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High season 2020 for your holiday home in Hungary: July 4 – August 29.

A Barátságos Otthon in Ófalu

A Barátságos Otthon is a authentic renovated 150 year old Holiday home. she celebrate vacation on hungarian tile floors With classic furniture. The outer corridor along the entire side of the house is a Feast for the eyes.

You dive back in the atmosphere an original Hungarian / German house out centuries past.

A Napraforgó Kocsi

A Napraforgó Kocsi literally means "The sunflower caravan". This caravan is ideal if you like camping but don’t have a caravan or tent. Or you don’t want to drive the caravan to Hungary.

The caravan belongs to you Dutch owner. If you like comfort and convenience, you’ve come to the right place. The private bathroom to the caravan is perceived as very pleasant.

A Terka Tanya in Csemő

Ági Virág Tanya in Lajosmizse

The Ági Virág Tanya Cottages are two renovated tanyas facing each other. They have all calm around you, because they are turned against nature.

The Hungarian Puszta is ideal for excursions on horseback and with that engine. With pool and free wifi is the right place for you Top-Vacation for the whole family.

Akácia Ház in picturesque Feked

Akácia Ház is a modern renovated farm by doing most colorful village in Hungary. It is a swabian farmhouse with barn and stables intact. The winery has been renovated.

In this vacation home combine modern furnishings and authentic details each other. The ideal combination of Peace, culture and child-friendly.

Áldott Jó in Terecsény

Aldott Jó will be you to surprise. It is a nice holiday home With wonderful view over the valley. On paradise For Photographers and walker.

It is a large and complete house from about 100 years old. The Quiet and the nature are Great. You still have amenities like WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS and one private pool.

Alma Ház in Almamellék

Alma Hof in Boldogasszonyfa

Alma Hof mansion is one of the Showpieces from our collection. It is a unique holiday home in 18th century style With Pool, forest and WiFi. There is an ancient one in the courtyard full-height grape press.

At Tanya, you will be one 18th century wooden corner bench Find. Ferienhaus Alma Hof offers a pleasant holiday experience with pool, WiFi and one sauna.

Álom Ég in Ibafa

Álom Ég is one classic Swabian holiday apartment in the Green valley. Here you get one complete vacation package With Horse riding, private heated pool, hottub and hiking.

This apartment is special and distinctive space in the nature. ideal for one Family vacation, nature photographers and hikers.

Álom Ház in Terecsény

This holiday home in Hungary is really one dream house. Holiday home Álom Haz let you enjoy green in one 100 year old Swabian farmhouse With Pool and WiFi. The perfect vacation spot for the whole family.

thanks to the extra studios for 2 ideal for a vacation with two families, or couples.

Book your holiday home Hungary quickly and easily with that Specialists holiday homes in Hungary. We have a large part of the holiday homes personally visited. This is how we can help you advise perfect holiday homes that meet your needs.

We have Hungary in for your convenience five regions divided up. Each region has its own peculiarities. Nature and culture vary widely in every area.

The Budapest region & Danube Bend

Budapest is a city with many superlatives can be described. The Hungarian capital is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities on the Danube considered. It is the beginning of one fascinating piece of nature, interspersed with picturesque towns, fortresses and the largest basilica in Hungary; the Danube Bend.

The most beautiful Parliament in Europe is in Hungary

Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is beautiful since the Romans used to the imagination. It was you who bathing Culture have introduced. Balaton is full of life in summer. The seaside resorts are valued Entertainment centers. Fortresses and palaces are abundant, as is alternating nature. Around the all Lake there Bike path.

  • Book your holiday home Hungary at Lake Balaton

Book a vacation home in Hungary with this view

The region of western Hungary

Western Hungary is the former Roman province of Pannonia. Here you can take a vacation around lush natural areas such as the Mecsek or the Bakony. In the northern part you will find the handsome one Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma. A really beautiful and varied area for nature lovers, hikers and cyclists.

Hungary is great for a family vacation

The wine region Eger – Tokaj

The two most important wine regions in Hungary adjoin three beautiful natural areas. Eger is located west of the Bükk National Park. Tokaj is east. On the north side you will find the Caves from Aggtelek and the nature reserve Zemplén. The latter is also called “Switzerland of Hungary”. The Diósgyör Castle in Miskolc is a must.

The region Eger – Tokaj is calm and green

The Puszta region & Lake Tisza

The Puszta is the vast plain of Hungary. this is the only steppe landscape west of the Urals. Freedom and wide views are your part. Just like shepherds with Rácka sheep, or Marha cows. Lake Tisza is a artificial lake, the many natural Set designs in the reed lands offers. Furthermore very good suitable for water sports.

In a wild step across the puszta

Enough to do and see in Hungary

A holiday in Hungary takes you to the heart of Europe. The most famous river in Hungary is the Danube. It crosses the country from north to south. Hungary lies in the Carpathian basin and consists mainly of flat land; the puszta. The country’s two attractions are Budapest and Lake Balaton.

The capital Budapest is divided into two parts by the Danube. The second longest river in Europe is the lifeline of the city and Hungary. The oldest bridge, the Chain Bridge, is car-free on Sundays. Ideal for a romantic walk.

Lake Balaton is the Hungarian sea. The largest lake in Central Europe is flat. You can swim there in May. Many families with children choose a holiday home Hungary on the south bank. There the water is warmer, the beaches are wider and it is more accessible than on the north shore of Lake Balaton.

Holiday house Hungary in Pécs, markets and monuments

Pécs is the striking southern city of Hungary. The city rubs against the Mecsek. It is the university city of Hungary and known for its Zsolnay porcelain and wine. In 2010, Pécs was the European Capital of Culture together with Essen and Istanbul. In the center you will find typical Hungarian shops, markets and lively monuments. Pécs is a city to fall in love with!

Caves, river valleys and thermal water

From every holiday home in Hungary you are in a seesaw at a cave, a river or a pool. In the wine region Eger – Tokaj in particular, the country is littered with thermal baths. Nice to relax, good for the condition and fun for the kids. Because every bathroom has a children’s pool, competition pool and slides.

In this region you can also visit the Aggtelek caves. There are also caves in Budapest and at Lake Balaton. Like in Tapolca, where you sail underground with a rowboat.

The two large rivers, the Danube and the Tisza, are a source of entertainment. Certainly the Tisza, which opens in the Tisza, offers great nature. Hungary is the ideal place for bird migration in spring and autumn. The cranes are approaching on the puszta. At Lake Tisza you will find many colonies of water birds.

Greener than green

Culture enough in the city. Budapest and Pécs break out through the beautiful buildings and fun days. The rest of the country is green. With 10 national parks the hiker or cyclist comes to his side. There are 11,000 km of hiking trails and more and more bike paths run through the whole country. Or you can take a fast ride over the purple blooming Puszta of Hungary.

Your own holiday home in Hungary

Spending a vacation in a vacation home is a great way to smell Hungary. For holiday homes in Hungary you can choose between different types of holiday homes. They are distributed in the different regions. Rent a villa with a pool, a rustic farmhouse or a holiday home in the Danube Bend. You choose your perfect holiday home in Hungary from a large collection.


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