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This is us

Hi, we are Julia and Martin and we are writing here on Advent calendar content about many different things around the topic of Advent and Christmas.

We hope that with our extensive unboxings and information articles we can help you find the perfect Advent calendar and have a wonderful Christmas time with your family.

What is advent calendar content about??

Advent calendars are incredibly popular every Christmas. No matter whether young or old, man or woman – everyone is looking forward to it during the Christmas season every day to open a new door.

The selection of advent calendars is now huge: from Candy, cosmetics and even Sextoys – there is hardly a product left that is not nicely packed into a calendar by resourceful companies during the Christmas season.

Our goal is to give you an ideal overview of all available advent calendars and to help you find the perfect calendar for you or your loved ones. That’s why we all unbox Top advent calendar and tell you which advent calendar content is really worthwhile in 2019 and which is not.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy the good piece for yourself or give it away. The most important thing is that the Christmas holidays are as beautiful and harmonious as possible with the whole family. In our opinion, a great advent calendar is still the best preparation for this.

In order for you to be particularly relaxed and come through the advent and Christmas season, we give many tips on our blog about the most beautiful time of the year.

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Offers for men

For many women there is surely nothing better than to give their husband or friend a nice gift. With a suitable Christmas calendar, you can adult man turn it back into a small child within a very short time. The door opens and the eyes start to shine. It quickly reminds me of that nice childhood back and wakes up warm feelings. In general, however, this comes into play home-made almanac in the male gender rather worse on. After all, he is not a woman who often pays attention to the presentation and not just the filling. Advent calendars for men should therefore already be completed and ultimately the content fit the guy type.

However, one should forego the basics here. There is nothing More boring than the typical aftershave or the classic chocolates. Likewise, home-made Christmas gifts are less likely. So that you can make the right decision in any case, we offer you the best possible overview of all conceivable Advent calendars and gifts. In principle, you should always think about what your Partner is interested and what inspires him. Is it more the handyman, who is happy about energy donors at work or who Pleasure-eater, which is particularly about Cutlery, aprons or maybe also Courses pleased? Then of course there is that Athlete or entrepreneur. Of course there are many more types. It would be wrong to categorize so simply. You can get an overview in our guide to the Christmas time calendar for men.

Offers for women

It is just as complicated to give the woman the right Christmas time calendar. That is why we give our advent calendar for women a deep insight into the different products and consumer goods. The visual appearance is also extremely important. A home-made Christmas calendar is also well received by women. Nevertheless, it can Make man much easier here.

After all, there are different ones here Variations, assortments and consequently also various fillings. The classics here are the Christmas calendars made of chocolate – with delicious chocolates. Since many women pay attention to their figure, especially during the holiday season, there are also low calorie chocolate. Whoever knows the best interests of his partner or girlfriend here has won!

A little hint: Hobbies or subjects, Those who have been enthusiastic for a long time are often forgotten in everyday life. Here you can lean on the calendar. This allows you to briefly revive the beloved leisure activity. Now be it Sport, cooking or yes flowers – there is a huge selection and many different ones Star highlights.

Furthermore, you can also look after the Age judge. Finally, tastes and priorities change, which also affects the pre-Christmas period. That is why we would like to give you the first tips and suggestions here:

  • Theme calendar for women aged 18-25: in this age phase, the young women move out from home and are therefore very happy about Christmas presents that help to build their own household. Now be it kitchen utensils or decorative objects – everyone is happy about everything.
  • Aged 26-40: Your loved one is currently in the work phase. It means that Presents for rest and relaxation Put a big grin on the lady of the heart after work.
  • Ages down 40: This phase overlaps with the phase from 26-40. However, you shouldn’t focus on current trends, but much more practical items.

Beauty advent calendar

Cosmetics or also called beauty advent calendars are always very well received by women. Finally, you give your loved ones an extra pampering unit in the cold and dark season. Lots renowned and established manufacturers already rely on the Beauty Christmas calendar and make the holidays a very special phase.

