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Aktion Mensch uses the proceeds from its lottery to support up to 1,000 institutions, projects and initiatives each month. Parity member organisations benefit from this support. Aktion Mensch closed 2018 with a new total turnover of around €460 million. From the special-purpose income of around € 160 million, a total of 1,851 projects of parity member organisations with around € 37.9 million could be served. They financed over 1,000 projects ranging from leisure travel for disabled people to the barrier-free design of buildings and the construction of apartments for people with disabilities. In addition, Aktion Mensch supported the establishment of integration companies and outpatient services, projects for homeless people, people with escape experience and for children and young people. A special focus is on the inclusion and participation of disabled people.

Support for social projects

The subsidies come from the proceeds of the Aktion Mensch lottery. It advertises with the slogan “Das WIR gewinnt”. A lottery ticket offers two opportunities: to fulfil one’s own wishes and at the same time to get involved socially. Because no matter whether a ticket is drawn or not – there are always winners: disabled and disadvantaged people profit from the money that Aktion Mensch invests in social projects.

Funding guidelines of Aktion Mensch

The association Aktion Mensch e. V. has existed for more than 55 years. The Paritätische general association is one of seven founding members of the action humans. It promotes non-profit organizations, which create offers for humans with handicaps or social difficulties. It also supports projects for children and young people.

Member organisations submit their applications to the Paritätische Landesverband responsible for them via the Aktion Mensch Internet platform. The employees* review the applications and forward them to the Joint General Association, which accompanies them in the monthly awarding committee of Aktion Mensch.

German Relief Foundation (DHW)

Throughout Germany, the Stiftung Deutsches Hilfswerk supports charitable projects for people in need with the proceeds from the German Television Lottery. Since 1956, the television lottery has been able to support over 7,500 projects with around 1.75 billion euros together with its fellow players. Children, young people, families, senior citizens as well as sick and handicapped people are thus enabled to lead a better life. So every lot helps to help others! With a lottery ticket of the German Television Lottery you not only support the good cause, you can also win – so many other players have already been made happy with money and material prizes and many even millionaires. The ARD independent company was founded in 1956 with the aim of earning money for charitable purposes. What began back then with the aid campaign “Ein Platz an der Sonne” (“A place in the sun”) for Berlin children is now indispensable as support for German welfare work. At least 30 percent of the proceeds from ticket sales go exclusively to charitable projects. More than 300 measures in Germany were supported by the TV lottery alone in 2018 – from children’s, youth and family aid projects to senior citizens’ facilities and health care facilities as well as health aftercare to hospices and neighbourhood projects. In 2018, a total of 53 projects were funded from the parity principle with an application volume of around € 7.2 million. The Stiftung Deutsches Hilfswerk ensures that the money raised is used appropriately and in accordance with fixed guidelines.

Member organisations submit applications to the Parity National Association responsible for them. The staff*ins there examine them and forward the applications to the Joint General Association, which accompanies them in the awarding committee of the German Relief Foundation, which meets twice a year. The guidelines and application documents can be found on the homepage of the television lottery.

Lucky spiral. The pension lottery that does good.

In 2018, the “GlücksSpirale” made around 1.6 million euros available to the parity coin. The association thus supported over 240 projects of the social work of parity member organisations in the areas of care for the elderly, health, young people, the disabled, psychiatry, family, women and children, and migration. Voluntary work was one of the main areas of support.

The GlücksSpirale was founded 38 years ago to finance the Olympic Games in Germany. The basic principle of the lottery at that time was “luck for players and social institutions”. This basic idea is still valid today. Since 1976, projects and campaigns of parity member organisations have benefited from the subsidies of the GlücksSpirale.

The 16 state-run lottery companies in Germany offer a lottery, the GlücksSpirale. Since 1976, the German Olympic Sports Federation, the German Foundation for Monument Preservation and the Federal Association for the Preservation of Social Welfare have each been using 25% of the proceeds from this lottery for their projects. A further 25% go to regional institutions in the individual federal states, mostly for environmental protection.

The GlücksSpirale offers a weekly double chance of winning an immediate lifelong pension of at least 7,500 euros per month. The amount of the pension depends on the age and gender of the winner. In addition, cash of up to 100,000 euros can be won every week, and tickets are available in all lottery sales outlets.

The Parity Member Organisations shall inform the Parity National Associations responsible for them about the funding.

Aktion Mensch Foundation

Aktion Mensch Stiftung was founded in 1991 by the six leading associations of independent welfare organizations and ZDF television and uses its proceeds from the foundation capital to promote model projects for the inclusion of disabled people at the federal level in the areas of innovation, scaling, networking, and research. In 2018, 6 projects were funded with a total of €5 million, one of which was from the Parity Fund.

For the demanding application, for which funding of up to € 1 million over a period of 5 years is available, Parity Member Organisations will initially submit a project outline via the Foundation’s website. The draft proposal will be reviewed and evaluated by employees of the general association. If the vote is positive, the outline is submitted to the foundation, which then decides whether an idea will be accepted for application. This is followed by the formulation of the application and an effectiveness workshop of at least one day with the applicant and the general association at the Foundation’s office in Bonn. The application is then decided one after the other by the honorary board of directors and finally by the foundation board, which meets twice a year.

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