Tips for Enschede: sights, restaurants and excursions

Enschede, the small neighboring city on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, may seem inconspicuous at first glance, but it has a lot going for it. I spent a day in Enschede, in the province of Overijssel, getting to know the charming city and the Enschede sights a little better and experiencing those in town.

In the end, we came up with a pair of (culinary) tips for restaurants, the center and landmarks in Enschede in the Netherlands that are guaranteed to convince you to spend a nice day in the city and see some sights. You can read more about the Netherlands in my article:

Enschede sightseeing: Tips for landmarks, restaurants and excursions

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Eating cake (and more) at Mrs. Brown

Cake showcase enschede sights

The delicious smell coming from the open bakery at Mrs. Brown is guaranteed to lure any cake lover right into the little store in the Waalstraat. Here, freshly baked in front of the customers, the creations leave nothing to be desired.

Cafe, counter, cake enschede sightseeings

In addition to delicious cheesecake, incredibly handsome naked cakes and delicate macarons, there are also classics of the cake world such as cheesecake or even apple pie from Holland. Perfect for a photo!

For me the visit to Mrs. Brown a little like visiting an oasis in the desert. The day of my visit was very hot and with Mrs. Brown there is not only outrageously delicious cake, but also a very well-functioning air conditioner.

I ordered a little cake trio: cheesecake with raspberries, carrot cake and an apple cake from a very old recipe. Can be shared, but don’t have to!

cake plate cappucchino enschede sightseeings

| Walstraat 8 – 10 | Enschede

Turkish sweets and pastries

baklava bakery enschede sightseeing

Not far away the next sweet sin is already waiting for me. I am a huge fan of oriental sweets. When others already have enough, it can not be sweet enough for me. For Baklava, Lokum and Kunefe my heart beats. Baklava and Kunefe are also available at Tarboosh Sweets.

dessert, oriental, baklava enschede sightseeings

Baklava you probably know, this is a pastry that is doused with sugar syrup and honey. Mostly a good portion of nuts and butter is involved here.

Kunefe is a little unknown but definitely a highlight of oriental cuisine. This is a dessert that could also be a main course. The basis of Kunefe is kadayif, vermicelli cooked in butter and finally filled with peynir (white cheese) or mozzarella.

The Kunefe at Tarboosh Sweets in the center of Enschede is a summer version of the oriental classic. The filling consists of a fluffy and especially chilled cream of cream. Very tasty but still powerful!

| Zuiderhagen 15, 7511 GL | Enschede

Festival Tips Enschede: Mout Beer Festival in the People’s Park

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Enschede regularly hosts a wide variety of events in the countryside and in nature. Enschede is a student city with a very creative and lively image. On the weekend of my visit the Mout beer festival took place in Enschede. Here beer lovers and those who want to become one meet in the Volkspark.

Various exhibitors present their favorite craft beers here. 150 different types of beer can be tasted here and there are no limits to the creativity of the brewers here. Sometimes you can find unusual creations like a delicious Berliner-Weisse or very strong IPA, which has a touch of coffee and cinnamon.

festival, beer enschede sightseeings

Of course, with so much and so many beers to choose from, there has to be some solid food as well. Various food trucks provide guests with classic Dutch fries (in my opinion a perfect pairing to beer!), South American delicacies or sweet sins.

The entrance fee for the beer festival is the glass that you use for your tastings. The glass can be kept at the end and for appropriate coins, which can be purchased, you can have the glass filled to your liking.

beer, festival enschede sights

By the way, in Enschede various events take place throughout the year. You can easily find them in the .

The heart of the city: The Oude Markt

market place, people, market enschede sightseeings

The pulsating heart of the city and a landmark of Enschede is definitely the Oude Markt. Here you will find more than a handful of restaurants and cafes that invite you to simply observe and take a little shopping break, because Enschede is also a true shopper’s paradise! Besides small manufactures and stylish boutiques, you will also find well-known chains and fashion stores here.

enschede sights

Since I was spoilt for choice, I decided after a long time of thinking back and forth to stop at CopaCabana. Actually, I followed my nose here, because the delicious smell met me very early on the Oude market.

CopaCabana offers fresh tapas and a small selection of main dishes. The tapas are plentiful and also not expensive at all. My decision fell on delicious chorizo, stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, Manchego cheese and patatas bravas.

tapas, spanish, food enschede attractions

| Oude Markt 31 | Enschede

The best fries in Enschede

french fries, holland, majo enschede sightseeings

Maybe you can also call me a little French fries sommelier. I am at least always on the lookout for good and especially fresh fries. A quick research revealed that the best fried sticks in the Netherlands are at La Bamba 2.0 in the center there. The potatoes come from local farmers and are freshly cut in the store. This is how I like it! Plus delicious toppings that are a little more unusual at times. Keyword: truffle majo!

And always remember: fries are deep-fried sunbeams and we all need a lot of vitamin D.

| Kalanderstraat 6B | Enschede

Culinary delights at the weekly market

market, bread, stand enschede sightseeings

One of the top culinary tips for Enschede, is the . At the weekly market in Enschede you will be overwhelmed by good smelling foods. Besides delicious local desserts, there is one thing you can find here: fresh fish. Many stalls offer fried fish and various fried creations. Rumor has it that Enschede has the best fish around. The kibbeling is super delicious!

stall, market, imbiss enschede sightseeings

At the market in the center you can also find classic Dutch fries (but you should rather go to La Bamba around the corner), fresh Turkish bread and fresh vegetables from the farmers. A few stalls also offer clothes or trifles. The weekly market at Van Heekplein is really extensive.

For a few days I have been craving for a delicious pan cake. The Dutch version of the pannenkoeken is a little thicker than a crepe and not as thick as the German version. The Pannenkoeken are freshly prepared on the spot and are a poem when eaten hot.

By the way, the weekly market in Enschede always takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays. From 08:00 to 17:00 you can store to your heart’s content.

pancakes, nutella, dessert enschede sightseeings

Weekly market Enschede | Van Heekplein | Enschede

Tips for Enschede: Stroll through the city

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Enschede in the province of Overijssel surprised me. The great mix of old architecture, real landmarks and modern urban design contrasts perfectly with the culinary delights in various restaurants in the city. Besides down-to-earth and traditional Dutch dishes, a real breath of fresh air blows here. This is probably due to the young students who give the city a conscience swing.

city of enschede, street, half-timbered houses, netherlands, sightseeings

Enschede is so much more than just a city on the German border and Holland. Even if the German culture is very present and German voices can be heard at every corner, the city has its very own and young soul. My culinary tips for Enschede are sure to make your mouth water during your visit.

This contribution was made in collaboration with Erlebe Enschede. As always, my opinion is not influenced by this. I only report on places and things that I can really recommend from the heart. The featured restaurants and attractions include.