It is also particularly easy to find out whether the almanac is a gift for your girlfriend or wife. All you have to do is take a look at her bathroom. Unless there expensive branded goods you can look for a suitable Christmas calendar on the Internet, which may contain items from the same brand.


The Rituals Advent Calendar is often available in several versions, which is particularly nice. After all, you can really click here Premium Edition or you decide for that Standard product. Both ultimately affect the price, but also the content.

In our report on this product, we present the content in more detail. After all, he has one proud price, whereby this has been in the last few years always justified Has. Of course, this also looks good. It always comes in matching Christmas colors and gets you in the mood for the holidays. The Rituals care products also ensure good relaxation through gentle personal care products, scented candles and more.


The Douglas Advent Calendar also comes in different versions and variants. So you can also decide how much money you want to invest for the pre-Christmas season. Douglas is one renowned brand and certainly a term for everyone. That is why this almanac is usually always a pleasure.


DM is launching a high-quality Balea Advent calendar again this year. It has been available for sale since 2015, although it is always sold out very quickly. This is most likely due to the high quality at an affordable price. Previously, it was only raffled in the form of sweepstakes. As already mentioned, that is Unbeatable price-performance ratio for this product, which is also the reason why the Christmas time calendars are sold so quickly. Usually these are freely available from mid-October, but are often already within 3 to 10 days bought out.

There DM also an online shop offers, you can access it particularly quickly and secure a copy. Otherwise, it will be difficult to obtain such an almanac in the next branch. In this case the copy will also be on Amazon find, where the conditions are somewhat disadvantageous. However, it always depends on the individual case. In some cases, the specimens are even on eBay sold. However, the prices are extremely high, which we cannot support.

The wonderful thing about the respective filling is that there is really a very varied assortment. There are great ones Shampoos, shower gels, body lotions, fragrances and many others care products. In the last Christmas it was always the case that the filling even had a very exclusive design, which has further improved the whole range. It is also interesting that there is one Balea Men calendar gives. So there is always something for you and your friend / husband and everyone can be happy!


There are always some companies that run daily advent calendar sweepstakes. A provider is for example Telekom. We’ll come back to that later. Here there are in the areas electronics to technology, as well as from Deichmann to Gina Laura to win everything. It is important here that the Instant wins from standard wins separates. Even HolidayCheck is holding a raffle game in the run-up to Christmas. There are great trips to be won there.


There are certain special features of the Telekom Advent Calendar. A new calendar door is not opened here every day, but only on every Sunday in Advent. However, it is very worthwhile to register for the competition. All you have to do is provide a valid email and postal address. The company is giving away everything from Samsung TVs to Eventim vouchers and trips to Cuba. It is also important to know that it is on 4th Advent weekend that Advent DayFlat can be booked. In 2018, for example, even SLR cameras were raffled off.

Advent calendar for the whole family

For couples

Living together as a couple is about sharing life, including the Christmas calendars. For this reason, there are special advent calendars for couples that are tailored to the wishes and needs of both. All of them clearly belong in this category Erotic calendar, that you can open and experience together.

But there are also offers that deal much more with the topic of partnership. As an example, there are two-page advent calendars that can be opened by a man or woman. Just as useful for couples are all offers that deal with love. Again, there can be two sides, so both Partners each have 24 calendar doors can open. It is not uncommon for the respective content to match or even belong together.

For children

Of course, the younger generations are most looking forward to opening the calendar doors. If you are not careful as an adult, the entire Christmas calendar may even be open on the first Advent. For the younger generations too, there are great advent calendars for children, depending on their gender, which make the wait for the big evening bearable. For girls and boys, for example Lego, Playmobil or Schleich. Here you also have to see whether you prefer to snack or play. There are therefore some copies toy and in the others something for nibble. However, self-filled Christmas calendars are particularly popular here. After all, you can tailor them to your child’s needs. Ultimately, everyone has their preferences. Age is also decisive here. The first time the almanac is between an age 1.5 to 3 given away. Furthermore, you can buy finished copies from younger kids, as you don’t have to bother here. at swallowable parts Of course, care must be taken to protect the child from these.

