5 Child-rearing tips – for easier child-rearing

Tips and advice on raising children today

On this page I would like to give you 5 tips for bringing up children so that you can make it easy for you to bring up children.
Because with child rearing you lay the foundation in your child for your own life. That means, through your thinking, acting and feeling and through your reactions to all events and experiences you create experiences in your child. Experiences that shape your child. These imprints are decisive for how your child’s life will go later. Therefore, I would like to encourage you with these child-rearing tips to break new ground and encourage you to place your child-rearing under the light of love. One hundred percent and without “ifs and buts”.
Because we can only get a better one if we remove our own quirks and mistakes. By rediscovering ourselves and allowing ourselves to be different from our parents. Because we are – just like our children are different from us.

Child-rearing tips 1: Emphasize the positive things in life

– Give your child only positive values.
– Help your child stand by its own truth. It is deeply rooted in your child’s heart.
– Make the good feelings in your child big – really big.
– Put emphasis on spirituality, because spirituality is the cornerstone of positive values ​​and love. It is also the one that encourages your child to stand by its own truth.
– Give your child a solid set of tools in their own lives.
– Let your child away from Inside live outside. Even if you have forgotten it, your child can still do it. Get him.
– Let your child outgrow itself. Knowing that it doesn’t make mistakes, but accumulates experiences for life.
– Give your child a piece of wisdom. Wisdom that every person carries deep in his heart, and of which every person has an insane amount. We just have to listen to it.

Child-rearing tips 2: Promote your child’s intuition

– Let your child make decisions for his own good and from deep hearts. Children can do that.
– Teach your child to find solutions to problems.
– Show your child how it can make changes for itself and for its own good. Because they have to learn that.
– Communicate to your child that life always has answers to his / her questions. Our children only have to listen inside and listen to and trust their intuition.
– Teach your child the things you consider important, but always at your child’s pace.

You can find out a lot of interesting facts about highly sensitive children here: Raise highly sensitive children

Child-rearing tips 3: Treat your child particularly gently and sensitively

– Be loving but also consistent if you have to. Children appreciate and love that.
– Give your child your clarity and authenticity. Be self-sufficient. Children can handle this very well. This way they always know what they are up to.
– Take care of your child and care for it like a flower that begins to grow and then blooms later.
– Let your child feel your love.
– Give your child your time and attention.
– Take your child a lot in poor.
– Keep promises.
– Enjoy bringing up your child. It is over so quickly.
– Do not do everything so tight, compromise and fully engage in the little soul at your side.
– Always show your child that it is important and right in every moment of his life. Always stand behind your child. No matter what happens.
– Please keep in mind, you lay the foundation of your child in infancy.

Child-rearing tips 4: Meet your child at the same height

– Apologize if you make mistakes.
– Please consider that your child makes mistakes too. So let’s make mistakes and learn from them without overrating them. Don’t let them be nice and polite. We are not always that.
– Talking is silver, silence is gold. Talk to your child a lot.
– Talk to your child at eye level. Piggy it out.
– Please keep in mind that strong adults also have strong children.

Child-rearing tips 5: Change your upbringing by changing yourself

– Change your child’s upbringing. Make your life more beautiful, relaxed, calm, relaxed, loving, fun and a lot more colorful.
– Put down your own upbringing traps, because this will make your life together really beautiful.
– Be a child yourself. After all, it still lives in you as an adult.
– Keep your child’s awareness. Children are usually more conscious than we are. For this reason it makes sense to listen to your child more often.
– Be aware that today we live in a completely different age. An age in which not only the clocks tick differently.

Let me give you two examples of why it is so important that you change your upbringing.

Let’s get started!
Imagine your mother has always been very strict with you and you have rattled against each other very often because you use your toys for him next Wanted to leave it on the floor for a day. Your mother didn’t want that. Now a real power struggle has developed between you, which required a lot of strength from both of you. In the end you put everything away, but neither of you won. Not because you were sad. And not your mother because she was angry and angry with you because you didn’t want to follow immediately. It would have been much easier if you two had found a compromise. Then nobody would be sad or angry. On the contrary – you two would be happy with this solution.

Imagine another example, your mother is very dominant and your father is very loving. Your mother implements all of her plans and your father tacitly accepts them. Instead of saying what he doesn’t like and what he wants, he keeps his mouth shut. He learned this pattern in his childhood. For your mother it is certainly very nice and extremely comfortable. However, this causes your father to lose his own competence. Even more his own opinion. Sometimes he can no longer stand your mother’s dominance and his word literally bursts his collar. He gets more than angry and shows this loudly. A dispute arises. If you are a boy, namely her boy, you will see your father’s behavior. After all, he’s your greatest role model. As a child, you assume that his behavior is completely correct. That’s why you take it over. Later in your own relationships you will behave the same way and not know what is wrong with it. The problem with this is that you will reap the same results as your father with your mother. And that is exactly what you didn’t want.

I could give you many of these examples.

It is much more important, however, that you recognize "why" I am giving you tips for some of my unusual child-rearing activities; and that it is more than important and correct considering exactly what you want to give your child in your own life.


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