All kids jokes – over 100 of the funniest all kids jokes 2019

All kids jokes - over 100 of the funniest all kids jokes 2019

All kids jokes from 2019

Everyone has the water up to their necks, except Heiner, who is smaller.

All children are afraid of the nuclear war, only not Walter, who is at the counter.

All children play with dynamite, except Alexander, who breaks it apart.

All children go on a hike into the glacier, only not Malte, which disappeared into the column.

All children watch cowboys – just not Hasso, he hangs in the lasso.

All children were born. Just not Bernd, he was removed.

All children ride roller coasters – except Klaus, who flies out.

All children get ice cream, except Heinz, who doesn’t get one.

All children are loved, except Hagen, who is beaten.

All the children look at the meat grinder, except Klaus, who comes out of there

All the kids run into the bunker – just not Renate, who catches the grenade.

All the children are healthy, except Ruth, who spits blood.

All children look into the gorge – except Hein, who falls into it.

All the children jump into the water, except for Cliff, who sticks to the reef.

All the children fell softly – except John, who fell on concrete.

All children play with the knife, except Hagen, who has it in his stomach.

All children eat soup, except for Hein, who got into the soup.

All children are successful today, except Henner, who became a bum.

All the children throw the balls, just not Atze – he throws the cat.

All children get gifts, except Ute, who gets the tail.

All children like Romans, except Lisa, who likes Parisians.

All the children are on the ship, except Lena, who is sitting in the container.

Everyone came over the barbed wire, except the father, who will never be a father again.

All children eat schnitzel, except Susanne, which is in the pan.

Funny all kids jokes

All children’s jokes are a very popular category of jokes that have been around for a long time, but are still very popular these days. In principle, this is not surprising, which also has to do with the fact that all children’s jokes shine with coarse humor, excellent creativity, great variety and numerous amusing variations, which can definitely create a great atmosphere. This is also the reason, for example, that all children’s jokes have been around since the 1980s and therefore more and more great jokes have been added over the years, which is why this joke category nowadays also contains a great number of jokes with great quality, which are popular in different societies are told and there are also known to cause amusement and fun.

In principle, all children’s jokes are all structured similarly, since each of these jokes starts in the same way: First comes ”All children. ”And then an activity that these children do, followed by a“ not ”in any of these jokes. ”Follows, whereupon a particular child is mentioned with a specific name who does not participate in the activity mentioned, the reason for which is subsequently mentioned.

These reasons can often represent relatively black humor and can also be very nasty, coarse and dirty, which is why all children’s jokes are particularly popular with people who find black humor enormously great.

Why All Children’s Jokes Are So Amusing

All children’s jokes are so popular, among other things, because you can create them yourself in the simplest way. In this way you can also have fun creating new All Children jokes, which may be one of the most popular All Children jokes in the future. So you can, for example, share a joke with your family, friends and acquaintances and then present your own creations, which can also create an excellent atmosphere.

This can be done by simply trying to find rhymes by different names, whereupon you can directly create all children’s jokes, since rhymes in names of all children’s jokes are the main component of the joke.

All children’s jokes are also very nostalgic, as they have been around for a long time and especially people who grew up in the 1980s are certain to know these jokes and these all children’s jokes may connect with their youth, which in addition to that, everyone Children’s jokes are generally very amusing, and can also lead to interesting conversations about the youth of those present in a group, which can subsequently also create an excellent atmosphere, which is of course particularly true if the stories told are interesting , adventurous, varied and equally humorous.

Why you can find the best all children’s jokes with us

Here on our website you are guaranteed to find the best all kid jokes at all. The reason is that we have collected them with high quality standards so that we can present you the best possible jokes in this great category. So you can be sure that any jokes in this category represent only the best all children’s jokes and that they can guarantee outstanding amusement and a lot of fun in differentiated group constellations.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the numerous excellent jokes in this category and see for yourself which fantastic jokes can be found here. We are sure that you will find these all children’s jokes incredibly amusing and can create a great atmosphere in a wide variety of societies.

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