For adults

As a rule, adults no longer love sweets in their Christmas calendar. For this reason there are also special advent calendars for adults, which are tailored to the needs of Tailored to people over 21 were. These offers, although there are also some with sweets, are mainly limited to useful fillings. Examples include:

  • decorative elements
  • Vouchers
  • raffles
  • Food
  • Sex Toys

Accordingly, there is usually something in the Christmas calendars for adults that you longer time can use and not just for a short snack.

Advent calendar to tinker with

We also give tips, ideas and tips on how you can make an advent calendar yourself. After all, this shows the enormous effort in terms of time, and the gift recipient always appreciates that. In the first step, the visual appearance is of course crucial. We recommend Wrapping paper or Crepe paper. gold foil or red foil is also often used because it fits well with the Christmas season.

The gift ribbon must then also fit. After all, there should be a coherent look so that you don’t actually want to open the packages because they are so beautifully packaged are. How to make the homemade DIY Christmas Calendar ultimately perfectly designed, you will find out in our extensive article.

Advent calendar to fill up

In the past few years the range of advent calendars for filling has increased enormously. After all, individuality is becoming more and more important and thus creates even more pleasure when opening the flaps. There are ready-made models in which you only have to handy gifts, sweets or toys has to pack in. Here there are different copies. For example, you can find specimens Wood or off material frequently. There is also pillow boxes to assemble. The advantage of this is that they can be used every winter.

If you have several children at the same time, you can even save one or two euros here. In terms of price, of course, it always depends on the self-filled content and the frame. However, we go into these aspects in more detail in the linked article.

Erotic advent calendar

Erotic advent calendars for couples are becoming increasingly popular. After all, it is ultimately the festival of love – why not show it in advance? These copies are available for couples but also for singles, so that you can also enjoy the single time ideally.

The largest online shops offer their goods here. Of classic dildos up to Butt plugs there is a lot hidden behind the 24 claps. So the waiting time is definitely more bearable. Then there is for the male gender masturbators and much more. The selection is really huge. That’s why you can find it here under the post "Adult Advent Calendar" a much more precise overview of the individual manufacturers such as Amorelie, EIS or Orion.


This Christmas time calendar is also available in different versions with different prices and contents. Depending on how much money you want to invest, there is something for every budget.

The special thing about the Amorelie Advent Calendar is that unbeatable value for money. Because the sex toys that are included are all high-quality and are a lot of fun. That is why this copy is also ideal as a gift. Usually the current Christmas calendar always appears end of August and is then out of print after a few working days. That’s why you should rather be quick here and order directly from the web shop than from Amazon and Co.

This winter, too, the wholesale online shop will bring Christmas calendars onto the market as it did the years before. These are usually off mid August available. It is ideal, of course, if you send an email to Newsletter registers, because then one Early bird discount may or may not even receive one right of first refusal gets. so that you can secure the almanac a bit earlier than the others.

EIS also uses different models different prices. Last Christmas was the value of the goods even in the cheaper almanac with a height of 450 € to be rated as not bad. This makes the purchase even more worthwhile. Goods from different categories are also included. We summarize this Seduction, massage, sextyos, bondage and stimulating products. So there is something for everyone and it doesn’t always have to be the hot act of love. You can find out more about the EIS Advent calendar in the linked article.


ORION is also a renowned sex online shop. But the Orion advent calendar is more mature than other providers. Finally, there is even one here 25th clot to open. ORION jokingly calls this loophole. The 24 other small erotic gifts are a lot of fun and joy. This makes the holiday season even more exciting.

The company often publishes initial information in its blogs or on personal websites, so that it remains a mystery for a long time. But also social networks (Facebook or Twitter) are a good place to go to find out more. The last few years have always had a commodity value between € 180 to € 234, so that the purchase is already economically worthwhile.

