacation apartments and also homemade organic ice cream with unusual varieties.”

Bremen Excursion

Want to see more Bremen sights& Adventure?

Bremen is one of the smallest states we find in Germany. But the Hanseatic city is always worth a trip. The inhabitants also like to claim that Bremen is a village, but nevertheless, or maybe because of that, it has a cozy city character.