“Attacks on moral credibility of the church”

Polish Bishop Stanislaw Gadecki warns of "libertarian forces" exploiting abuse scandal. In the past, he had praised a documentary film on the subject and asked the victims to apologize on behalf of the church.

The president of the Polish Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki sees the danger of instrumentalizing the ie of child abuse against the Catholic Church.

The difficulty of the current situation is "that the ie of pedophilia – not only in Poland, but almost all over the world – has become an easily exploitable topic for attacks on the moral credibility of the Church," he told the Polish church magazine "Niedziela" on Sunday.

The Church is the last voice in society "that does not compromise with the current demoralizing currents," Gadecki said. There are "libertarian forces" that want to "silence and eliminate" this voice.

Archbishop Gadecki asked abuse victims to apologize

In May, in light of the abuse scandal, 40 percent of Poles had given a negative assessment of the Catholic Church's work in the country in a survey – the highest number since 1995. The pollsters explained the poor report card in part by the widely watched Polish documentary "Just Don't Tell Anyone" about child sexual abuse by priests and the Catholic Church's cover-up of those crimes.

Gadecki had welcomed the documentary and thanked the filmmaker. At the same time, on behalf of the Catholic Bishops' Conference, he had asked all victims to apologize.

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