Food advent calendar

fitness, healthy eating and Lifestyle have been the buzzwords lately. As a result, there are also many food advent calendars with a delicious filling, some of which is even healthy. Manufacturers like mymuesli. There you can put together your cereal individually.

But there are also specimens and variants on Spices, licorice or even gourmet put. Also coffee or Wine can be found in his 24 calendar calendars. Depending on which food you choose, you can expect higher or lower prices. A few examples from well-known manufacturers will be briefly introduced.


Mymuesli offers several variations in a cool cube shape. Since the rush here is always very large, it must be ensured that orders are placed and paid in good time. The fastest way Paypal, credit card or Klarna bill. Even within Germany, Mymuesli only uses express shipping.

On the manufacturer’s website you can find many examples of the Mymuesli advent calendar and just as many pictures as real testimonials. You can always count on delicious nuts, chocolate and fruit in the muesli. The only difference is that the mueslis from this manufacturer are significantly healthier than some of their competitors.


The Foodist company may still be known from the TV show "The lion’s den“That offers the shopping of healthy food. The lions even offered the company a deal, but the founders categorically rejected the deals. In the end, the company decided on one Crowd Invest platform and collected here Mid-2015 more than one million euros.

Because the company is building on vegan superfood. That is overwhelming organic, lactose-free, without genetic engineering and oHne Artificial additives as well as gluten free. The company relies on various goods, such as gourmet, Active food, gin or even Craft Beer. Likewise, the look of the Foodist Advent Calendar makes a lot of things and gives a coherent overall picture at the pre-Christmas time.

What is an Advent Salmanach?

The Christmas calendar is believed to have belonged since 19th century to Christian customs in the time of Advent. It comes in different shapes and forms and symbolizes the remaining days until Christmas. However, there is still a difference. There are civil and Christmas calendars related to the church year. The former begin on the 1st of Advent, the latter beginning on the first Sunday advent. This can also be between the November 27th and December 3rd fall.

Origin and history

In the beginning it was much more of a counting aid and a timepiece, so that the origins can be traced back to the beginning 19th century to be traced. It is believed that the first self-made Christmas calendar dates from 1851 – from the Protestant environment. It used to be that the families 24 pictures on the wall hung. Catholic households, on the other hand, put straws in a crib – one for each day until Christmas Eve. During the National Sozialismuses attempts have been made to push Christian Christmas customs back out of public life. After National Socialism, the custom was prohibited until it denazified has been.

Virtual copies

This includes specimens that have already been presented in a similar way. It is mainly about new media such as Books from a publisher or Audiobooks with 24 stories. There are also copies in digital form or as app on the Internet.


In several cities, the facades of buildings are decorated and used as a Christmas calendar. It is often the town hall or the library. Vienna City Hall is a good example of this. The Christkindlmarkt takes place in front of the town hall. Tradition here is that everyone A window is opened on Advent day or a story is read aloud.

Lively variations

There are also many parts of Germany spectacles or walk-in Christmas time calendar . For this purpose, the windows of the house are decorated for Advent and in the evening a short story is always told or played.

Reverse variation

A small donation is made here every day until Christmas Eve. These are, for example durable food, hygiene items, clothing or much more. The donations are collected in a box and brought to a charity on the 24th. Since the middle of the 2010 he For years, this type of Christmas calendar has become increasingly popular.


The Christmas time calendars are ideal for young and old. They are ideal gifts and can alone or together as a couple be used. This is mainly due to the fact that the goods can be ordered so easily, there is such a large selection and the shipping / delivery is completed on time. In our other reports and articles you can learn a lot more.

Where can you buy them?

We recommend buying online, as many branches have already been bought locally. It works faster online and sometimes you don’t have to expose yourself to all the stress.

When is the copy reduced??

If you register on the site in advance to receive the news promptly, you sometimes get one Early bird discount, so that it is much cheaper in the beginning.

Which model suits me?

Since there are so many different models and models, you can of course buy several at the same time. It is best to be clear in advance about what you really want and what would sweeten the waiting time.

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